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Name Giampaolo Tonello
Location Italy

Nice to meet you!

Hi, welcome to my portfolio.

I was born in 1970 in Sacile, a small town in the landing path of Aviano AB (Italy), so I was signed from the beginning........
Actually I live in Pordenone which is about 10 km from Aviano A.B.
I started action photography in the 80's with my father's old Canon AE-1. Since then I always enjoyed taking pictures with Canon, changing to the new EOS film system before, and to the Digital one after; in 2004 I bought the first Prosumer 3MP EOS D30 digital camera in the second hand market.
After some years using the Classic 1D and 1D mkIIN, nowdays I decided to go lighter. For sure I'm missing some features that 1D professional bodies may deliver, but I am really enjoying my new equipment.

Sometimes I collaborate as a freelancer with web magazines like and obvioulsy and some italian/international magazines, BUT aircraft aviation photography is, unfortunately, not my profession... only a hobby involving a lot of time!!!

My Published Work articles:

Quatorze Juillet - Paris Air Parade BA105 Evreux

Published in August 2018

Every year aircraft performing in France's Bastille Day military parade on July 14th gather at Evreux air base in preparation of the mass fly-over of Paris

USS Eisenhower

Published in December 2011

Visit to the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) during its 2009 deployment for Operation Enduring Freedom. Photos of the flight deck operations while launching and recovery CVW 7 aircraft in the Sea of Pakistan.

Exercise VEGA 2010 - Decimomannu AB

Published in December 2010

Report on the exercise VEGA 2010 at the AACMI range at Decimomannu airbase, Sardinia, Italy. Israeli F-16, F-15, G550 and Italian Eurofighter Typhoon, F-16, Tornado ECR and AMX.

Garuda IV - France 2010

Published in July 2010

Photo report of the fourth Garuda exercise between India and France, this time joined by Singapore. Images from BA115 Orange of the IAF Su-30MKI, RSAF F-16D Block 52+ and Dijon Mirage 2000-5F.

Brilliant Ardent 2010

Published in July 2010

Photos of the action at Wittmund AB during the NATO Response Force live air exercise BRILLIANT ARDENT 2010, which took place in Northern Germany, Apr 12-22. Luftwaffe Phantom, Turkish F-16s, French Mirage 2000Ns...

Frisian Flag 2010

Published in July 2010

Report on the 2010 Frisian Flag exercise at Leeuwarden Air Base in the Netherlands with photos of the participating fighter aircraft from the RNLAF, Luftwaffe, USAFE, Swedish Air Force, Finnish Air Force, Polish Air Force and Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Cervia Spotters Day 2008

Published in July 2008

Having invited other squadrons for its 90th anniversary, the Italian Air Force 23° Gruppo organized a spotters event on the arrival day. Giampaolo Tonello reports back from the first ever Italian spotters day, with photos of the F-16ADF in 90 Years

Spring Flag 2008

Published in June 2008

Exercise Spring Flag 2008 report and photos. Besides the Italian hardware such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, among the participants were Greek and Turkish F-16s, Luftwaffe Tornados and Spanish Hornets.

Noble Midas 07

Published in October 2007

Report on the NATO Response Force maritime and amphibious exercise held this month in Croatia. French Navy Super Etendards deployed to Istrana AB and Turkish Air Force F-16s to Cervia AB in support of the exercise.

50 Years WTD 61

Published in October 2007

WTD 61, Germany's test unit, celebrated its 50 year anniversary with a small static and flying display by the unit's aircraft, warbirds of the Messerschmidt Foundation, and special anniversary Phantom and Tornado.

Kleine Brogel 2007

Published in October 2007

On July 17, Kleine Brogel's 10th Tactical Wing organized its annual international spotters' day during the OIE07 exercise. The wing also celebrated the 20 year anniversary of its F-16 OCU. Rafale, Typhoon, Tornado, F-16, VC-10, Greek A-7 and F-4E, and num

Su-22 Fitters at Istrana

Published in August 2007

The Polish Air Force 7th tactical squadron deployed four Su-22 'Fitters' to Istrana to train alongside the AMX of the Italian Air Force 51° Stormo to learn more about NATO standard procedures.

Meiringen AB visit

Published in April 2007

Giampaolo visited Meiringen air base in Switzerland during the air force's wiederhohlungskurses in March 2007. Includes photos of the Swiss F-5E/F, Citation, PC-7 in new colours, and F/A-18C/D Hornet, including J-5011 with NEW tiger markings!

Italian X-mas AB-205s

Published in January 2007

From 1998 onwards, the Italian Army 5° RIGEL decorates one of its AB-205 helicopters with special Christmas artwork, featuring cartoon characters. View pictures of the 2006 Ice Age markings and an overview of the X-mas schemes of previous years.

Long Step 2006

Published in December 2006

The Hungarian Air Force deployed MiG-29 Fulcrums to Cervia, Italy, to participate in exercise Long Step 2006 with Italian Air Force F-16, AMX, Eurofighter and Tornado fighters.

Romanian International Air Show 2006

Published in October 2006

Report of the Romanian International Air Show 2006 with photos of the Frecce Tricolori display team, Romanian Air Force aircraft, and other displays.

Exercise Elite 2006

Published in June 2006

Exercise Elite 2006 trip report with photos taken at Lechfeld and Manching airbases in Germany.

30 Year Anniversary 5° Reggimento "RIGEL"

Published in March 2006

Report of the ceremony to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the 5° Reggimento RIGEL of the Italian Army Aviation. Including photos of the A-129, A-109T and AB-205 helicopters decorated with special markings.

Czech International Air Fest 2005

Published in March 2006

Photo Report of the Czech International Air Fest 2005 held in Brno in the Czech Republic.

SAR Exercise GRIFONE 2005

Published in February 2006

Report of the SAR Exercise GRIFONE held at Grazzanise in Italy with photos of the participating and visiting aircraft.

other publications:

Rivista Aeronautica

Published in November 2007

Magazine - one picture

Italian Special Colours

Published in September 2007

Book - two pictures

Coccarde Tricolori 2007

Published in February 2007

Annual Magazine - one picture

Full AB

Published in November 2006

Magazine - two pictures

Air Forces Monthly

Published in February 2002

Magazine - one picture

My Equipment

Type Brand Model
D-SLR Camera Canon Eos 450D
D-SLR Camera Canon Eos 7D
Lens Canon EF 200 2.8L USM
Lens Canon EF 100-400 4-5,6L IS USM
Lens Canon EF 24-105 4L IS USM
Lens Canon EF 300 2.8L IS USM
Lens Canon EF 400 5,6L USM
Lens Canon EF 1,4x teleconverter

My Contact Details

Name Giampaolo Tonello
Email email

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