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CLEAR SKY 2018 – F-15 Eagles in Ukraine

Added: 12 Jan 2019 | Section: Specials

Report from the high profile Ukrainian Air Force exercise in 2018 with California ANG 144th FW / 194th FS F-15 Eagles deployed to the Ukrainian air base of Starokostiantyniv, home of the 7th Tactical Aviation Brigade. The resident Su-24M/MR Fencers were joined by deployed MiG-29 Fulcrums, Su-25 Frogfoots, and Su-27 Flankers.
CLEAR SKY 2018 Exercise Report

Inowrocław Helicopter Picnic 2018

Added: 23 Nov 2018 | Section: Airshows

In May 2018, the annual "Helicopter Picnic" held by the 56.BLot Inowrocław-Latkowo provided a perfect opportunity to see the Polish Army Aviation assault helicopters; W-3PL Sokols, Mi-24V Hinds, and a good number of Mi-2URP(G) Hoplites.
Polish Assault Helicopters on display

Athens Flying Week 2018 Air Show

Added: 12 Nov 2018 | Section: Airshows

On September 22-23, the Athens Flying Week 2018 international air show took place at Tanagra Air Base. The Hellenic Air Force, Army and Navy again presented the majority of the air displays; this year including a HAF Super Puma CSAR demo.
AFW 2018 Air Show Report

Baltic Air Policing RDAF F-16s at Šiauliai

Added: 27 Oct 2018 | Section: Specials

Four RDAF F-16AM Fighting Falcons deployed to Lithuania for the first 3-month rotation of 2018 for the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission. Photo report featuring the armed Danish Vipers in the air over Šiauliai.
RDAF Baltic Air Policing mission 2018

NORAD 60 Years CF-18 Demo 2018

Added: 07 Oct 2018 | Section: Specials

Brief history of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the NORAD 60th Anniversary paint scheme carried by the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet Demo aircraft 2018, as it visited Lake Simcoe Regional Airport, Ontario.
RCAF CF-18 Demo NORAD 60 Photo Report

BAF Days 2018 - Kleine Brogel

Added: 27 Sep 2018 | Section: Airshows

Report on the 2018 air show held by the Belgian Air Force at the air base of Kleine Brogel. The air displays featured F-16, F-18, Rafale, Typhoon and the Ukrainian Su-27 'Flanker' solo displays.
BAF Days 2018 Air Show Report

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