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Air Show Report : Czech International Air Fest 2005


Giampaolo Tonello reports on the Czech International Air Fest or CIAF 2005 held at Brno airport in September 2005. The show had some interesting and for most of us rare participants.
All photos by author.

For the third year the Czech International Air Fest (CIAF) was held in Brno, September the 9th and 10th.
Nowadays Brno is a civil airport growing up its traffic also because some low-cost carriers (like Ryan-Air) are using it as it is only about 80 km from Vienna. But Brno is also the second city of the Czech Republic and it is a very nice city to visit, with a lot of beautiful places where you can relax after the air show.

Brno airport was used in the past by the Czech Air Force and there are still some old hangars reminding you about the former military activity on the L-29s.

From early on, the announced air show seemed to be very interesting so we left very early on Friday morning and after six hours by car we reached the airport of Brno, ready to catch the first arrivals for the static show at the landing side of the airport and to see the trials; this was a nice idea as the spot is beautiful to take pictures with the old military hangars in the background and the full sunny conditions. You can take pictures of the aircraft touching down and when entering the runway for take off.

On Saturday morning we entered the base to see the static display. The most appreciated visitors were the F-16D Block 52 from the Hellenic Air Force, the new Czech Gripen and the E-3A AWACS of NATO, which could be visited. The Czech special coloured Mi-24 was present as well as a special coloured PC-6 from Austria sporting a blue-white scheme.
Obviously the Czech Air force was present with all the active types in its inventory.

The flying display started at 11:00 AM with some low passes of different three-ship formations of the recently delivered Gripens, the L-159s, the Mi-24s and the Mi-17s. The highlight of the flying display were surely The Strizi from Russia, the only military aerobatic team besides the Asas de Portugal with their two Alpha Jets, performing with their five MiG-29s a beautiful display. Very nice was also the solo display of the Slovak MiG-29UB and the Italian C-27J Spartan.

In the end we can say that the Czech International Air Fest is a keeper for all military enthusiasts and we are looking forward to the 2006 event.
brno05_a10_sp810966.jpg brno05_ajet_15208.jpg brno05_ajet_15214+15208.4.jpg brno05_an26_3208.jpg
brno05_an26_71382.jpg brno05_awacs_lx-n90450.jpg brno05_c130_5927.1.jpg brno05_c27j_62127.jpg
brno05_f16a_610.1.jpg brno05_f16a_610.2.jpg brno05_f16amlu_fa127.jpg brno05_galeb_23180_yu-yaf.1.jpg
brno05_galeb_23180_yu-yaf.jpg brno05_galeb_23194_yu-yag.jpg brno05_gripen.jpg brno05_gripen_9238.jpg
brno05_iar_78.jpg brno05_jaguar_xx723_ff.jpg brno05_l159_6052.jpg brno05_l159_6071.3.jpg
brno05_l39za_2415.jpg brno05_let410_0928.jpg brno05_let410_2710.jpg brno05_mf1_612_33-nj.1.jpg
brno05_mf1_636_33-nl.jpg brno05_mi17_0828+0837.jpg brno05_mi2_0713.3.jpg brno05_mi2_0713.jpg
brno05_mi24_0815.jpg brno05_mi24_7353.jpg brno05_mi8_0835.jpg brno05_mi8_9767.1.jpg brno05_mig29_03.2.jpg brno05_mig29_04.2.jpg brno05_mig29_04.jpg
brno05_mig29_05.2.jpg brno05_mig29_05.4.jpg brno05_mig29_formazione.1.jpg brno05_mig29_formazione.2.jpg brno05_mig29_formazione.4.jpg brno05_mig29_formazione.6.jpg brno05_mig29_formazione.9.jpg
brno05_mig29_solo.1.jpg brno05_mig29_solo.6.jpg brno05_mig29_solo.7.jpg brno05_mig29_solo.8.jpg brno05_mig29ub_4401.1.jpg brno05_orao_25207.1.jpg brno05_orao_25207.2.jpg
brno05_orao_25207.3.jpg brno05_orao_25207.4.jpg brno05_orao_25207.5.jpg brno05_orao_25531.jpg brno05_pc6_3g-ef.jpg brno05_pc6_3g-en.2.jpg brno05_pc6_3g-en.jpg
brno05_supergaleb_23638.1.jpg brno05_supergaleb_23638.2.jpg brno05_supergaleb_23732.jpg brno05_tornado_45+06.1.jpg brno05_tornadof3_ze763-dg.jpg brno05_tu154_1003.jpg brno05_w3a_0719.1.jpg

Report and photos by Giampaolo Tonello ( view portfolio )

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