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MILAVIA Monthly Quiz - Results June 2012

Quiz Results: June 2012

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Answer: McDonnell Douglas F-15D 'Baz' (Israeli Air Force)
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Prize Winner: sorry, no prize this month
Winners: Josh Meader (USA)
Stefano Simioni (Italy)
Alberto Giannella (Italy)
Achraf Hilal (Morocco)
Yassine El Azri (Morocco)
Yehuda Oren (Israel)
Tom Wittevrongel (Belgium)
Stephen Lawrence (France)
Sébastien (Switzerland)
Jean Pierre Schell (France)
Steffen Roegiers (Belgium)
Leonardo Ferrero (Italy)
Myaischev (Indonesia)
Joshua Coley (USA)
Eric Kubelka (Canada)
Donald Wray (USA)
Colin Grant (United Kingdom)
Calum Rankine (United Kingdom)
Janusz Duda (Poland)*
Jonathan Kerr (Canada)
Maurizio Sparacino (Italy)
Doug Hewstone (United Kingdom)
Sérgio Lemos (Portugal)
Jeremy Meyers (USA)
Angel Tonelli Rodriguez (Venezuela)
Mariusz Gluszek (Poland)
Gunnar Rugaard (Denmark)
Bas Geerts (Netherlands)
Wally Wurtzler (USA)
Jameson Buenavista (Philippines)
* The dome containing an Elta SATCOM distinguishes this 'improved Baz' from other countries' two-seat Eagles.
** While it's also seen on modified F-15I Ra'am, those Strike Eagles have the Israeli camouflage pattern.
Participants: 32 (18 correct answers, 12 partly correct)
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