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29 December 2016 | Flight Global

​KAI secures deal for 30 amphibious Surions

Korea Aircraft Industries has secured a KRW630 billion ($523 million) contract with Seoul s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) to provide KUH-1 Surion transport helicopters to the country s marines. The package covers 30 helicopters to be delivered from 2017 to 2023, says a source familiar with the transaction.

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10 March 2017 | Flight Global

India poised to retire iconic Tu-142 fleet

The Indian navy will retire its iconic Tupolev Tu-142ME Albatross long-range maritime patrol aircraft at the end of March.

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9 March 2017 | Flight Global

​Indian Navy Retires Aircraft Carrier INS Viraat

The Indian Navy formally decommissioned the aircraft carrier INS Viraat (ex HMS Hermes) on 6 March, after 30 years of operational service.

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15 February 2017 | Combat Aircraft

End of the line for Brazil’s carrier

The Brazilian Navy’s sole aircraft carrier, the only vessel of its type in Latin American service, is to be decommissioned, according to a statement from the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

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8 February 2017 | Google News

Australian F-35s and EA-18 Growler To Appear at Avalon Airshow ... - Aviation International News

The RAAF's first two Lightning IIs will make a transpacific roundtrip; the air arm's first Growler will also be there.

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4 January 2017 | Defense-Aerospace

Dutch F-16s Land In Lithuania for Air Police Mission

On January 2 four F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets of the Royal Netherlands Air Force landed at the Lithuanian Air Forces Base in Šiauliai to serve as next rotation of the NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states. The Baltic Air Policing Mission will pass from the French Air Force ...

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4 January 2017 | Flight Global

French air force, Qinetiq confirmed as PC-21 buyers

Pilatus has announced a trio of orders for its PC-21 turboprop trainer, with the commitments totalling 21 units. Worth more than Swfr300 million ($292 million) to the company, the orders will lead to the production of 17 aircraft for the French air force, a further two for previous buyer Jordan and two for the UK company Qinetiq, for use by the Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS).

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3 January 2017 | Defense-Aerospace

Russia Delivers First Batch of Su-35 Fighters to China

MOSCOW --- The first batch of four multipurpose Su-35 fighter jets arrived in China, the website reported quoting the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. It quoted unofficial Chinese sources as saying the aircraft arrived in China in the morning of December 25. According ...

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30 December 2016 | Flight Global

US Air Force releases final T-X trainer RFP

T-X contenders are off to the races today, after the US Air Force released its much anticipated final request for proposals for the T-38 trainer replacement programme. The $16.3 billion RFP encompasses a total of 350 aircraft, including delivery of the initial five test aircraft, contract options for LRIP lots 1 and 2 and full-rate production of lots 3 through 11. The USAF is expected to award the contract in 2017 and reach initial operational capability by the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year 2024, the service says in a 30 December statement.

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30 December 2016 | RUaviation

Russia’s Sukhoi PAK FA to Enter Service in 2017

Russia’s Sukhoi PAK FA, a fifth-generation fighter jet, will enter service with the Russian Air Force in 2017. “Designing new kinds of weapons, military and special equipment for the Russian Armed Forces will continue in 2017 as well as their procurement for the Russian Land Force, Aerospace Forces and the Navy. Thus, the T-50 aircraft (the Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation — PAK FA) will enter service in the Russian Aerospace Forces,” Sputnik reports Thursday. In October, TASS reported that the first batch delivery will consist of five aircraft.

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30 December 2016 | RUaviation

Test Flights of Russia's MiG-35 to Begin in January 2017

Flight tests of Russia's fourth-generation MiG-35 jets will get underway next month, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Friday. The Russian Mikoyan MiG-35 (Fulcrum-F) jet fighter is a further development of the MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-29K/KUB. The first batch of the test version was initially expected to be handed to the Russian Defense Ministry by year-end.

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