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Air Show Report : Portugal Air Show 2005

Report by Jorge Manuel Ant„o Ruivo, all photos by author

The 5th edition of Portugal Air Show took place from September 16th to 18th, in …vora`s Municipal Aerodrome. In my opinion the best aviation event in Portugal this year. The show featured a lot of performance displays during these three days. Including the Spanish Aerobatics Triangular Trophy and Hot air ballons regatta.

Flying display:

- Pitts Special S2B
- Several flying displays of the Spanish Aerobatic Trophy
- Low pass of Airbus 330
- Patrulla Aspa (Colibri)
- Rotores de Portugal (Alouette III)
- Alpha Jet Performance Exhibition (French)
- Asas de Portugal (Alpha jet)
- Patrouille de France
- Low pass of 4 F-16 of the Portuguese Air Force

Static display:

- Chipmunk
- C-212-200 Aviocar
- Epsilon
- Alouette III
- EH-101 Merlin
- Lynx
- Alpha Jet of the French Air Force
- Few civilian ultra-lights and small aircraft

During the event there were a lot of Forum activities, Parachuting jumps, presentation of the new Aerospatiale Technology portal, several aeronautic activities like flight baptism, air exhibitions, and performance demonstrations.
There were permanent displays too, like Photography Exhibition, painting exhibition related with aviation, wind tunel, extreme sports and kid's play area.

Final Word
They were great days of Aviation in Portugal, and now we are waiting for the next event because the next will always be better than the previous one.
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Report and photos by Jorge Manuel Ant„o Ruivo -

First Published: 08 October 2005
Last Modified: 30 July 2011

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