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  • The Specials section has various military aviation articles and photo reports covering exercises, units, and more.
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CLEAR SKY 2018 – F-15 Eagles in Ukraine

Added: 12 Jan 2019 | Section: Specials

Overhauled Ukrainiian Air Force exercises with US F-15s and NATO F-16s

Report from the high profile Ukrainian Air Force exercise in 2018 with California ANG 144th FW / 194th FS F-15 Eagles deployed to the Ukrainian air base of Starokostiantyniv, home of the 7th Tactical Aviation Brigade. The resident Su-24M/MR Fencers were joined by deployed MiG-29 Fulcrums, Su-25 Frogfoots, and Su-27 Flankers.
CLEAR SKY 2018 Exercise Report

Air Shows

Air Show Reports

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Athens Flying Week 2018 Air Show

Added: 12 Nov 2018 | Section: Airshows

Athens Flying Week 2018 Air Show at Tanagra Air Base

On September 22-23, the Athens Flying Week 2018 international air show took place at Tanagra Air Base. The Hellenic Air Force, Army and Navy again presented the majority of the air displays; this year including a HAF Super Puma CSAR demo.
AFW 2018 Air Show Report


Exercise BLUE FLAG 2017 Israel

Added: 27 Nov 2017 | Section: Specials

IAF F-15 Baz still going strong in Exercise Blue Flag 2017

Report on the Israeli Air Force hosted multi-national exercise Blue Flag 2017, which included participating by 8 air forces and some 70 aircraft. European fighters and fighter-bombers joined the F-15 Baz, F-16 Barak and F-16I Soufa of Israel, all deployed at Ovda airbase.
BLUE FLAG 2017 Exercise Photo Report

The End for the Greek RF-4E Phantoms : The end of the film!

Added: 14 May 2017 | Section: Specials

HAF RF-4E Recce Phantom Special The end of the film!

On May 5th, 2017, the official retirement ceremony of the Hellenic Air Force RF-4E Phantom II took place at Larissa air base. Along with the aircraft, the 348th TRS ceased operations indefinitely after 64 years of service. It was the end of the last Recce Phantoms remaining in Europe, the last Recce Phantoms of NATO. The end of the film!
HAF RF-4E Recce Phantom Special

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