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Display Teams : Smokey Bandits

Royal Malaysian Air Force Aerobatic Team "The Smokey Bandits"

Country Malaysia
Unit 17 Squadron
Base RMAF Kuantan
Aircraft 4-6 x MiG-29N/NUB 'Fulcrum'

The Royal Malaysian Air Force's 17 Squadron at Kuantan formed a MiG-29 display team in 1997, named "The Smokey Bandits" because of the smoke trails produced by the MiG-29's RD-33 engines. Unlike the Malaysian national aerobatic team, the Smokey Bandits are not a permanent display team and only appear at major events flying regular MiG-29s. The few public displays took place at LIMA and the Formula One Grand Prix in Malaysia, as well as BRIDEX 2010 in Brunei and Singapore Airshow 2012. They have not displayed since 2013 to prolong the service of the RMAF's ageing MiG-29 fleet.