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Photo Report : Brazilian Mirage III 65.000 flying hours

Brazilian Mirage III celebrates 65.000 flying hours

Report by Leandro Maldonado

On 31 of January 2005 the 1° Grupo de Defesa Aérea (1° GDA - First Air Defence Group) celebrated the historical milestone of 65.000 flying hours of the Mirage III in Brazil. The ceremony was held at Anápolis Air Base, 130 kilometers south of Brasília, home of the FAB Mirage fleet. The first Mirage III (Brazilian designation F-103) took to the Brazilian skies in October 1972. Ever since the Mirage III has been the guardian of Brazil’s capital and the centre-south region of the country. The Mirages performed a lot of fly-pasts over the Anápolis runway. The static display consisted of Mirage III serial FAB 4910, one of the aircraft from the original batch. It is permanently kept for display, wearing the vintage “staled egg” paint scheme. This was probably the last historical event for the Brazilian Mirages, which will be withdrawn from service after 33 years on 31 of December 2005.

Photo by Sgto. Johnson Barros - FAB
m65k_00.jpg m65k_01.jpg m65k_03.jpg m65k_04.jpg m65k_06.jpg
m65k_07.jpg m65k_08.jpg m65k_10.jpg m65k_11.jpg m65k_12.jpg
m65k_13.jpg m65k_14.jpg m65k_15.jpg m65k_16.jpg m65k_18.jpg
m65k_21.jpg m65k_22.jpg m65k_24.jpg m65k_25.jpg m65k_26.jpg
  m65k_4910.jpg m65k_afcommander.jpg m65k_groundcrew.jpg  

We wish to thank everyone of the 1°GDA, and in particular Lt. Rubens and Sgto. Johnson.

Report by Leandro Maldonado. Photos by Leandro Maldonado and Johnson Barros - CECOMSAER / FAB

First Published: 22 March 2005
Last Modified: 4 April 2013