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Ramon van Opdorp reports on the 2007 edition of the NATO Tiger Meet named 'Arctic Tiger' at Ørland MAS, Norway.

Although the 2006 Tiger Meet was initially planned to be held at Ørland in Norway, 338 Squadron of the Norwegian Air Force had to postpone these plans to this year. The Tiger Meet in 2006 took place at Albacete in Spain instead, which made me interested in this more than special meeting and the goals and history behind it. Additionally the meeting also attracts aircraft covered in the most remarkable paint schemes and tiger coats, so again therefore reason enough for me to travel up North to the beautiful Norway.

NATO Tiger Meet - Arctic Tiger 2007 patch.

This years NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) was named appropriately the "Arctic Tiger Meet", as the meeting was hosted at the cold Ørland MAS in the middle of Norway. The base is situated almost at the edge of Europe, and is one of the few NATO bases that can enjoy the spectacle of the breathtaking Polar light and is surrounded by the ocean and the beautiful mountainous countryside.

For the first time in history Ørland MAS was the host of the NATO Tiger Meet, offering several very unique assets for all the parcticipants. First of all is the weather in the area not the most reliable, a fact which had become evident once again during exercise "Bold Avenger" one week before the Tiger Meet. Wind directions were all over the place, hail and rain were a constant factor and a low cloud base was grounding a lot of missions. The airspace available for the exercises to the north is twice the size of Denmark, and the airspace to the south equals the size of Belgium. These two factors give parcticipants a unique opportunity to practice flying in adverse weather and in mountainous terrain in a vast area. The main operational NTM07-specific missions is full integration of helicopter, transport and fighters in a high threat environment while conducting MEDEVAC and CSAR. And as on a typical Tiger Meet flying program you will find missions like: OCA, DCA, SEAD, CSAR, Recce, Refuelling, COMAO, and so on.

Belgian Air Component 31 Squadron F-16AM taking off.

During my visit on Friday, when a media day was hosted, a morning briefing was given before we drove towards the selected photography spot next to the runway. A COMAO mission was flown in combination with an air-to-air refuelling mission for most of the parcticipants, supported by a USAF 100th ARW KC-135 Stratotanker. One locally based NATO E-3A AWACS was in known territory, as Ørland is one of the NAEW Component's Forward Operating Locations for its E-3A, and was supporting the COMAO missions during the entire NTM07. Early Friday morning started with a clear blue sky and low angled sunshine, which remained the case during the whole day. The very unique light conditions at this location in Norway caused a very soft toned but deep colour effect on the photographs. This gives the name "Arctic Tiger" even more meaning, and is reflected in the photographs thanks to maybe the best and most remarkable circumstances to photograph in. A "Open Door day" was organised by the base on Saturday to welcome people that are living around the base and families of the airmen stationed here.

RNoAF 338 Sqn F-16BM tiger special, also carrying the Arctic Tiger insignia.

As in previous editions, very colourful mix of aircraft came together again, but this time all with an "arctic" influence in their paint scheme. While most aircraft were parked outside, the Belgian F-16, two Turkish F-16s, Spanish EF-18A+ Hornet and a completely "Tiger" covered F-5 from Norway parked in a dark hangar. The host of this years meeting had one F-16BM Fighting Falcon painted in a nice black/grey/white-toned tiger on the tail, and three sections of 'peeled' paint on the fuselage and the vertical lower fin revealing the tiger's skin. On both sides of the aircraft the "Arctic Tiger 2007" logo is displayed and the 338 Skv markings carried on both external fuel tanks. The German 1./JaBoG 32 Lechfeld Tigers were present with a freshly painted tiger Tornado with on either side of the tail a different tiger painting, and most important a great grey and black tiger coat all over the fuselage. The French Navy and Air Force repainted all of their official Tiger meet aircraft. With as most eye-catching aircraft two totally black and white Super Etendards from the Aeronavale's 11 Flotille, absolutely great to see against a deep blue sky.

Super Etendard tiger of the Aéronavale - French Fleet Air Arm.

Another French aircraft present was the Rafale B, that was put in a very nicely detailed arctic colour scheme with two different tigers on the tail section, and snow on the trailing edge of the wings & canards. The French Mirage 2000C of one of the oldest Tiger members was put in a great black/yellow/silver paint scheme, that was covering most of the fuselage. The Spanish Air Force was present with a Mirage F-1 in a grey toned tiger coat, and a EF-18A+ Hornet with a nicely painted tiger tail section. The Swiss Air Force presented the most detailed tiger head on both of the outsides of the vertical tails on another Hornet, and the Staffel 11 markings on the inside of the tail. And last but certainly not least there were the two Turkish F-16s. They had a decorated tail, which presented a tiger in full flight gear throwing a snow ball, both with a different background. On one tail the Turkish flag, while the other aircraft had the NATO flag and emblem.

One Turkish Air Force F-16C was decorated with this colourful 'Arctic Tiger' tail.

After the aircraft returned from their mission, they all performed a formation break over the runway lining up to land. For the landing pictures we were positioned at the end of the runway, on a excellent position to get each parcticipant in the view finder. Every special painted aircraft was on request of the control tower holding for a few seconds in front of us with the aircraft slightly turned, so we could benefit from having the best lighting conditions for photographing. However the specially painted Tornado and the two specially painted French Super Etendards turned off the runway too early onto the first available taxi-track. But they were nicely asked to return by the control tower and show their beautiful aircraft in front of us, which was of course no problem for the crews. This showed again how all parties involved in this meeting were eagerly trying to give and show the best of their beautiful aircraft.

Luftwaffe (German Air Force) Tornado ECR in tiger colours.

