May 6th, 2006

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Welcome to the MILAVIA newsletter. In case you have been wondering whether you were failing to receive the newsletter, do not worry, you were not. Unfortunately I have not had enough time in the past months to create a newsletter. But I have been working on the website and there have been some interesting updates. Still I wish I had more time to spend working on the website.
Here is an overview of the most important changes and updates since the last newsletter. Make sure you check out the highlighted ones! For the full update list, visit the updates page
Date Update Link
30 April 2006 Special report on the Hochgebirgslandekurs - Austria's alpine helicopter course.
22 April 2006 Updated F-16 photo gallery. Added 16 photos of the Italian F-16s.
17 April 2006 Added Video Galleries for several France and Russian aircraft.
16 April 2006 Red Flag Exercise 2006-1 photo report! Over 80 beautiful shots!
09 April 2006 Preview for the RAF Leuchars Airshow 2006 has been updated.
26 March 2006 Updated Brazilian Air Force gallery with more F-5, C-130, AMX, C-97, AT-26, UH-1.
21 March 2006 Photo report of the 30 year anniversary of the Italian 5th Army Aviation Regiment.
21 March 2006 Added Video Gallery and Related Books to the Mirage 2000 section.
21 March 2006 Added Video Gallery to the A-10 Thunderbolt II section.
05 March 2006 Added Video Gallery for the F-14 section with lots of F-14 movies.
05 March 2006 Added Video Gallery for the F-15 section with lots of F-15 movies.
01 March 2006 Airshow report for the Czech International Air Fest held last year at Brno.
27 February 2006 Updated news section system. It is now easier for me to post news.
19 February 2006 Added interview with SwAF Viggen pilot Captain Mikael Tormalm.
01 February 2006 Added exercise report on the SAR Exercise Grifone 2005, including photos.
29 January 2006 First 2006 airshow report added: Al Ain Aerobatics Show 2006
09 January 2006 Added preview on AIRE 06 Murcia airshow in Spain.
07 January 2006 Added RIAT 2006 Preview, updated Europe and North America air event calendars.
04 January 2006 Added first Air Show Preview, for the RNLAF Open Days to be held at Leeuwarden AB.
03 January 2006 Photo report by Dave O'Brien of the 2005 Aviation Nation show at Nellis AFB.
02 January 2006 Exercise report on the Combined Qualified Weapons Instructors Course 2/2005.
02 January 2006 Special report on the USAF T-33 remaining in Albania's National Museum of Weapons.
18 December 2005 Added news story on the Brazilian Mirage III retirement ceremony..
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Regading previously new sections
Before the end of last year the airshows section was added: MILAVIA Air Shows. Although adding the airshow reports was not a problem, the display team profiles are delayed, and there have not been as many and/or up-to-date airshow previews as I hoped. Please contact me if you feel you can write a nice preview for your local airshow!

Last year, I also opened the online store: MILAVIA Shop. Unfortunately, I have not been able to add more products to the shop. Because I only have a limited amount of time to work on the website, I am considering to drop the shop idea for now.

Video Galleries
As you can see in the update list, I have added video galleries to some of the aircraft sections. Using the video gallery, you can find movies of the particular aircraft and download them at Patrick's Aviation Site. In the coming months, more video galleries will be added for the other aircraft as well.

Next Aircraft Section
Currently, I am working on a large section dedicated to the Mi-24 Hind combat helicopter family. It will take some time before it is finished, so I may add or update another aircraft section in the mean time.

MILAVIA Aviation News Headlines
For older news stories, view the MILAVIA News Archive. For accident reports visit the MILAVIA Forum.
Here are the results for the quiz of Aprili. To view the results and answers of previous quizes, check out the website

Answer: Boeing E-3D Sentry / Sentry AEW.1 (Royal Air Force)
Winners: Michel Koster (Netherlands)
Pawel Wymyslowski (Poland)
Adam Mazuca (USA)
Frauke (USA)
Simon Blaise (Chile)
Marian Misina (Slovakia)
Laurent Daverio (France)
Francisco Jaime (Argentina)
Juan P. Monardez (Chile)
Martin Rojido (Argentina)
Arda Mevlutoglu (Turkey)
D.Fasoulakis (Greece)
Robert Wetterholt Jr. (USA)
Ryan Sundheimer (USA)
Doug (United Kingdom)
Johnson Barros (Brazil)
Stephan Felgeirolles (Belgium)
Frank Turcios (USA)
Josh Meader (USA)
Kisantal Máté (Hungary)
Tim Lay (Australia)
Anatolij Cimarkin (Lithuania)
Nabil Borki (Morocco)
Mariusz Gluszek (Poland)
John Carr (United Kingdom)
Pim Hesse (Netherlands)
Jean Pierre Schell (France)
Petr Palata (Czech Republic)
Peter Kallenbach (Canada)
Nik M. Ridzuan (Malaysia)
Maarten Questier (Belgium)
RecceJet (Australia)
Paulo Morales (Chile)
Christan Valdebenito Venegas (Chile)

Traver Fordham (USA)*
Juan Carlos Gómez y Sarzotti (Argentina)*
Ron Smith (United Kingdom)*
Simon Sharp (United Kingdom)*
Menno Boer (Netherlands)*
Aser Martinez (Spain)*
Gian Paolo D´Astolfi (Venezuela)*
Ivan Peña Nesbit (Venezuela)*
Devadas Krishnadas (Singapore)*
Luis Ferreira (Brazil)*

* = incomplete or not completely correct answers

Michel Koster from the Netherlands has been the lucky winner of the profile print of the F-104 Starfighter by

This month there will be another prize for someone who has answered the quiz correctly.

Go to the website and take part!
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Special report on the Mirage III in Brazilian Air Force service. The remaining F-103s retired last December, after 33 years and 67,000 hours. Article includes artworks, historical photos, and air-to-air photos! Over 100 photos included!
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Want to know what it is like to fly the Saab Viggen? Curious about the pilot's view on the Viggen in comparison with the Gripen? And other fighters? Make sure you check out this interview with Capt. Mikael Tormalm of the Swedish Air Force, illustrated with some superb air-to-air Viggen photos.
Read the interview now!
The picture of this month is this photo by Glenn E. Bloore, taken at Red Flag 2006-1.
For the coming months, you can expect the following updates. Soon a small air show photo report will be added for the March ARB AirFest 2006. Also with the European airshow season starting soon, you can expect a number of new airshow reports with more stunning photos.
I will continue to add more video galleries. I am trying to keep working on the Mi-24 Hind pages, and at the same time to update some of the existing aircraft sections.

The website is becoming ever more popular. I am happy to see more visitors, more members, more contributors, more ad revenues and even happier to see all the loyal visitors who keep returning to my website. Thank you! Unfortunately, I had some set-backs as well. Because of some attempts to abuse my e-mail forms, I had to replace them. The new forms initially created some problems, sorry for any inconvenience. Another problem was that Nedstat (the company providing the webcounters that I used) became Webstats4u and the new owners decided to show pop-ups on all pages with a counter. Again, sorry for any inconvenience. I hate pop-ups myself and I have therefore removed the counters. However, some of them are still there, they will be removed with the next update of the particular page.

Best Regards,

Niels Hillebrand
MILAVIA Webmaster

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