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MILAVIA Monthly Quiz - Results March 2012

Quiz Results: March 2012

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Answer: Shenyang F-7A (Albanian Air Force 1970-2004)
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Prize Winner: sorry, no prize this month
Winners: Weerapon (Thailand)
Yehuda Oren (Israel)
Jean Pierre Schell (France)
Maurizio Sparacino (Italy)
Josef Huber (Austria)
Johnson Barros (Brazil)
Qi (China)
Yassine El Azri (Morocco)
Mariusz Gluszek (Poland)
Benyatto Abderrahman (Morocco)
Michel Koster (Netherlands)
Gunnar Rugaard (Denmark)
Colin Grant (United Kingdom)
Leonardo Ferrero (Italy)
Dajun Xu (China)
Eric Kubelka (Canada)
Damian Kopac (Argentina)
Piotr Dudek (Poland)
Bas Geerts (Netherlands)**
Adler (Germany)**
Joseph C. Caffarelli (USA)
Alberto Giannella (Italy)
Conrad Turowski (Venezuela)
Rolf Freuler (Switzerland)
Anthony Wilkins (United Kingdom)
Angel Tonelli Rodriguez (Venezuela)
Miroslav Per┬×eľ (Slovakia)
Leonidas Koukos (Greece)
Gene Balinski (USA)
Rey (USA)
BK Ismailzai (Pakistan)
Kelly Wellington (USA)
Boris Florian Jaeger (Switzerland)
Sheldon Rampersad (Trinidad and Tobago)
Josh Meader (USA)
Wally Wurtzler (USA)
Stephen Lawrence (France)
Muhammad Salman (Pakistan)
Tilen (Slovenia)
Jiri (Belgium)
* Nose/canopy/pitot points to MiG-21F/MiG-21F-13 and early J-7 versions or F-7A. White c/s suggest Chinese example, but serial/code (not to mention the Rinas AB shelter in the background) distinguishes the operator Albania, thus the F-7A. Albania received the early Chinese version F-7A by Shenyang, but production had moved to Chengdu. Not to be confused with improved J-7/F-7 versions by Chengdu.

** For Chinese version, NATO 'FISHBED' still applies. 'MONGOL' is reporting name for the MiG-21U/JJ-7/FT-7 two-seaters, does not apply here. Chengdu later export models received names, but they do not apply here (Airguard, Skybolt, etc.).
Participants: 41 (20 correct answers, 20 partly correct)
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