December 3rd, 2005

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Welcome to the MILAVIA newsletter. It has been long since the last newsletter, and a lot has changed on the MILAVIA website. The reason why it took so long for this newsletter to appear is twofold. First of all, I have been so busy updating the website that I did not have any time left to spend on creating a new newsletter. Secondly, I was still sending the newsletter almost manually. I have now put some software in place that should make the job easier.


This new section of the website will hold all the airshow and photocall reports, which were previously located in the specials section. But of course, there is new stuff as well, like the 2006 airshow calendar for not just Europe but the Entire World. Coming are some display team profiles, air show previews (with lists of participants) and information for some of the bigger shows that are recurring every one or two years.
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I have opened an online store on the website to generate some income to pay for the site. At the moment the product selection is limited, but more products will be added soon. To celebrate the new shop, you can now benefit from discounted prices. The print Sale continues until 1st January 2005.

Aviation News
Previously limited to being a news archive, it has now been enhanced with headline links. The website main site will now only display headlines and the last story. Also added to the news section are newsletter archives that go back to 2003. Soon, I will also try to retrieve the 2002 newsletters from my archives.

Other Updates
There have also been a lot of regular updates since the last newsletter. An overview of the most important changes is provided here. For the full update list, visit the updates page

Date Update Link
25 November 2005 Updated 2006 Airshow Calender for Europe.
23 November 2005 MCAS Miramar Air Show 2005 report with 100 photos.
21 November 2005 Added two new board to the forum: Photo equipment & tips and Accident Reports
09 November 2005 Added airshow report for Leuchars 2005.
03 November 2005 Updated the air show calenders with new shows.
24 October 2005 Added photo report of the 5th edition of the TLP at Florennes AB this year.
16 October 2005 Added Brazilian Air Force photo gallery.
09 October 2005 Added photo report on this year's edition of exercise Frisian Flag.
08 October 2005 Added airshow report by Jorge of the Portugal Air Show 2005 at Évora.
06 October 2005 Added report with photos of the RAF Coltishall photo-call 2005.
26 September 2005 NAS Oceana Air Show 2005 report with 38 stunning photos.
25 September 2005 Added new article on the PM-MG 2º CORPAer military police helicopter unit.
27 August 2005 New Air Show Photo Report: MAKS 2005 Moscow International Air & Space Salon.
19 August 2005 Small photo report of the Brazilian Air Force XXV TAC exercise held at Anápolis AB
06 August 2005 RIAT 2005 airshow report online with 62 quality photos!
29 July 2005 Added new aircraft section on the Pakistan-Chino FC-1/JF-17
16 July 2005 RAF Waddington International Air Show 2005 report online with 57 photos.
28 June 2005 New Air Force Pictorial: Belarus Air and Air Defence Force.
11 June 2005 New Special: Elite 2005 electronic warfare exercise report with photos.
31 May 2005 Photo Report Planes of Fame Airshow 2005, 60 pics bigger than normal
26 May 2005 Niederrhein/Weeze Airport 2005 airshow report
22 May 2005 Added airshow report on Salamanca 2005 open day at Matacán AB, with 42 photos.
14 May 2005 New photo report dedicated to the Jaguars at RAF Coltishall
13 May 2005 Su-15 'Flagon' section online!
25 April 2005 Three new wallpapers of the Blue Angels, courtesy of Glenn E. Bloore
24 April 2005 Photo special: Blue Angels @ El Centro 2005
22 April 2005 Replaced the F-14 Tomcat gallery with a new one with 100 new pictures!
19 April 2005 Added FAB Mirage III Walk-Around.
6 April 2005 New Photo Report on the last DHC-1 Chipmunks in service with the Portuguese AF.
3 April 2005 Report on Portuguese C.212 Aviocar 50th anniversary special markings
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MILAVIA Aviation News Headlines


Here are the results for the quiz of November. To view the results and answers of previous quizes, check out the website

Answer: Fokker F-27-400M Troopship (Finnish Air Force)
Winners: Nabil Borki (Morocco)
Petr Palata (Czech Republic)
Jean Pierre Schell (France)
Jos Fiering (Netherlands)
Simon Adrien (France)
Shuwi (France)
Daniel Seabrook (United Kingdom)
Doug Shepherd (United Kingdom)
Mariusz Gluszek (Poland)
Ramon van Opdorp (Netherlands)
Jorge Manuel Antão Ruivo (Portugal)
Ghijsen Stéphane (Belgium)
Michal Kovac (Slovakia)
Uffe Schneider (Denmark)
Adam M. (USA)
Marco Boersma (Netherlands)
Bobby (UAE)
Arda Mevlutoglu (Turkey)
Pawe Wymysowski (Poland)
Simon Eduardo Blaise Olivera (Chile)
D. Fasoulakis (Greece)
Perig (France)
Steve Cambers (United Kingdom)
John B. (USA)
Peter Kallenbach (Canada)
Cedric Meinen (Switzerland)
Menno Boer (Netherlands) *
Brandon Buckspan (USA) *
Koen Leuvering (Netherlands)*
Johan van Meerloo (Netherlands)*
RecceJet (Australia) *
Nils Steyaert (Belgium) *
Anthony Graulus (Belgium) *
Ivan Peña Nesbit (Venezuela) *
Devadas Krishnadas (Singapore)*
Elias Bühler (Switzerland)*
Juan Gómez (Argentina)*
Laurent Daverio (France)*
Frauke S. (USA)*
Ryan Healy (USA)*
Robert Teuma (Malta)**
Yasar Oguz (Turkey)*
Oliver Newman (South Korea)*
Nader Mishriky (Egypt)*
Roeland Heijne (Netherlands)*
Igor Canak (Croatia)*
Ron Smith (United Kingdom)*
Muhammad Salman Baig (Pakistan)*
Don Norton (USA)*
Roger Castela (France)*
GonzaloTejeda (Argentina)*
Donald Wray (USA)*
Ray Robb (USA)*
Jasper Scheffers (Netherlands) *

* = incomplete or not completely correct answers

Nabil Borki from Morroco has been the lucky winner of the profile print of the F-4 Phantom II by

This month there will be another prize for someone who has answered the quiz correctly.

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Picture of the month, is this photo of a Brazilian Air Force C-130 Hercules by Leandro, the new MILAVIA editor for Brazil and other South American countries. You will see more of his work on the website soon, including more beautiful photographs like this one.


I hope you are pleased with the newsletter. In the near future, the newsletter will get a major redesign and hopefully some new features as well! The last poll selected the Mi-24 Hind as the next aircraft section, so I am concentrating on that one first. Other upcoming features include a FAB Mirage III special, Aviation Nation airshow report, interview with a Viggen pilot who recently transitioned to the Gripen, and more! Keep an eye on the News topic in the forum for more upcoming features.

Recently the 100.000th visitors milestone was reached for the index page of MILAVIA website. Thank you all for visiting my aviation website, and hopefully you all keep visiting my site because I have lots of plans and ideas.

Don't forget that the website is primarily powered by your feedback and contributions! Feel free to send me any feedback, good or bad. Also, you are welcome to post your comments and suggestions on the forum and discuss it with other members. When there is enough demand for a certain feature, I will add it with 99% certainty.

Best Regards,

Niels Hillebrand
MILAVIA Webmaster

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