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Exercise Report : Exercise Elite 2006


Giampaolo Tonello visited the German air bases hosting Elite 2006 electronic warfare exercise. He reports on his trip and presents us with these superb photos of the aircraft he spotted.

Also in 2006, the electronic warfare exercise called “Elite” was held in Southern Germany and involved different bases like Lechfeld (base of JaboG 32), Manching (base of WTD 61) and Landsberg (base of LTG 61).

Lechfeld was the main base for this exercise and hosted different foreign aircraft like Spanish EF-18 Hornets, Polish Su-22 Fitters, British Tornado GR.4s, Turkish F-4E Phantoms, and Turkish and Greek F-16s. Manching hosted the Finnish and Swiss Hawks, while Landsberg hosted the support aircraft and helicopters. The exercise took place at the Heuberg range.

As soon as we knew that the JaboG 32 organized a photoday for this event on May 11th, we booked it and at 07.00 AM we were ready and waiting at the main gate. First we must thank the JaboG 32 organization as there were approximately 400 photographers and we were able to stand along the taxiway and take beautiful pictures of aircraft taxiing to the runway and taking off or landing without any problem. The sun also played its role this time.

The activity started very early in the morning with the first German Tornados followed by all the other participants all morning long until at about 11.30 AM when the last Spanish Hornet (performing a test flight due to an engine problem the prior day) landed.

In the afternoon we decided to drive to Manching where we saw the afternoon mission of the Hornets (we were very pleased to see the Me 262 replica making a test flight as well) and the morning mission on the next day.

In the Elite 2005 report you can find more information about the Electronic Warfare exercise, so I only described my two-day trip to Southern Germany hoping all of you will enjoy the photos.

elite2006_01_tornado.jpg elite2006_02_ef-18a.jpg elite2006_03_ef-18a.jpg
elite2006_04_f-16c.jpg elite2006_05_f-16c.jpg elite2006_06_f-4e.jpg
elite2006_07_f-16c.jpg elite2006_08_tornado.jpg elite2006_09_tornado.jpg
elite2006_10_tornado.jpg elite2006_11_su-22.jpg elite2006_12_f-16d.jpg
elite2006_13_f-16c.jpg elite2006_14_tornado.jpg elite2006_15_su-22.jpg
elite2006_16_tornado.jpg elite2006_17_su-22.jpg elite2006_18_su-22.jpg
elite2006_20_f-16c.jpg elite2006_21_f-4e.jpg elite2006_22_f-16c.jpg elite2006_23_tornado.jpg elite2006_24_su-22.jpg
elite2006_26_tornado.jpg elite2006_27_tornado.jpg elite2006_28_ef-18a.jpg elite2006_29_eurofighter.jpg elite2006_30_me-262.jpg
elite2006_32_me-262.jpg elite2006_33_saetta.jpg elite2006_34_fa-18c.jpg elite2006_35_fa-18c.jpg elite2006_36_fa-18c.jpg
elite2006_38_fa-18c.jpg elite2006_39_fa-18c.jpg elite2006_40_superkingair.jpg elite2006_41_tornado.jpg elite2006_42_98+29.jpg

Report and photos by Giampaolo Tonello ( view portfolio )

First Published: 23 June 2006
Last Modified: 29 March 2013