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MILAVIA Monthly Newsletter
April 2nd, 2005

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Welcome to another MILAVIA newsletter. As you might have noticed, it has been a while since the last newsletter. So do not worry about having failed to receive it. In the last newsletter I promised some updates. Unfortunately I was not able to live up to these expectations, so I decided to postpone the newsletter until I did.

Of course, this does not mean that I have not updated the website since then. Quite on the contrary, there have been a number of very interesting updates. If you have not visited the website in awhile, I strongly suggest to take a look at the added articles and features.
A couple of months back, I had a poll on the website to see if there was any interest in a forum. Although the majority of visitors that voted, showed high interest in such an idea, the number of actual participants in the poll lead me to a different conclusion. Nevertheless, I have created a forum. It really depends on all of you, if it is one to stay around.

Flanker Family
Numerous times I have promised to add the Su-27 Flanker and its derivatives. Although it took me a lot longer than I had anticipated, it is online now. I hope you enjoy it.

Other Updates
Of course, I have a lot of updates to report to you. In the table below, you will find the updates since last newsletter. I filtered out the updates to quiz and link pages.
Date Update Link
2 April 2005 Added last month's answer and winners of the quiz.
1 April 2005 Su-27 Flanker Familiy is online! Including Su-30, Su-33, Su-34, Su-35 and Su-37.
1 April 2005 MILAVIA Forum is online!
24 March 2005 Information on last USAF F-16 delivery added to F-16 History, and included picture.
22 March 2005 Added photo report on the celebration of FAB Mirage III's 65.000 flying hours
19 March 2005 Minor updates to AMX information regarding A-1M upgrade and FAV contract.
08 March 2005 Updated the Iraqi Air Force report and added one photo
07 March 2005 Updated the Brazilian Air Force report.
06 March 2005 Updated the F-15's related books page with new titles and new link system.
28 February 2005 Added VFC-12 Fighting Omars squadron special.
11 February 2005 Received Jetzone 3 Star Award
7 February 2005 Added two new Wallpapers to the Downloads section
5 February 2005 Initial report on the newly formed Iraqi Air Force
29 January 2005 Photo Report on the Jolly Rogers' Final Tomcat Cruise homecoming
27 January 2005 Added 10 new JAS 39 Gripen photos and updated information regarding exports
24 January 2005 Added information on A-10 Precision Engagement upgrade
14 January 2005 Aviation Nation 2004 photo report by Larry Grace
20 December 2004 Added nine related links for the Saab Viggen, including walk-arounds
11 December 2004 Added photo gallery for the Saab Viggen with 45 pictures
09 December 2004 Added aircraft inventory list and airbase map for the Brazilian Air Force
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MILAVIA Aviation News stories which have been published on the homepage in the past months, can be found in the News Archive. In this section you will find links provided by to more recent news articles by news agencies, magazines, ministries, companies and military services from all over the world. Please note that it may be possible that the authors of some of these articles are not aviation experts and may be ill-informed or biased.
2 Apr - Update on SAF Operations in Pulau Nias and Medan
Singapore's Chinook helicopters continue to airlift tentages, food, water and medical supplies to Nias, as well as evacuate casualties to Medan for further medical treatment.

1 Apr - Combat Talon crashes in Albania
An MC-130H Combat Talon II aircraft belonging to the USAF crashed while on a joint training mission with the Albanian military.

31 Mar - British take their leave from Goose Bay
In a ceremony on Thursday, RAF officers handed over keys to its barracks and hangar in Goose Bay to Canada, bringing an end to a British presence that dates back to the Second World War.

30 Mar - Lockheed Martin Awarded $37.8 Million Contract for A-10 Upgrades
Lockheed Martin received a $37.8 million contract to provide the U.S. Air Force with Precision Engagement production kits to modify A/OA-10 aircraft. The entire A-10 fleet will be modified over the next five years for an estimated total contract value of $168 million.

28 Mar - Changing policy, U.S. to sell F-16 jets to Pakistan
Senior U.S. officials said Friday that a deal to sell F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan was approved and the United States will compete for contracts to provide India with the same jets.

27 Mar - Lockheed Martin offers "exclusive" F-16s to India
Mike Kelly, senior executive of Lockheed Martin, said that they are prepared to make upgraded F-16s to India's specifications with complete transfer of technology.

25 Mar - Westland 1bn helicopter deal angers rivals
U.K's decision to award a 1 billion helicopter contract directly to AgustaWestland, ignoring calls from rival manufacturers that the order should be put out to competition, has angered the competition.

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Here are the results for the quiz of March. To view the results and answers of previous quizes, check out the website

Answer: Grumman F-14 Tomcat (US Navy)
- click here for the full size picture (and two more)
- click here for the aircraft section
Winners: Vitor Costa (Portugal)
Jean Pierre Schell (France)
Alessandro Noacco (Italy)
Roger Castela (France/Portugal)
Arda Mevlutoglu (Turkey)
Andrew Sohn (South Korea)
Szab Győző (Hungary)
Andrzej Manoryk (Poland)
Michel Koster (Netherlands)
Adi (Israel)
Vedran Marsanic (Croatia)
Adam (USA)
Steve Evans (United Kingdom)
Daniel Seabrook (United Kingdom)
Ercan Aydogan (Belgium) *
Bart Gijbels (Belgium) *
Jos Vanderlinden (Belgium) *
Tim Mertens (Belgium) *
Patrick Dupont (Belgium) *
Ken De Troch (Belgium) *
Bjorn Melis (Belgium) *
Perig (France)
'name withheld' (France)
Doug Shepherd (United Kingdom)
Devadas Krishnadas (Singapore)
Traver Fordham (USA)
Loic Guellec (France)
Patrick (USA)
Marco Boersma (Netherlands)
Jeremy Schwinck (USA)
Steven Brown (Australia)
Koen Leuvering (Netherlands)
Gregory Bouvet (France)
'name withheld' (USA)
Nabil Borki (Morocco)
Benny (Belgium) *
Igor Canak (Croatia)
Robert Moya (USA) *
RecceJet (Australia)
Peter Kallenbach (Canada)
Chris Warrick (USA)
Zachary Bainter (USA)
Sertac Bayar (Turkey) *
Trident (Germany)
Jorge Manuel Anto Ruivo (Portugal)
Luke McClintock (USA)
Jonathan Lewzey (United Kingdom)
K. Hansen (Denmark)
Ivn Pea Nesbit (Venezuela)
Ray Robb (USA)
Emre (Turkey) *
'name withheld' (USA)
APG68 (Germany)
Sheldon Rampersad (Trinidad & Tobago)

* = incomplete or not completely correct answers

Peter Kallenbach from Canada has been the lucky winner of the caricature print of the F-14 Tomcat by Rob Henderson.

This month there will be another prize for someone who has answered the quiz correctly.

Go to the website and take part!
Caricature Aircraft Pictures
Picture of the month, is the Su-27 Flanker. Check out the related sections of the website for more!
Photo Copyright Andreas Zeitler

Picture courtesy of Andreas Zeitler (

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