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MILAVIA Monthly Quiz - March 2008 - Full picture

March 2008 - Full picture

Panavia Tornado IDS (Luftwaffe - German Air Force)

Picture quiz March 2008

Photo copyright Niels Hillebrand - MILAVIA.NET

The two 27mm cannons visible in the quiz photo distinguish the IDS version from the versions with one cannon (ADV, F.2, F.3, GR.4, GR.4A) and the ECR which has no guns. Compared to RAF GR.1/GR.1A/GR.1B and Saudi IDS, this one lacks the TIALD gondel. Finally the grey suggests it is a Luftwaffe Tornado IDS (RECCE), with Italian (AMI) Tornado IDS also possible, giving you a 50-50% chance.

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