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Air Show Preview : KLu Open Dagen 2007

PLEASE NOTE: This page is no longer updated. The air show report will be available soon.


Event Name: Luchtmacht Open Dagen / KLu Open Dagen 2007
In English: Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) Open Days
Location: Volkel AB, The Netherlands
Date: 15-16th June 2007
Time: entrance 0800-1700 hrs
airshow 0900-1700 hrs
Entrance: free
Parking: 5 EUR (see below for info)

General Information

In 2007, the annual KLu Open Dagen (RNLAF Open Days) will be held at Volkel AB. Volkel AB is one of the two F-16 bases (Twenthe AB closed in 2005) and is located in the south of the Netherlands. The base will open its doors to the public on the 16th and 17th of June, from 8.00 AM until about 5.00 PM. The entrance is free, although there is normally a small fee for parking or use of transportation onto the base area.

Demo Teams

The 2007 show will once again include several displays team. For the first time performing in the Netherlands are the Turkish Stars. This Turkish Air Force team was founded in 1992 and flies eight NF-5s, which are actually former RNLAF 316 Squadron fighter-bombers. Also performing this year will be the Patrouille de France with their Alpha Jets and the Swiss PC-7 team flying nine Pilatus turbo-prop trainers, which will be joined in formation by a Swiss F/A-18 Hornet. Another jet team to be seen once again, is the civilian Breitling Jet Team and their L-39 Czech-built jet trainers. Also the Royal Jordanian Falcons with their four Extra 300 aerobatic planes will once again show their formation aerobatic skills. Also the civilian team "The Blades" will fly their Extra 300s.

Solo Displays

The solo displays will include the RNLAF own F-16 and PC-7 Solo Displays. Pilatus will show its latest turbo-prop trainer, the PC-21. The Swiss Hornet will also fly its solo display, and we can also expect a Spanish EF-18 Hornet solo. Belgium will once again present its F-16 solo display in its new colour scheme, the legacy Magister jet trainer. The RNLAF CH-47Ds Chinook as well as a RAF Chinook HC.2 will perform in the flying display.
The organization also made sure historical masterpieces are included in the flying display, such as a Hawker Hunter in RNLAF colours and two from Sweden, one in Swedish Air Force and one in Swiss colours. It also added the former KLM airlines DC-2 "Uiver" and Catalina flying.

Static Show

The highlights of the static show will be a Polish Su-22 'Fitter', Hungarian JAS-39 Gripen and An-26 transport, USAFE A-10, and the French Navy with their Rafales and Super Etendards. In addition to A-10s, KC-135 tanker and a Navy P-3C Orion from the US will join the line-up. Of course, the static will also include again Tornado from Germany, Mirage 2000 from France, and a British Tornado GR.4. The Dutch F-16s will be joined this year by their brothers from Belgium, Portugal, and Greece. Of course we can also find the full range of RNLAF helicopters in the static, including the AH-64D Apache, as well as the huge CH-53G from Germany. As always a NATO E-3 AWACS will be on show.


Follow the signs “OPEN DAG KONINKIJKE LUCHTMACHT” which will start on the highways in the vicinity of Volkel. Volkel is located south-east of the Netherlands, near 's-Hertogenbosh (Den Bosch).


Last year, the KLu Open Dagen were a great success because of the superb weather and exciting programme. This year the show will not be as big as last year on Leeuwarden, however the weather doesn't look too bad, and the show will easily attract between 50.000-100.000 visitors on friday and 100.000-200.000 visitors on Saturday. So it is recommended to come to the show as early as possible, so you are at the gate at 0800 hrs or earlier.

The following advise might sound logical for regular air show attenders, but anyway:

  • If you are able to come with public transportation, you are advised to do so.
  • Be prepared for a hot sunny day on an open field, think about sunblock, hat, water.
  • If you bring any children, please think about hearing protection. Something I see every year is parents positioning their very young infant right at the fence near the runway threshold, just when the F-16 is about to take off. Please don't, the noise will upset him/her and might damage their hearing as well.

Have fun and enjoy!

RNLAF F-16 Solo Display seen last year at Leeuwarden Open Days. Photo by Niels Hillebrand.
Official Website(s)
Luchtmacht Open Dagen 2007
Luchtmacht Open Dagen
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Turkish Stars, last year at Colmar, France. Photo by Ramon van Opdorp.
Patrouille de France seen last year at Leeuwarden Open Days. Photo by Niels Hillebrand.
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Spanish EF-18 Hornet Solo Display seen last year at Leeuwarden Open Days. Photo by Niels Hillebrand.
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CH-47D Chinook seen last year at Leeuwarden Open Days. Photo by Niels Hillebrand.