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Air Show Report : Salamanca 2005 Air Show


All Photos by Jorge Manuel Antão Ruivo
The Spanish city of Salamanca celebrates the 250th anniversary of the 'Plaza Maior de Europe' this year. On 15 May 2005, the Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force) contributed to the city event by opening the doors of the nearby Base Aérea de Matacán and organizing an air show for the public.
Salamanca-Matacán is the home of Grupo 74 also known as Grupo de Escuelas de Matacán which has two squadrons; 741 Escuadrón which operates the CASA C-101EB Aviojet and 744 Escuadrón which operates the CASA C-212-100 Aviocar light transport.

It was a great show, featuring both Spanish and foreign displays. The flying display featured the Spanish Patrulla Águila and Patrulla Aspa display teams as well as the Patrouille Suisse, Team Orlik from Poland and the RNLAF F-16 Solo Display. Also the Spanish Air Force's Mirage F-1, EF-18, Canadair CL-215, and CASA C-101 each performed their own solo display.

salamanca05_aguila_01.jpg salamanca05_aguila_02.jpg salamanca05_aguila_03.jpg
salamanca05_aguila_04.jpg salamanca05_aspa_01.jpg salamanca05_aspa_02.jpg
salamanca05_ec120_01.jpg salamanca05_ec120_02.jpg salamanca05_ec120_03.jpg salamanca05_ec120_04.jpg salamanca05_ef_01.jpg salamanca05_ef_02.jpg
salamanca05_ef_03.jpg salamanca05_f-16_01.jpg salamanca05_f-16_02.jpg salamanca05_f-16_03.jpg salamanca05_f-16_04.jpg salamanca05_f-16_05.jpg
salamanca05_f-16_06.jpg salamanca05_f-16_07.jpg salamanca05_f-16_08.jpg salamanca05_f-16_09.jpg salamanca05_fa-18_01.jpg salamanca05_fa-18_02.jpg
salamanca05_fa-18_03.jpg salamanca05_fa-18_04.jpg salamanca05_mf-1_01.jpg salamanca05_mf-1_02.jpg salamanca05_mf-1_03.jpg salamanca05_orlik_01.jpg
salamanca05_orlik_02.jpg salamanca05_orlik_03.jpg salamanca05_orlik_04.jpg salamanca05_orlik_05.jpg salamanca05_orlik_06.jpg salamanca05_suisse_01.jpg
salamanca05_suisse_02.jpg salamanca05_suisse_03.jpg salamanca05_suisse_04.jpg salamanca05_suisse_05.jpg salamanca05_suisse_06.jpg salamanca05_suisse_07.jpg

Report and photos by Jorge Manuel Antão Ruivo

First Published: 22 May 2005
Last Modified: 30 July 2011

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