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Name Claudio Toselli
Location Italy

My Published Work articles:

Italian Air Force Fighter Groups' Centennial 1917-2017

Published in July 2017

The 100 year anniversary 1917-2017 of the Italian fighter squadrons. The IX, X, XII, and XVIII Gruppo Caccia each presented their specially painted Eurofighter Typhoons with 1917-2017 markings, the XIII Gruppo presented the new F-35A Lightning II

Alpine Exercise 5 Torri

Published in August 2016

Exercise photo report of the Italian Army Alpine Exercise at Cinque Torri in the Ampezzo Dolomites, Italy.

Italian Army Airmobile Permanent Training III

Published in July 2016

The Italian Army's Brigata Aeromobile Friuli conducted their third Airmobile Permanent Training (APT III) exercise involving 18 helicopters of the Aviazione dell'Esercito

Italy Navy SH-3D Sea King special

Published in September 2013

Marina Militare Italiana SH-3D Sea King retires, 6-01 repainted with unit and decoration markings. Italian Navy Sikorsky/Agusta SH-3D Sea King special.

Bosnia-Herzegovina AF&AD

Published in February 2012

Report on the Air Forces and Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the move from Zaluzani to Mahovljani air base by the 1st helicopter squadron and the 2nd helicopter squadron at Rajlovac-Sarajevo.

Montenegro Air Force

Published in September 2011

Report on the current status of the air force of Montenegro, with air-to-air photos of the Gazelle helicopter fleet and the remaining G-4 Super Galebs, Utva-75 trainers, and Mi-8 at the Golubovci airbase.

Lebanese Air Force

Published in January 2011

Report on the background, history and current status of the air force of Lebanon.

Cervia F-16 Farewell, 5° Stormo Disbands

Published in June 2010

Cervia air base bid F-16 farewell, as Italian Air Force 5° Stormo and 23° Gruppo disband.

Italian Air Force F-16 40,000 Flight Hours

Published in April 2010

Italy's F-16 ADF fleet reached 40,000 flight hours. Visit to Trapani based 37° Stormo which celebrated the milestone with a specially marked aircraft. Photos and report on Italian Air Force service.

36° Stormo Typhoons

Published in October 2007

The first four Eurofighter fighters of 36° Stormo have arrived at Gioia del Colle to equip the XII Gruppo, Italy's third fighter group to convert. The XII Gruppo also celebrated its 90th anniversary with a specially painted MB-339CD.

60,000hrs Tornado IDS

Published in May 2007

Italian Air Force 36° Stormo celebrated 60,000 flight hours on the Tornado IDS by 156° Gruppo with a dedicated black Tornado IDS with lynx and 60,0000 markings.

70 years of 32° Stormo

Published in February 2007

Italian Air Force 32° Stormo celebrated its 70 year anniversary presenting a special coloured AMX in remembrance of its WWII Hero Captain Armando Boetto.

EliExpo 2006, Lugo di Romagna

Published in October 2006

Report of the EliExpo 2006 Italian helicopter show held in Lugo di Romagna, organized by a civil aero club, Francesco Baracca and one big Italian Army helicopter unit, the Brigata Aeromobile "Friuli".

50° Stormo / 155° Gruppo Anniversary Black Panther Tornado

Published in October 2006

The Italian Air Force 50° Stormo celebrated its 70 year anniversary, and its Tornado squadron the 155° Gruppo their 65 years. Present at the event was this Tornado wearing a stunning anniversary special colour scheme.

Polish Air Force Su-22 Fitters at Amendola

Published in September 2006

In June 2006, Polish Air Force Su-22 Fitters of the 7th ELT deployed to Amendola in Italy for a squadron exchange with the 32° Stormo.

36° Stormo 40 Year Anniversary Tornado

Published in September 2006

In June 2006 Italian Air Force 36th wing celebrated its 40 year anniversary at Gioia del Colle. Tornado MM7013 '36-56' was painted in a special anniversary scheme.

25 Years 83° Centro CSAR, Rimini AB

Published in June 2006

83° Centro Combat Search And Rescue celebrates 25 years of operations from Rimini Air Base, photos of the special anniversary markings on the HH-3F Pelican.

400.000 Flight Hours 72° Stormo

Published in June 2006

In May 2006 Italian Air Force 72nd wing celebrated the 400.000th flight hours. Article on the unit with photos of the special markings.

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