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Special Markings : 36° Stormo / 156° Gruppo 60.000hrs Tornado IDS


Claudio Toselli kindly provided us with this special on another commemorative Italian Tornado colour scheme.

156° Gruppo emblem

On March 21, 2007, a ceremony was held at Gioia del Colle (Bari) airbase to commemorate 60,000 flight hours on the Tornado IDS thanks to 36° Stormo's 156° Gruppo "Linci" ("Lynx") and the CM (Centro Manutenzione - Maintenance Center).

The ceremony also included an air show with the Tornado in flight and celebrated this milestone for the 156° Gruppo and for all personnel of the Stormo with a specially painted Tornado. Tornado IDS MM7005 (code 36-40) was painted in overall black to reperesent the night and all-weather attack capability of its Tornados with the Lynx displayed on the tail and on the fuselage.

36° Stormo's 156° Gruppo converted to the Tornado IDS during 1984 Returning from Ghedi, the first five Panavia 200 Tornado IDS arrived at the new base of Gioia del Colle on June 18th, 1984. 156° Gruppo primary task is maritime strike and interdiction, it therefore became the main user of the MBB AS.34 Kormoran anti-shipping missile in the AMI. During the Gulf War, the gruppo deployed a number of Tornado IDS aircraft to the Gulf Region as part of Operation "Locusta". During NATO operations in the Bosnia war, the unit took part in operations "Sharp Guard", "Deliberate Guard" and "Deliberate Force". More recently 156° Gruppo flew interdiction and close air support missions as part as Operation "Allied Force" over Serbia and Kosovo.

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Report and photos by Claudio Toselli ( view portfolio )

First Published: 5 May 2007
Last Modified: 22 March 2013