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Exercise Report : Brazilian Air Force XXV TAC


Report by Leandro Maldonado, photos by Johnson Barros


Between 6 and 12 of July 2005 the Brazilian Air Force gathered all its fighter units at Anápolis Air Base for the XXV TAC – 25th Torneio da Aviação de Caça (Fighter Aviation Tournament). The objective of the TAC exercise is to test the capability and operational readiness of the fighter squadrons in a situation of real war and to enable the different units to share experience and knowledge with each other.
There were more than 40 fighters, attack aircraft, and trainers participating in the exercise, including the F-103 (Mirage III), F-5E (Tiger II), A-1 (AMX), AT-26 (Xavante), T-27 (Tucano), A-29 (Super Tucano), as well as the Airborne Early Warning & Control R-99 (EMB 145 AEW) from the 2º/6º Gav. The aircraft performed CAP missions, interceptor, reconnaissance and simulated ground attacks.

alx_1.jpg alx_2.jpg alx_3.jpg amx_1.jpg amx_2.jpg
amx_3.jpg amx_4.jpg mirage_01.jpg tiger_1.jpg tiger_2.jpg
tiger_3.jpg tiger_4.jpg tiger_5.jpg tiger_6.jpg tiger_7.jpg
tucano_1.jpg tucano_2.jpg tucano_3.jpg tucano_4.jpg xavante_1.jpg

Report by Leandro Maldonado. Photos by Johnson Barros

First Published: 19 August 2005
Last Modified: 30 March 2013

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