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APROC 2017 Rivolto, Italy

Added: 17 Jul 2017 | Section: Specials

Last June, the Air-centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course training exercise of the European Personnel Recovery Centre (EPRC) took place with French Caracals and Fennecs, Polish Mi-24s and W-3s, and Italian helicopters operating from Rivolto, Italy, with AMX air support.
APROC 2017 exercise photo report

Italian Fighter Squadrons' Centennial

Added: 09 Jul 2017 | Section: Specials

The Italian Air Force celebrates 100 years of its Gruppi Caccia this year. At the event at Grosseto air base. the IX, X, XII, and XVIII Gruppo each presented their Typhoon with centenary squadron markings, while.the XIII Gruppo of 32° Stormo presented their brand new F-35A Lightning II with unit markings.
Centenario Gruppi Caccia photo report Grosseto

First Airbus A400M of the Spanish Air Force

Added: 30 Jun 2017 | Section: Specials

The Spanish Air Force's new Airbus A400M turboprop transport aircraft has entered service with Ala 31 since its delivery late last year. Designated T.23-01 in Spain, the first A400M was formally presented to the media last month at Zaragoza and in flight.
Ejército del Aire A400M Zaragoza

RCAF CF-18 Demo "Canada 150" visit CWH Museum

Added: 25 Jun 2017 | Section: Specials

The RCAF CF-18 Hornet 'Canada 150' Demo aircraft visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Hamilton, in support of the museum's involvement with the upcoming Brantford Community Charity Air Show. Photo report giving a good look at the 'Canada 150' paint job and markings, as well as the CWH Museum's Lancaster.
Canada 150 CF-18 Demo Aircraft

Rhode Island Air Show 2017

Added: 16 Jun 2017 | Section: Airshows

The Rhode Island Air Show 2017 hosted by the RI National Guard made up the absence of its jet formation display team with double performances by the USMC AV-8 Harrier, USN F/A-18F Super Hornet, and USAF F-16 Viper. AH-64 Apaches and a CH-47 Chinook joined this year's combined arms demonstration
2017 Rhode Island Air Show Report

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