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Aircraft Walk-Around : FAB Mirage III Walk-Around


This section presents detail photos of the Dassault Mirage III operated by the 1°GDA Jaguares of the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira - FAB) until the type's retirement in December 2005. Seen here at Anápolis AB are both the single-seat Mirage III EBR and the two-seat Mirage III DBR, designated F-103E and F-103D respectively in the FAB.

wa_mirageiii_01.jpg wa_mirageiii_02.jpg wa_mirageiii_03.jpg wa_mirageiii_04.jpg 1°GDA squadron crest
wa_mirageiii_05.jpg wa_mirageiii_06.jpg wa_mirageiii_07.jpg wa_mirageiii_08.jpg
wa_mirageiii_09.jpg wa_mirageiii_10.jpg wa_mirageiii_11.jpg wa_mirageiii_12.jpg wa_mirageiii_13.jpg
wa_mirageiii_14.jpg wa_mirageiii_15.jpg wa_mirageiii_16.jpg wa_mirageiii_17.jpg wa_mirageiii_18.jpg
wa_mirageiii_19.jpg wa_mirageiii_20.jpg wa_mirageiii_21.jpg wa_mirageiii_22.jpg wa_mirageiii_23.jpg
wa_mirageiii_24.jpg wa_mirageiii_25.jpg wa_mirageiii_26.jpg wa_mirageiii_27.jpg wa_mirageiii_28.jpg
wa_mirageiii_29.jpg wa_mirageiii_30.jpg wa_mirageiii_31.jpg wa_mirageiii_32.jpg wa_mirageiii_33.jpg

Report by Leandro Maldonado. Photos by Leandro Maldonado and Leandro Cyrne

First Published: 19 April 2005
Last Modified: 3 April 2013

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