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MILAVIA Monthly Quiz - Results September 2012

Quiz Results: September 2012

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Answer: North American F-100F Super Sabre (private, USAF markings)
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Prize Winner: sorry, no prize this month
Winners: Sérgio Lemos (Portugal)
Eric Kubelka (Canada)
Sébastien D. (Switzerland)
Alberto Giannella (Italy)
Yassine El Azri (Morocco)
Jeremy Meyers (USA)
Yehuda Oren (Israel)
Sheldon Rampersad (Trinidad and Tobago)
Janusz Duda (Poland)
Stephen Lawrence (France)
Jean Pierre Schell (France)
Bas Geerts (Netherlands)
Colin Grant (United Kingdom)
Jameson Buenavista (Philippines)
Carlo Sartori (Italy)
Des Brennan (United Kingdom)
Benyatto Abderrahman (Morocco)

Participants: 18 (17 correct answers)
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