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Air Show Report : Planes of Fame Airshow 2006

Glenn E. Bloore, GEB Photography reports on the 2006 edition of the Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport.

On May 20th 2006, I attended my second Planes of Fame Air Show at the Chino airport. This was my second consecutive show. When I went last year for the first time I thought to myself, I will NEVER miss this show again. It is absolutely amazing. Over the course of the year, your memories fade and your schedule fills up and you find yourself saying, do I want to drive that far? Do I want to sit in the sun all day? After going to my second show it once again answered all those questions. I came to the same conclusion with more confidence. I will NEVER miss this show again.

If you have never been to the Planes of Fame show. GO! Find a way and go. Not only is it a collection of warbirds that may not be seen in those numbers anywhere else in the world, it is the perfect show to photograph. The sun is at your back most of the day and they use a flight line which has two intersecting runways and then bend around them both. The result is you are unbelievably close and the planes are almost always in a small bank in front of you. If you are reluctant to go because there is not a large military aircraft presence, or a demonstration team, please reconsider. You will not have an opportunity at a civilian airport to see the military planes you will see at a distance or in a flight pattern that you will there.

planesoffame06_001.jpg planesoffame06_002.jpg planesoffame06_003.jpg planesoffame06_004.jpg planesoffame06_005.jpg planesoffame06_006.jpg
planesoffame06_007.jpg planesoffame06_008.jpg planesoffame06_009.jpg planesoffame06_010.jpg planesoffame06_011.jpg planesoffame06_012.jpg
planesoffame06_013.jpg planesoffame06_014.jpg planesoffame06_015.jpg planesoffame06_016.jpg planesoffame06_017.jpg planesoffame06_018.jpg

The day started off with Vintage WWI planes, a Sopwith Camel and a Fokker Dr.1. These planes were in a simulated dogfight as a Army P-26A Peashooter, Seversky Pursuit, Navy F3F-2 and a Russian I-15 fighter are flying around at the same time.

During the National Anthem there was a Heritage Flight Formation that is incredibly unique. It consisted of a Grumman F3F, the Peashooter, a P-51 Mustang and an F-86 Sabre.

This was all followed by a WWII Pacific Theater Navy Flight. This consisted of a Mitsubishi A6M Zero (which by the way is the last remaining one still flying with its original engine), a SBD Dauntless, FM-2 Wildcat, F4U Corsair, TBM Avenger, followed by a F7F Tigercat(one of my favorites) and a F2G Super Corsair.

planesoffame06_019.jpg planesoffame06_020.jpg planesoffame06_021.jpg planesoffame06_022.jpg planesoffame06_023.jpg planesoffame06_024.jpg
planesoffame06_025.jpg planesoffame06_026.jpg planesoffame06_027.jpg planesoffame06_028.jpg planesoffame06_029.jpg planesoffame06_030.jpg
planesoffame06_031.jpg planesoffame06_032.jpg planesoffame06_033.jpg planesoffame06_034.jpg planesoffame06_035.jpg planesoffame06_036.jpg
planesoffame06_037.jpg planesoffame06_038.jpg planesoffame06_039.jpg planesoffame06_040.jpg planesoffame06_041.jpg planesoffame06_042.jpg

Now please bear in mind that this is all before lunch and started at 11:20am. Just imagine all of those planes, that close in 1 hour.

After the short break, to allow civilian planes to land at the airport was followed by a Korean War Dogfight with a F-86 Sabre and a Mig-15. Flying behind each other and occasionally in formation.

planesoffame06_043.jpg planesoffame06_044.jpg planesoffame06_045.jpg planesoffame06_046.jpg planesoffame06_047.jpg planesoffame06_048.jpg
planesoffame06_049.jpg planesoffame06_050.jpg planesoffame06_051.jpg planesoffame06_052.jpg planesoffame06_053.jpg planesoffame06_054.jpg

The current military aviation fans then got their fill with a F-18C Hornet demonstration followed by another F-18 doing a Heritage Flight with a F8F Bearcat.

planesoffame06_055.jpg planesoffame06_056.jpg planesoffame06_057.jpg planesoffame06_058.jpg planesoffame06_059.jpg planesoffame06_060.jpg
planesoffame06_061.jpg planesoffame06_062.jpg planesoffame06_063.jpg planesoffame06_064.jpg planesoffame06_065.jpg planesoffame06_066.jpg

We now move to the Air Force side of things with a European Theater Flight. This had a P-38 Lightning, two P-51 Mustangs, a P-47 Thunderbolt, a P-40 Warhawk, a Spitfire, a Hurricane and a British Hellcat. It was amazing to see.

planesoffame06_067.jpg planesoffame06_068.jpg planesoffame06_069.jpg planesoffame06_070.jpg planesoffame06_071.jpg planesoffame06_072.jpg
planesoffame06_073.jpg planesoffame06_074.jpg planesoffame06_075.jpg planesoffame06_076.jpg planesoffame06_077.jpg planesoffame06_078.jpg
planesoffame06_079.jpg planesoffame06_080.jpg planesoffame06_081.jpg planesoffame06_082.jpg planesoffame06_083.jpg planesoffame06_084.jpg
planesoffame06_085.jpg planesoffame06_086.jpg planesoffame06_087.jpg planesoffame06_088.jpg planesoffame06_089.jpg planesoffame06_090.jpg
planesoffame06_091.jpg planesoffame06_092.jpg planesoffame06_093.jpg planesoffame06_094.jpg planesoffame06_095.jpg planesoffame06_096.jpg
The next event was basically everything I just mentioned in the paragraphs above, with the exception of the F-18 Hornet in the air at once. Please add in two B-17's and a B-25. You had 23 planes in the air at once. All flying in a racetrack pattern around the airport, all pretty darned close and all at different speeds. Planes passing each other. It was hard to figure out where to look.

planesoffame06_097.jpg planesoffame06_098.jpg planesoffame06_099.jpg planesoffame06_100.jpg planesoffame06_101.jpg planesoffame06_102.jpg
planesoffame06_103.jpg planesoffame06_104.jpg planesoffame06_105.jpg planesoffame06_106.jpg planesoffame06_107.jpg planesoffame06_108.jpg

These planes were then all recovered to clear the sky for the USAF 16 Viper demonstration. Once again, it did not disappoint. Great demo and you cannot argue with the proximity.

planesoffame06_109.jpg planesoffame06_110.jpg planesoffame06_111.jpg planesoffame06_112.jpg planesoffame06_113.jpg planesoffame06_114.jpg
planesoffame06_115.jpg planesoffame06_116.jpg planesoffame06_117.jpg planesoffame06_118.jpg planesoffame06_119.jpg planesoffame06_120.jpg

The final demo had the F-16 stay in the air and a Heritage flight with the F-16, P-51 Mustang, and the P-38 Lightning (which didn't fly the demo on Saturday, the day I went).

planesoffame06_121.jpg planesoffame06_122.jpg planesoffame06_123.jpg planesoffame06_124.jpg planesoffame06_125.jpg planesoffame06_126.jpg
I can assure you that if you love planes you will not regret buying a ticket for the Planes of Fame Air Show.

Report and photos by Glenn E. Bloore - GEB Photography

First Published: 25 June 2006
Last Modified: 8 April 2014

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