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Italian Army Airmobile Exercise Report

Added: 11 Jul 2016 | Section: Specials

The Italian Army's Brigata Aeromobile "Friuli" conducted the third Airmobile Permament Training (APT III) exercise involving 18 helicopters of the Aviazione dell'Esercito Italiano (AVES). AH-129, UH-90, CH-47 helis and the action at the training range.
Italian Army Airmobile Exercise Report

Rhode Island Air Show 2016

Added: 10 Jul 2016 | Section: Airshows

Airshow report from the Rhode Island National Guard Open House & Air Show held on June 11-12. Sunday in particular provided excellent conditions for the RI ANG to perform their Combined Arms demonstration.
RI Air Show Photo Report 2016

Exercise Real Thaw 2016

Added: 09 Jul 2016 | Section: Specials

Photo report of the aircraft operating from Beja Air Base during exercise Real Thaw 2016. The annual exercise of the Portuguese Air Force includes nearly all types in FAP service and was also attended by USAFE F-15 Eagles, USMC MV-22 Osprey, and others.
Real Thaw 2016 Photo Report

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Fly-In

Added: 02 Jul 2016 | Section: Specials

Overview of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, featuring photos from the 2016 BCATP Fly-In hosted by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on May 28, 2016. BCATP classic trainers, visiting aircraft, and a look at CWH latest restoration projects.
BCATP a brief history & Fly-In 2016

NATO Tiger Meet 2016 Zaragoza

Added: 07 Jun 2016 | Section: Specials

Photo report from the NATO Tiger Meet 2016. The exercise was held this year at Base Aérea de Zaragoza, Spain, home of the Ejército del Aire Ala 15 and its Hornets. This year it was a big one with about 100 aircraft and roughly 15 Tiger Tails!
NTM 16 Zaragoza Photo Report

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