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MILAVIA Newsletters from 2004

In 2004 there were 6 newsletters. Click on the month to view the newsletter:

November 2004
Includes updates, 7 news links, October 2004 quiz winners, F-104 Starfighter photo of the month.

October 2004
Includes updates, 9 news links, August and September 2004 quiz winners, Harrier GR.7 photo of the month.

August 2004
Includes updates, 6 news stories, July 2004 quiz winners, Saab Draken photo of the month.

July 2004
Newsletter layout design change. Includes new homepage announcement, updates, 9 news links, June 2004 quiz winners, Lynx photo of the month.

May 2004
Includes webhost tip request, updates, 14 news links, April 2004 quiz winners, RAAF F/A-18 Hornet photo of the month.

January 2004
Includes new year wishes, updates, 7 news stories, December 2003 quiz winners, Chengdu J-10 photo, featured site: Area00

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