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Air Show Report : Aviation Nation 2004 - Las Vegas Air Show

All pictures by Larry Grace -

Aviation Nation 2004 was held at Nellis AFB Las Vegas, Nevada. This show took place on 13 November 2004. The show this year was a salute to America’s Greatest Generation, Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of D-Day paying tribute to America’s World War II veterans. The air show feature aircraft center on the history of power flight; everything from a WWI biplane up to the latest US Air Force fighter jet the F/A-22A Raptor. Aviation Nation is the annual Homecoming show for the USAF Thunderbirds.
avn04_1a_fa-22_01.jpg avn04_1a_fa-22_02.jpg avn04_1a_fa-22_03.jpg avn04_1a_fa-22_04.jpg avn04_1a_fa-22_05.jpg
avn04_1b_f-15_01.jpg avn04_1b_f-15_02.jpg avn04_1b_f-15_03.jpg avn04_1b_f-15_04.jpg avn04_1b_f-16_01.jpg
avn04_1c_a-10_01.jpg avn04_1c_f-14_01.jpg avn04_1c_f-14_02.jpg avn04_1c_f-14_03.jpg avn04_1c_f-14_04.jpg
avn04_1c_f-14_05.jpg avn04_1c_f-14_06.jpg avn04_1c_f-14_07.jpg avn04_1c_f-14_08.jpg avn04_1c_fa-18_01.jpg
avn04_1d_b-52_01.jpg avn04_1d_c-21_01.jpg avn04_1d_rq-4_01.jpg avn04_1d_t-38_01.jpg avn04_1d_t-38_02.jpg
avn04_2_01.jpg avn04_2_02.jpg avn04_2a_b-17_01.jpg avn04_2a_b-17_02.jpg avn04_2a_b-25_01.jpg
avn04_2a_bf-109_01.jpg avn04_2a_bf-109_02.jpg avn04_2a_firefly_01.jpg avn04_2a_firefly_02.jpg avn04_2b_c-47_01.jpg
avn04_2b_c-47_02.jpg avn04_2b_p-51_01.jpg avn04_2b_p-51_02.jpg avn04_2b_p-51_03.jpg avn04_2b_p-51_04.jpg
avn04_2c_afres_01.jpg avn04_2c_l-39_01.jpg avn04_2c_mig-17_01.jpg avn04_2c_oracle_01.jpg avn04_2c_stearman_01.jpg

Thanks to Larry Grace for making these photos available to the MILAVIA website.
Additional information and photos of Air Nation 2004 can be found at the official Nellis Air Show website.

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