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  • The Specials section has various military aviation articles and photo reports covering exercises, units, and more.
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High Blaze 2014 : RNLAF Helicopters in Italy

Added: 08 Jun 2014 | Section: Specials

RNLAF Apaches and Chinooks @ Rivolto AB

The Royal Netherlands Air Force deployed to Italy last May with eight helicopters for this year's Exercise High Blaze. Photo report showing the Dutch AH-64D and CH-47D helicopters displayed and on the flight-line of Rivolto Air Base.
RNLAF Apaches and Chinooks

Air Shows

Air Show Reports

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Rhode Island Air Show 2014

Added: 01 Jun 2014 | Section: Airshows

F-22 Raptor Demo 2014 at Quonset State Airport

The Rhode Island National Guard organized their annual Open House Air Show on May 17-18, 2014, displays by USN Blue Angels, USAF F-22 Raptor Demo, USMC MV-22 Osprey Demo along with legacy Navy aircraft such as the F7F Tigercat, F8F Bearcat, A-1E Skyraider
RI Air Show 2014 Photo Report

Military Aviation News

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All Three F-35 Variants Achieved Flight Test Milestone on Same Day

Added: 29 May 2014 | Lockheed Martin

In three separate flight tests on May 27, Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II aircraft demonstrated air-to-air combat capability, completed the first flight test with the next level software load and accomplished a landing at the maximum test speed and drop rate. Read Full Story


Italian Army NH90 in Afghanistan

Added: 07 Nov 2013 | Section: Specials

NH90 TTH armed with M134 doorgunners over Afghanistan

Special photo report on the Italian Army NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopters in Afghanistan. Five UH-90 operated by Task Unit Nemo have been deployed to FSB Herat in RC-West for over a year now flying more than 1000 hours as part of Task Force Fenice.
Black Bumblebee in Afghanistan

Luftwaffe Phantoms - The Early Years

Added: 26 Feb 2014 | Section: Specials

F-4F Phantom seen early in its German Air Force career

Last year Germany said Pharewell to the F-4F after 40 years of service. This report looks back at the early service years of the German F-4 Phantoms, illustrated with original photos from 1970-1980 when the Luftwaffe operated the RF-4E recce version and took delivery of the brand new F-4F to replace the F-104G Starfighter of its fighter wings.
Photo Report 1970s Luftwaffe Phantoms


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