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Special Markings : Italian Army AB-205 X-mas Specials


Giampaolo Tonello reports on the special Christmas markings on the AB-205 helicopters of Italian Army 5th Regiment "RIGEL".

Since 1998 there is a different way to celebrate the Christmas time with all the personnel and their families at the 5° Reggimento Aviazione dell'Esercito "Rigel" (homebased at Casarsa Della Delizia, North East of Italy). During this special event Santa Claus himself brings some presents to the children using the helicopter, instead of the usual sledge and reindeer!! The special scheme is always dedicated to the children with some nice and well known cartoon artworks.

1994_ei-257.jpg 1998_ei-302.jpg 1999_ei-300.jpg 2000_ei-303.jpg 2001_ei-307.jpg
1994 1998 1999 2000 2001

The first specially painted AB-205 for Christmas time appeared in 1994, but only from 1998, when M.llo A. Zanot and his colleagues of the 5° RIGEL started the nowadays established annual tradition of decorating the AB-205 with a special Christmas paint scheme.
However the 2002 version was dedicated to the "Befana" for the Epiphany and was not made for Christmas.

2002_ei-290.jpg 2003_ei-323.jpg 2004_ei-290.jpg 2005_ei-307.jpg 2006_ei-302_01.jpg
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Here you can see a selection of the X-MAS AB-205s from the 1994 to this year's one and some pictures of this year event. For 2006 the AB-205 decorations consisted of characters from the movie "Ice Age".

2006_ei-302_02.jpg 2006_ei-302_03.jpg 2006_ei-302_04.jpg 2006_ei-302_05.jpg 2006_ei-302_06.jpg
2006_ei-302_10.jpg 2006_ei-302_diego.jpg 2006_ei-302_manfred.jpg 2006_ei-302_sid.jpg
2006_ei-302_08.jpg 2006_ei-302_scrat.jpg

Special thanks to M.llo Zanot for supplying the pictures of the AB-205s from 1994 up to 2005.

Report by Giampaolo Tonello. Photos by Giampaolo Tonello and M.Ilo Zanot, via Giampaolo Tonello

First Published: 11 January 2007
Last Modified: 30 March 2013