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Air Show Preview : Festival Aéreo Vigo 2007


Event Name: Festival Aéreo Vigo 2007
(Festival Aéreo Internacional de Vigo 2007)
In English: Vigo Air Festival 2007
(International Vigo Air Show 2007)
Location: Samil´s Beach, City of Vigo, Spain
(participants based at Vigo airport, LEVX)
Date: 22nd July 2007
(training days on 20-21th July)
Time: airshow 0930-1430 hrs
Entrance: free (public beach)

General Information

Festival Aéreo Internacional de Vigo (International Vigo Air Show) will take place on the 22nd of July, 2007. The beach show can be enjoyed from the beautiful beaches of Samil, facing the Cies Islands. Last year the show was enjoyed by more than 200.000 spectators.

Demo Teams

The biggest display team in the programme is the Spanish Air Force's Patrulla Águila, flying seven CASA C-101 Aviojet aircraft. In addition to the Spanish Air Force's Patrulla Águila display team, the show includes a number of smaller display teams. Another military team is the Rotores de Portugal with their three beautifully painted Alouette III helicopters. Another very nice display team is the French Patrouille REVA, flying three Acroez biplace canard aircraft. These small and light aircraft can sustain up to 12 Gs. The Spanish Yakovlev Yak-52 team, Milano 52, will take part, as well as the Flying Bulls display team.

Other Displays

The Spanish Navy will of course be present, and will show off their Harrier and its VTOL capability. The Spanish Air Force will also be there, showing among others their latest jet fighter, the Eurofighter Typhoon. Furthermore some international military participants will take part; Portuguese Air Force F-16, two USAFE F-16 from the 52nd Fighter Wing of Spangdahlem AB in Germany and Germany itself will send Tornados.
The organizers also booked some exciting civilian displays, such as skydancer Ali Öztürk from Turkey. Flying his Acromach Super S2S 'Purple Violet', Ali performs a true skydance with graceful and mind-boggling flying. Then there are performances by World Championship aerobatic pilots Juan Velarde (Sukhoi 26), and Manuel "Coco" Rey (Yak-52).
Keep an eye on the official website for updates in the flying programme.


In addition to all the aircraft, there will be paradrops. Just like the 2006 edition, these will include the Grupo Alas skydivers.


Check out the official website of the event for information on transport and parking, hotels, and updates of the program. There is also a lot more information to be found in the Spanish language, as well as videos and photos of the participants and of the show last year!

Have fun and enjoy the beach, sun and show!

Patrulla Águila
Official Website(s)
Official Festival Aéreo Vigo Site

Spanish Harriers
Rotores de Portugal
Ali's Purple Violet
Canadair amphibian near the beach
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