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MILAVIA Legal Information - Copyright statement, disclaimer, terms of service

Legal Information

Disclaimer, Copyright Notice, Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

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The MILAVIA website (website) is a non-profit personal project by Niels Hillebrand (webmaster). The website and its contents, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of the webmaster. The information and data (content) contained in this website are provided by the webmaster or an editor. The content subject to copyright law and may be used for informational purposes and private use only. The webmaster intends for the content to be accurate and reliable, however, the webmaster cannot guarantee the accuracy, validity or reliability of the content. All content is provided ‘as is’. The use of the content, and any results of such use are solely the responsibility of the user. Information on this site may or may not be current as of the date of your access, the webmaster has no duty to update and maintain the information, reports or statements on the site. The website is designed by the webmaster and subject to copyright laws. The name MILAVIA is not a trademark, registered name or company, it is merely a title for this privately owned website.


All information provided on the website is the work of the webmaster, unless the name of another author or source is stated as copyright holder. All information is composed from public sources and is not classified. When data or information is copied or summarized from a single source, the source is displayed at the bottom of the page or article. All information is copyrighted and cannot be used for any other purpose than private personal use without prior permission of the webmaster. When data from this website is used as reference under the Fair Use Policy, please display a link to this website (


The website provides digital images, paintings, photographs and drawnings (pictures). The webmaster does not own the copyright to all of these pictures. These pictures may not be used or published, neither commercially nor for other purposes, in any form, including but not restricting to the Internet, magazines and books, without the photographer's permission. For all enquiries please contact the webmaster by e-mail to obtain contact information of the original copyright holder. In most cases this information is also displayed on the same page as the picture.


The website provides direct downloads from our server. The webmaster is not responsible for any problems regarding these downloads. The use and any results of such use are solely the responsibility of the user. The user has to check for viruses and worms.

External links

The website provides external links to other (related) websites. the webmaster is not responsible for the content of any other web sites which you may access from this website. The webmaster has no control over the content of these websites and cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of any information linked externally. This also applies to links to If you order books at using links on this website, is responsible. The webmaster cannot be held responsible for any problems regarding changed prices, unavailability, delivery, payment and everything else that is controlled by

Privacy Statement

MILAVIA values your privacy and understands privacy concerns you may have. Please view our privacy policy for more information: Click here to view our Privacy Policy


Limited license IS GRANTED to individuals accessing the website for the following personal, noncommercial uses:

  • Retrieving or Printing a Copy of Any Document or File in the website.
  • Establishing a Link to any publicly accessible page on
  • Establish a Bannerlink to using the provided banner codes and/or banners images
  • .

Individuals accessing this website and its component documents and/or files are NOT GRANTED license to:

  • Alter a Copy of Any Retrieved or Printed Document or File from the website without Permission from the webmaster.
  • Distribute a Copy (Electronic or Otherwise) of Any Document or File from the website without Permission from the webmaster.
  • Charge for a Copy (Electronic or Otherwise) of Any Document or File from the website.
  • Establish 'inline links' to images or downloads ("Hotlinking") without Permission from the webmaster.

Niels Hillebrand, MILAVIA webmaster,

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