The German Tornados did not parcticipate in the flying missions, but the two 32 JaBoG aircraft flew a short local mission after all parcticipants had returned to base. Between the landing of the large wave and the landing of the two Tornados, two birds arrived that everybody was waiting for. Two completely black and white delta wing shaped birds were visible on the horizon, the two 11 Flotille Super Etendards. Shortly followed by the two Portuguese F-16s of the 301 Esquadra "Jaguares", from Monte Real AB, with "15133" still wearing a worn paint scheme of a Jaguar head in the tail. After all fighters returned to base, and were put to sleep in the shelters or on the flightline, all helicopters returned to base with a few low passes before landing at their landing spot.

This year the Belgian 31 Smaldeel succeeded after three years to receive the famous "Silver Tiger" Trophy again. The trophy honours the operational and social skills of the squadron, together with the organizing 338Skv squadron they also managed to win the "Best Flying Squadron" Trophy.

All taken in consideration this is one of the best meetings I have visited, with a great and flexible organisation behind it, absolutely awesome weather and colourful aircraft and most of all a very relaxed atmosphere.

Belgian Air Component 31 Squadron F-16AM with special tail.
Belgian Air Component 31 Squadron F-16AM Fighting Falcon.
Belgian Air Component 31 Squadron F-16AM in full afterburner.
Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) Mirage 2000C on take-off.
Armée de l'Air Mirage 2000C with tiger tail and auxiliary fuel tanks.
Armée de l'Air Mirage 2000s on the Norwegian taxiways.
Specially painted Armée de l'Air Mirage 2000C, note the tiger on the rear fuselage.
Armée de l'Air Mirage 2000D two-seater on take-off.
More and more Dassault Rafales are entering service in the Armée de l'Air.
Armée de l'Air Rafale on take-off carrying three drop tanks.
Another look at the specially painted Super Etendard.
Aéronavale Super Etendards rolling.
Another shot of the Tornado ECR showing the beautiful tiger tail.
Tiger on the tail of the Greek A-7 and the tiger squadron insignia of a German Tornado.
Hellenic Air Force A-7E Corsair II.
Close-up of the Greek pilot in his A-7E Corsair II.
Greek A-7E Corsair II coming in to land, note the Sidewinder dummy.
Tiger helicopter formation: Royal Navy Merlin HM.1, Royal Air Force Puma HC.1 and Czech Air Force Mi-24V 'Hind'.
Close up of the tiger insignia on the Czech Mi-24V Hind.
The two Czech Air Force Mi-24V 'Hind-E' attack helicopters in close formation.
Beautiful photo of one of the Mi-24V leaving formation to land.
Another shot of the Czech Mi-24V '7356'.
Kongelige Norske Luftforsvaret (Royal Norwegian Air Force - RNoAF) F-16AM in full afterburner taking off from its home base.
Close-up of a RNoAF Viper driver with the Nordic sun shining on the canopy.
Norwegian F-16AM taking off carrying AIM-120 AMRAAM, IRIS-T, and ALQ-131 jammer.
Close-up of the tiger painting on the tail of the Norwegian F-16BM.
Portuguese Air Force F-16AM Fighting Falcons also present.
Merlin HM.1 of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.
Another shot of this maritime version of the EH101 Merlin helicopter.
Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force) EF-18A+ Hornet of Ala 15 with tiger fuel tanks.
Another EF-18A+ of Ala 15 with some tiger markings and tanks.
Two-seater EF-18B+ Hornet '15-75' also carried the nice tiger themed tanks.
Spanish Air Force Mirage F-1M fighters from Ala 14.
Spanish Mirages are upgraded F1M versions, allowing them to soldier on until more Typhoons are delivered.
The tiger coloured Mirage F-1M taking off.
In addition to the Spanish Hornets, Switzerland also took part with its F-18 Hornets from Staffel 11.
Swiss F-18C Hornet retracting its gear after take-off.
Beautiful photo of Swiss Air Force F-18C Hornet gaining altitude.
A better look at the beautiful tiger tail on the Swiss F-18C 'J-5011'.
F-16D two-seater of the Turkish Air Force 192 Filo.
The Turkish Arctic Tiger special taking off.
The Turkish two-seater with tiger tanks and the squadron's tiger insignia on the tail.
Country Squadron Aircraft Award
Norway 338 Skv F-16AM/BM Fighting FalconBest Flying Squadron Trophy
Switzerland 11 Staffel F-18C/D Hornet Best painted aircraft Trophy
United Kingdom 814 NAS Merlin HM.1
United Kingdom 230 Sqn Puma HC.1
Germany 1./JBG 32 Tornado ECR
Germany 2./AG 51 Tornado IDSTiger Spirit Award
Greece 335 MV A-7E/TA-7C Corsair II
Belgium 31 Smaldeel F-16AM Fighting Falcon Silver Tiger Trophy & Best Flying Squadron Trophy
France EC 01.012 Mirage 2000CBest Tiger dress Trophy
France EC 05.330 Rafale B
France 11 F Super Etendard
Portugal Esq 301 F-16AM Fighting Falcon
Czech Republic 231.vrl Mi-24V 'Hind-E'
Spain 151 Esc. EF-18A+ Hornet Best Tiger skit Trophy
Spain 142 Esc. Mirage F-1M
NATO NAEW N° 1 Sqn E-3A Sentry Winner of the Tiger games
Turkey 192 Filo F-16C/D Fighting Falcon

Special thanks goes to the 338 Skv Public Relations and Major Øivind Wathne for their hospitality, great support, efforts and their generous help in making this feature possible.

Report and photos by Ramon van Opdorp ( view portfolio )

First Published: 9 October 2007
Last Modified: 3 August 2018

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