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Photo Report : Indian Air Force in Portugal


All pictures by Jorge Manuel Antão Ruivo

In July this year, the Indian Air Force took part in COOPERATIVE COPE THUNDER 2004-01 held from July 15-30 at both Elmendorf and Eielson AFB in Alaska. Six Jaguar aircraft were deployed to Alaska supported by Il-76MD transport and Il-78MKI tanker aircraft, the latter of which also participated in the exercise.

On their trip to Alaska the IAF detachment made stops at several European countries, enabling the European aircraft photography community to take pictures of these special visitors. The aircraft left Ambala AB on June 23 and arrive at Eielson AFB on July 9. From 28th to 30th of June, the ten aircraft stayed at Monte Real AB, Portugal. Jorge Manuel Antão Ruivo made the following photos and reported the aircraft serials.

Aircraft Type: Number: Squadron: Wing: Station: Serials:
Jaguar IS 6 27 Squadron Flaming Arrows 17 Wing Gorakhpur AFS JS141, JS144, JS150, JS154, JS170, JS177
Il-78MKI 2 78 Squadron Battle Cry - Agra AFS RK3451, RK3452
Il-76MD 2 44 Squadron Mighty Jets - Agra AFS K2665, K2901
Total: 10

The aircraft departed Eielson AFB on August 3 and then routed through Canada, Newfoundland and Porgual, the aircraft are seen here during their stop-over at Beja AB in Portugal on August 10. After which the aircraft routed through Italy, Egypt, Qatar, Jamnagar (India) before arrival at Ambala on August 16.

01_js141.jpg 02_js150.jpg 03_js150.jpg 04_js154.jpg
05_js170.jpg 06_js177.jpg 07_js177.jpg 08_js177.jpg
09_js141.jpg 10_js150.jpg 11_js170.jpg 12_js150.jpg
13_js177.jpg 14_rk3451.jpg 15_rk3451.jpg 16_rk3452.jpg
17_rk3452.jpg 18_rk3451.jpg 19_rk3451.jpg 20_rk3451.jpg
21_rk3452.jpg 22_rk3452.jpg 23_il-78_76.jpg 24_k2901.jpg
25_k2665.jpg 26_k2665.jpg 27_k2901.jpg 28_k2901.jpg

Many thanks to Jorge Manuel Antão Ruivo for making these photos available to
Additional information from Air Forces Monthly October 2004,, and

Photos by Jorge Manuel Antão Ruivo

First Published: 9 October 2004
Last Modified: 31 March 2013

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