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  • The Specials section has various military aviation articles and photo reports covering exercises, units, and more.
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USAF B-52H and B-2A Bombers at RAF Fairford

Added: 28 Jun 2015 | Section: Specials

B-52H Stratofortress taking off from RAF Fairford

In June 2015, the U.S. Air Force deployed B-52H Stratofortress and B-2A Spirit bombers to the UK for Exercise Saber Strike 2015 and BALTOPS 2015. Photos taken at RAF Fairford of the B-52H bombers, B-2A stealth bomber, and two U-2S landing at the base.
Exercise Saber Strike 2015

Air Shows

Air Show Reports

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The Great New England Air Show 2015

Added: 30 May 2015 | Section: Airshows

USAF F-22 Raptor Demo @ Westover ARB

In celebration of Westover ARB's 75th anniversary the 439th AW organized The Great New England Air Show 2015 on May 16-17. US military performers including C-5 Galaxy, F-22 Raptor Demo Team and Navy's Blue Angels were joined by the Canadian Snowbirds and CF-18 Hornet Demo.
Westover ARB airshow report


RIAT 2014 Photos

Added: 19 Aug 2014 | Section: Airshows

Italian RSV flight test unit presented their C-27J, Typhoon, Tornado and even the AMX

Royal International Air Tattoo 2014 photos from arrival and practice days, Friday's Red Arrows day, and the flying displays on Saturday. 200+ photos with lots of afterburner and dynamic display shots, also jets and support aircraft arriving at Fairford..
RIAT 2014 air show photos

Luftwaffe Phantoms - The Early Years

Added: 26 Feb 2014 | Section: Specials

F-4F Phantom seen early in its German Air Force career

Last year Germany said Pharewell to the F-4F after 40 years of service. This report looks back at the early service years of the German F-4 Phantoms, illustrated with original photos from 1970-1980 when the Luftwaffe operated the RF-4E recce version and took delivery of the brand new F-4F to replace the F-104G Starfighter of its fighter wings.
Photo Report 1970s Luftwaffe Phantoms

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