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The F/A-18 proved itself during the Gulf War in operation Desert Storm. It carried out fighter-bomber as well as air superiority missions. A total of 90 F/A-18s were part of the US Navy participating in the war. At the peak of the air campaign each Hornet flew two sorties a day. The US Marine Corps provided another 48 F/A-18A Hornets. The Hornet carried out more than 60% of the bombing missions over Iraq. During the entire conflict the only aircraft that was lost in air-to-air combat was a F/A-18. Also Canadian F/A-18s took part, a total of 26 CF-18As provided air defense for coalition aircraft.

In 1992-1995 Hornets took part of the Air War over Bosnia. US Navy and USMC F/A-18Cs and Ds as well as Spanish EF-18A+ Hornets carried out escort missions as well as air strikes. And later in the 1990s once again F/A-18s took off from their carriers to participate in the strike against Yugoslavia and proved itself well.

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YF-17 demonstrator

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YF-18 prototype

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F/A-18 weapon testing

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F/A-18 Hornets during Desert Storm

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