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Last of the F-104 Starfighters

27 Oct 2004

On Wednesday 27 October 2004, one of the last operational F-104 Starfighters from the Aeronautica Militaire Italiano (AMI - Italian Air Force) visited Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium. The visit will be the last to an air base outside Italy.
The few remaining F-104 will be retired from operational service this month, the AMI being the last military operator of the aircraft. Just one aircraft will remain in service with the AMI until next year, namely with the test unit RSV of the AMI and there still remains one two-seat version in the United States.
The reason for the visit was an unofficial F-104 ceremony to commemorate the history of the F-104 and the air base. Soon, one of the former Belgian Air Force F-104s (long replaced by the F-16) will be positioned on a pole, centered on a local round-about near the Kleine Brogel AB.
Although two F-104s were scheduled to come to Kleine Brogel, one aircraft had to return to base because of an emergency. The F-104 that did visit Belgium was 'MM6930' F-104 ASA-M from Grazzanise AB wearing a colorful red paint job to celebrate the introduction of the new motorcycle '999' by Ducati and on the tail the emblem of Italian World War One ace Francesco Baracca.

The F-104 was developed in the 1950s, first flow in 1954. Although the USAF was disappointed with its range, one wing saw action in the Vietnam war before being retired from service in 1975. The F-104 had more success abroad in the form of the F-104G, which entered service in many NATO countries and Japan. Later also Jordan, Pakistan and Taiwan became 104 operators. Most operators replaced it with the F-16, but Italy selected the Eurofighter Typhoon (the last F-104 was just delivered in 1979). But because of the delays of the Eurofighter program, the AMI was forced to upgrade the aircraft twice and lease 24 Tornado ADV in the 1990s followed by 34 F-16s in 2003.
The F-104 was renowned for its speed and acceleration. In the hands of capable pilots, the F-104 was able to use this to its advantage when fighting modern F-4, F-16 and Tornado fighters. These properties also made the F-104 the preferred aircraft for the quick action alert role, where the aircraft would scramble to intercept unknown contacts. During NATO operations over Kosovo, AMI F-104 were on stand-by for a last line of defense.


28 September 2018 | UK MOD

Fighter jets join forces with British aircraft carrier to make history

The first F-35 Lightning fighter jets have landed on the deck of the United Kingdom’s new aircraft carrier, making history and marking the beginning of more than half-a-century of ‘Carrier Strike’ operations.

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28 September 2018 | Flight Global

F-35 suffers first crash in South Carolina

One day after the US Marine Corps conducted its first air strike with the Lockheed Martin F-35B over Afghanistan, another one of the stealth fighters crashed near USMC Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina.

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28 September 2018 | Flight Global

​Lockheed Martin F-35A price dips below $90m for first time

After drawn out negotiations with the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin signed a contract to produce the eleventh lot of the F-35A for $89.2 million per unit.

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28 September 2018 | Defense-Aerospace

U.S. Approves Transfer of Australian F-18s to Canada

OTTAWA -- The U.S. State Department has signed off on the transfer of 25 second-hand Australian F-18 Hornets to the government of Canada. U.S. approval was necessary because the transfer involved U.S. weapon systems. Canada is buying the aircraft to meet an interim requirement for additional fighters...

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27 September 2018 | IHS Jane's

China’s first series-produced FTC-2000G makes maiden flight

China’s first series-produced FTC-2000G advanced jet trainer (AJT)/light attack aircraft conducted its maiden flight on 28 September in China’s southern Guizhou Province. The aircraft, which was designed and built by the Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation (GAIC), took off at Anshun Huangguoshu Airport and flew for about 10 minutes, according to a report by the state-owned China Daily newspaper.

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27 September 2018 | IHS Jane's

France receives first Phénix tanker-transport aircraft

The French Air Force (Armée de l’Air: AdlA) has received into service the first of an expected 12 Airbus Defence and Space (DS) A330-200 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft. One of the nine Phénix aircraft currently under contract arrived at its future-home station of Airbase 125 at Istres-Le Tubé on 27 September. The remaining eight aircraft and a further three that are expected to be ordered are all due to be delivered to the AdlA by 2023.

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27 September 2018 | USAF News

Air Force awards next-generation fighter and bomber trainer

ARLINGTON, Va. (AFNS) -- The Air Force awarded The Boeing Company a contract worth up to $9.2 billion for the Air Force's new training aircraft Sept. 27. The Air Force currently plans to purchase 351 T-X aircraft, 46 simulators, and associated ground equipment to replace the Air Education and Training Command's 57-year-old fleet of T-38C Talons. The indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract allows the Air Force to purchase up to 475 aircraft and 120 simulators

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27 September 2018 | Combat Aircraft

Boeing wins T-X trainer competition

The US Air Force has revealed Boeing as the winner of one of its most hotly contested procurement competitions in years — the T-X trainer. Initially, this will call for 350 new jets to replace the T-38C Talon in the…Read more ›

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27 September 2018 | Boeing

Boeing Wins U.S. Air Force T-X Pilot Training Program Contract

$9.2 billion award funds 351 jets, 46 simulators and associated ground equipment. The U.S. Air Force has selected the Boeing T-X advanced pilot training system which features an all-new aircraft designed, developed and flight-tested by the team of Boeing and Saab.

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27 September 2018 | Defense-Aerospace

Three Additional F-35s Land in Norway, Bring Total to Nine

Three years have passed since Norway received its first F-35 fighter plane during a rollout ceremony in Texas on September 22, 2015. On Friday, September 21, 2018, three new F-35 fighter aircraft landed at the Ørland Air Station, their home base. The Armed Forces now have nine F-35 stations on Norwe...

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