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MILAVIA Monthly Quiz - Results September 2011

Quiz Results: September 2011

September 2011 Quiz picture

Answer: Sukhoi Su-30MKI 'FLANKER'
(Indian Air Force)
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Prize Winner: sorry, no prize this month
Winners: Yehuda Oren (Israel)
Benyatto Abderrahman (Morocco)
Alberto Giannella (Italy)
Mariusz Gluszek (Poland)
Qi (China)
Menno Boer (Netherlands)
Tom Wittevrongel (Belgium)
Stefano Simioni (Italy)
Badre Mrini (Morocco)
Reece (USA)
Kam JK (Malaysia)
G. Rugaard (Denmark)
Damian Kopac (Argentina)
Miroslav Peržeľ (Slovakia)
Eric Kubelka (Canada)
Leonidas Koukos (Greece)
Rolf Freuler (Switzerland)
Joshua Coley (USA)
Conrad Turowski (Venezuela)
Josh Meader (USA)
Maurizio Sparacino (Italy)
Matěj Nesvadba (Czech Republic)
Angel Tonelli Rodriguez (Venezuela)
Jeremy Meyers (USA)
Douglas Hewstone (United Kingdom)
Jasaun Wilkerson (USA)
Aless Rossi (United Kingdom)
Sérgio Lemos (Portugal)
* Sorry for the poor (blueish) picture quality, it was difficult to see it's an Indian example, however:

Su-30MKM - Picture lacks the LWS310 laser warning sensor on intake, extended RWR antenna on wing (so no dark grey cover), see pic
Su-27K (Su-33) / Su-27M (old Su-35) - Lighter blue or grey undersides, with mostly white dielectric paint for LERX and wing RWR antenna cover, see pic & pic.
Su-37 - The one and only Su-37 had a distinctive all-white underside, see pic
Don't feel bad!

If you answered the following:
Su-27BM (new Su-35) - No canards, bigger intakes, see pic. If you meant the old Su-35, see Su-27M note.
Su-34 - Fixed geometry air intakes without the bottom louvred aux air intakes, see pic
Su-30MK (China) - KnAAPO Su-30MK/MKK/MK2 have no canards, see pic

you might want to check out my Flanker pages sometime!

Participants: 31 (18 correct answers, 10 partly correct)
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