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Name Ramon van Opdorp
Location Heerlen, Netherlands

Hello all

Please let me introduce myself in short.

I'm Ramon van Opdorp, a freelance historic & military aviation photographer/photojournalist based in the Netherlands. With the world's exciting destinations as my playground.


My Photos

My Published Work articles:

Belgian Air Force Days 2018 - Kleine Brogel

Published in September 2018

Report on the 2018 air show held by the Belgian Air Force at the air base of Kleine Brogel. The air displays featured F-16, F-18, Rafale, Typhoon and the Ukrainian Su-27 'Flanker' solo displays.

Flying Legends 2014

Published in August 2014

Air show report of the 2014 Flying Legends warbird show hosted at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, United Kingdom. Featuring the P-26 Peashooter, P-40C Warhawk, F6F Hellcat, and other WWII fighters and bombers including multiple Spitfires.

Oldtimer Fliegertreffen Hahnweide 2013

Published in October 2013

Old-Timer FliegerTreffen Hahnweide (OTT13) historic aircraft meet and air show at Hahnwide near Kircheim-unter-Teck, Germany; photo report.

Flying Legends 2013

Published in August 2013

Recap of the 2013 Flying Legends air show of the Imperial War Museum Duxford with photos of the warbirds from The Fighter Collection, The Horsemen Flight Team, and others that participated in 2013.

APCK Fly-In / Photo Flying Days Fly-In 2012

Published in August 2012

Report of the 2012 Fly-In at airfield Malle, Zoersel-Oostmalle, with photos of the attending classic aircraft and warbirds: Spitfire, Hurricane, Corsair, Avengers, etc.

Flying Legends 2012

Published in July 2012

Airshow report. of the 2012 Flying Legends airshow with photos of the warbirds and other aircraft displays.

Flying Legends 2011

Published in August 2011

Report on the annual warbird airshow at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, UK, with 80 photos of the different warbirds and information on the new or repainted performers at Flying Legends 2011.

CAF Airsho 2010 - Midland

Published in November 2010

Commemorative Air Force CAF Airsho 2010 report, warbirds airshow at Midland airport, Texas.

Göteborg Air Show 2010

Published in October 2010

Gothenburg International Air Show 2010 report, airshow in Göteborg, Sweden, celebrating 100 year anniversary of Swedish aviation.

Flying Legends 2010

Published in August 2010

Every year, the Duxford Imperial War Museum organises Flying Legends, Europe's biggest warbirds air show. Ramon van Opdorp provides this article on Flying Legends 2010, having spent the July 10-11 weekend at Duxford to witness and capture the displays for

International SAR Meet 2010

Published in June 2010

Report on the 2010 International Search and Rescue meeting, organized by the Belgian Air Component's 40 Squadron at Koksijde air base.Includes photos of the participating helicopters.

Pensacola Air Show 2009

Published in December 2009

US Navy Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow and NAS Pensacola open house 2009 report and photos.

Flying Legends 2009

Published in September 2009

Flying Legends 2009 air show report with photos of the various warbirds; Mustang, Spitfire, Sea Fury, Mitchell, Lancaster and more.

Flying Legends 2008

Published in August 2008

Flying Legends 2008 air show report with photos of the various warbirds; Spitfire, Mustang, Huricane and B-17 Flying Fortress, and more.

NATO Tiger Meet 2008 - Ocean Tiger

Published in July 2008

NATO Tiger Meet 2008 "Ocean Tiger" exercise report and photos of the aircraft with special colour schemes and tiger decorations.

ELITE 2008

Published in July 2008

Electronic Warfare Live Training Exercise ELITE 2008 report and photos. Besides the Italian hardware such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, among the participants were Greek and Turkish F-16s, Luftwaffe Tornados and Spanish Hornets.

NTM 2007 Arctic Tiger

Published in October 2007

Report on the NATO Tiger Meet 2007 "Arctic Tiger" which took place at Ørland MAS, Norway. NATO tiger squadrons deployed their specially painted jets to train with their fellow tigers.

Aalborg Air Show 2007

Published in June 2007

Report on the Flyvevåpnet Åbent Hus 2007, the Royal Danish Air Force's air show which took place on June 10 at Aalborg air station. Featuring the Turkish Stars, Patrouille Suisse, Patrouille de France, Frecce Tricolore and Team Iskry from Pola

TLP 2007-2

Published in April 2007

Exercise report of the 2007 edition of the Tactical Leadership Programme period 2, held at Florennes air base in Belgium. Photos of the participating fighters, such as Greek F-16, USAF F-15E, RAF Tornado F.3, Czech L-159, Mirages, EF-18 and more.

NATO Tiger Meet 2006

Published in November 2006

Report from the NATO Tiger Meet 2006 at Albacete air base in Spain that took place on 25 September to 2 October 2006, with photos of the various Tiger markings on the participating fighters.

RIAT 2006

Published in November 2006

Report of the Royal Internation Air Tattoo which was held at RAF Fairford on July 15-16th. Includes photos of the MV-22 Osprey, MiG-29OVT, Typhoon, Merlin, B-1B and other participants.

Meeting de l'Air 2006 Colmar

Published in June 2006

Report of the 2006 airshow organized by Base Aérienne 132 in Colmar, France. Featuring the Turkish Stars.

TLP 2005-5

Published in October 2005

Photo report of the Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) exercise held in autumn 2005 at Florennes airbase, Belgium.

My Equipment

Type Brand Model
D-SLR Camera Sony Alpha A-900
D-SLR Camera Sony Alpha A-700
Lens Minolta AF 70-200 f/2.8 APO G (D) SSM
Lens Minolta Converter AF 1,4x APO (D)
Other SanDisk Extreme III CF & Pro Duo

My Contact Details

Name Ramon van Opdorp

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