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16 March 2017 | Boeing

Boeing, U.S. Army Sign $3.4B Contract for 268 AH-64E Apache Helicopters

MESA, Ariz., March 16, 2017 – