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Added: 25 Jun 2017 | Section: Specials

RCAF CF-18 Demo "Canada 150" visit CWH Museum

The RCAF CF-18 Hornet 'Canada 150' Demo aircraft visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Hamilton, in support of the museum's involvement with the upcoming Brantford Community Charity Air Show. Photo report giving a good look at the 'Canada 150' paint job and markings, as well as the CWH Museum's Lancaster.
Canada 150 CF-18 Demo Aircraft

Added: 16 Jun 2017 | Section: Airshows

Rhode Island Air Show 2017

The Rhode Island Air Show 2017 hosted by the RI National Guard made up the absence of its jet formation display team with double performances by the USMC AV-8 Harrier, USN F/A-18F Super Hornet, and USAF F-16 Viper. AH-64 Apaches and a CH-47 Chinook joined this year's combined arms demonstration
2017 Rhode Island Air Show Report

Added: 14 Jun 2017 | Section: Specials

F-35A Lightning II First Deployment to Europe

In April 2017, the U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II fifth generation multi-role stealth fighters from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, started the F-35's first operational deployment to Europe. The F-35 deployed to RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom to fly exercises with the 48th Fighter Wing F-15C and F-15E.
Photo Report USAF F-35A at RAF Lakenheath

Added: 10 Jun 2017 | Section: Airshows

Planes of Fame 2017

The Planes of Fame Air Museum hosted its annual air show on May 6-7. The museum's P-38J Lightning joined the USAF F-35A Lightning II heritage flight. The museum's collection were joined by other flying warbirds, gathering five F4U/FG-1D Corsairs, two Japanese Zeros, and more. Report with 180 photos!
Planes of Fame Air Show 2017 Photo Report

Added: 05 Jun 2017 | Section: Specials

Exercise INIOHOS 2017 Andravida, Greece

The Hellenic Air Force hosted the annual multinational exercise "Iniohos" from March 27 to April 6. This year the United Arab Emirates Air Force F-16E/F Block 60 Desert Falcons deployed to Andravida to participate in the exercise, in addition to Italian AMX, Israeli F-16 "Barak 2020" fighters and G550 "Nahshon-Eitam", US and Greek Vipers.
Iniohos 2017 Exercise Photo Report

Added: 30 May 2017 | Section: Airshows

Aero 150 Air Show Gatineau, Canada

Celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary the Aero150 air show was hosted at Gatineau, home of the Vintage Wings of Canada collection, and attended by the Patrouille de France on their North America Tour and of course the Canadian Snowbirds and other RCAF aircraft, the Hawk and Aurora flying displays too.
Gatineau Aero150 Air Show Report

Added: 14 May 2017 | Section: Specials

The End for the Greek RF-4E Phantoms : The end of the film!

On May 5th, 2017, the official retirement ceremony of the Hellenic Air Force RF-4E Phantom II took place at Larissa air base. Along with the aircraft, the 348th TRS ceased operations indefinitely after 64 years of service. It was the end of the last Recce Phantoms remaining in Europe, the last Recce Phantoms of NATO. The end of the film!
HAF RF-4E Recce Phantom Special

Added: 06 May 2017 | Section: Airshows

RNZAF Air Tattoo 2017 Ohakea

The Royal New Zealand Air Force commemorated its 80th anniversary with a true Air Tattoo at Ohakea airbase in February 2017. In addition to the RNZAF heavies, helicopters and heritage, the Black Falcons aerobatic display team made their debut. The RAAF F/A-18 and PACAF F-16 delivered the jet noise. Includes article on the A400M as potential C-130H replacement.
Ohakea Air Tattoo 2017 Report

Added: 29 Apr 2017 | Section: Specials

The Italian Air Force's Helicopter Flight School

The Italian Air Force;s 72° Stormo located at Frosinone form the Helicopter Flight School for Italian rotary-winged units and also aims to increase the number of international students. Its TH-500 helicopters are nowadays joined by the two-engine UH-139 as well as a TH-500 simulator.
72° Stormo Helicopter Flight Training report

Added: 28 Feb 2017 | Section: Specials

HAF 117 Combat Wing - Greek F-4E Phantoms

The "Peace Icarus 2000" F-4E Phantoms of the Hellenic Air Force's 117 Combat Wing based at Andravida are still on duty defending Greece. History of the Greek Phantoms with photos of the 338 and 339 squadron Aegean Ghosts in action at their home, including aircraft walk-around.
HAF F-4E Phantom Phorever Photo Report

Added: 27 Jan 2017 | Section: Specials

Penzing Air Base - A Proud History Coming To Its End

Report on the history and today's status of the German Air Force's Penzing Air Base at Landsberg with base visit photos before Lufttransportgeschwader 61 flying the C-160D Transall disbands this year, and when the SAR UH-1D detachment of THR30 was still stationed there.
Penzing Base Visit 2016

Added: 04 Jan 2017 | Section: Airshows

AIRPOWER 16 - Zeltweg, Austria

Photo report from the AIRPOWER airshow at Zeltweg Air Base of September 2016. The Austrian Eurofighter and Saab 105Ö were joined by the Swedish AF Historical Flight Saab fighters and Swiss F-5E for an Austrian historic formation. Includes Austrian Pilatus and helicopter types, and some special c/s guests.
AirPower 16 airshow report

Added: 30 Dec 2016 | Section: Specials

Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2016

Photo report of the Anatolian Eagle exercise held in June 2016 by the Turkish Air Force with participation of Pakistan Air Force F-16s and Italian plus Saudi Tornados. Includes photos of the E-3 and E-7T AEW&C, RNLAF KDC-10 and RSAF A330 tankers, plus supporting transports.
Anatolian Eagle Photo Report 2016

Added: 23 Dec 2016 | Section: Airshows

Nellis AFB 75 Years of Airpower Air Show

Nellis AFB's 75th anniversary was celebrated at its 2016 open house and air show. WWII bombers to the modern F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II joined the F-15 Eagles and F-16 Aggressors for the flying line-up, but the retiring QF-4 Phantom stole the show!
2016 Nellis AFB Air Show Report

Added: 14 Nov 2016 | Section: Specials

HAF 114 Combat Wing Mirage 2000 Update

Report on the Hellenic Air Force 114 Combat Wing and its fleet of Mirage 2000 delta fighters at Tanagra Air Base. A day with Greece's modern Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2s of 331 Mira as well as the Mirage 2000EGM of 332 Mira. Now includes the latest upgrade plans and action shots.
HAF 114 Combat Wing report

Added: 30 Oct 2016 | Section: Specials

HAF 120 Air Training Wing

The Hellenic Air Force 120 wing located at the airport of Kalamata trains new HAF pilots flying T-6 Texan IIs and the much older T-2 Buckeye jets. Report on the wing's composition and training syllabus with photos of the action, fleet and Daedalus' T-6.
HAF 120 Air Training Wing report

Added: 15 Oct 2016 | Section: Airshows

CIAS '16 Toronto Air Show

The 2016 Canadian International Air Show at Toronto waterfront featured the Snowbirds, Breitling Jet Team, USN Tac Demo F/A-18F and commemorated the BCATP with the RCAF CF-18 Hornet Demo and CT-156 Harvard II in their special BCATP paint schemes.
CIAS '16 report with harbourfront and Pearson airport photos

Added: 09 Oct 2016 | Section: Airshows

Athens Flying Week 2016

The Athens Flying Week airshow was hosted this year at Tanagra Air Base, home of the Hellenic Air Force 114 Combat Wing's Mirage 2000s. They were joined by F-16 Zeus, T-6 Daedalus, AH-64 Pegasus, Aegean Hawk, BAF F-16, Team Isky and the Patrulla Águila.
AFW2016 Air Show Report

Added: 19 Sep 2016 | Section: Airshows

ILA 2016 Berlin Air Show

In June 2016 the Internationale Luftfahrtausstellung (ILA) was held again at the Expo site near Schönefeld. The German armed forces participated in full force as the Luftwaffe celebrated its 60 year anniversary, the USAF B-52 and B-1 even attended.
ILA2016 Berlin Air Show

Added: 04 Sep 2016 | Section: Airshows

Quinte International Air Show 2016

RCAF 8 Wing at CFB Trenton hosted the Quinte International Air Show 2016 last June, featuring the USAF F-22 Raptor and celebrating the BCATP and anniversary of the 400 series Squadrons with CF-18 Hornet, CT-155 Hawk and CT-156 Harvard II in special c/s.
CFB Trenton Air Show 2016

Added: 02 Aug 2016 | Section: Specials

Alpine Exercise 5 Torri Italy

Photo report from the 2016 military alpinism and mountain warfare exercise at the Five Towers rock formation in the Ampezzo Dolomites with Italian Army Aviation CH-47F and AB-205 helicopters detached to the Italian Alpine Task Force.
Italian Alpine Task Force Training

Added: 29 Jul 2016 | Section: Specials

Italian Army Aviation CASEVAC Training

Photo report from a CASEVAC training mission undertaken by Italian Army UH-90A tactical transport helicopter while deployed to Casarsa della Delizia, home of the AH-129C Mangusta scout and escort helicopters of the 5th Army Aviation Regiment 'Rigel'.
UH-90A and AH-129 on CASEVAC mission

Added: 27 Jul 2016 | Section: Airshows

CFB Borden Air Show 2016

Report of the 2016 Canadian Armed Forces Day & Air Show at CFB Borden with extensive coverage of the 2016 RCAF CF-18 Hornet Demo with BCATP commemorative artwork, Snowbirds and the ground instruction CT-114 Tutors found at the Ontario base.
Canadian Armed Forces Day and Air Show 2016

Added: 11 Jul 2016 | Section: Specials

Italian Army Airmobile Exercise Report

The Italian Army's Brigata Aeromobile "Friuli" conducted the third Airmobile Permanent Training (APT III) exercise involving 18 helicopters of the Aviazione dell'Esercito Italiano (AVES). AH-129, UH-90, CH-47 helis and the action at the training range.
Italian Army Airmobile Exercise Report

Added: 10 Jul 2016 | Section: Airshows

Rhode Island Air Show 2016

Airshow report from the Rhode Island National Guard Open House & Air Show held on June 11-12. Sunday in particular provided excellent conditions for the RI ANG to perform their Combined Arms demonstration.
RI Air Show Photo Report 2016