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Special Markings : 32° Stormo 70 year anniversary AMX


Claudio Toselli reports on the 32° Stormo's 70 year anniversary, presenting photos of the AMX with special colour scheme.

On the first of December 1936 the Italian Air Force 32° Stormo was established. Now, 70 years later, the unit is still serving its country. The 32°Stormo carries the name of World War Two Hero Captain Pilot Armando Boetto. The Amendola (Foggia) based 32°Stormo CBR (Caccia/bombardieri/Ricognitori) celebrated its 70 years of active duty with an air show for the public and 32° Stormo veterans on the third of December 2006. To pay tribute to its Hero, the Gruppo Efficienza Aeromobili (GEA) commander Ten. Col. Luca Balzano and his men presented this specially painted AMX (MM7147 32-01 ex 32-04). The aircraft's colour scheme reflects the colors of Armando Boetto's SAVOIA MARCHETTI S.79 "Sparviero" of 79^ Squadriglia, which was shot down in action over Gibraltar on 12 June 1940 during the second World War.

32stormo_70yrs_1.jpg 32stormo_70yrs_2.jpg 32 Stormo - GEA 32stormo_70yrs_3.jpg 32stormo_70yrs_4.jpg
32stormo_70yrs_5.jpg 32stormo_70yrs_6.jpg 32stormo_70yrs_7.jpg 32stormo_70yrs_8.jpg

Report and photos by Claudio Toselli ( view portfolio )

First Published: 17 February 2007
Last Modified: 28 March 2013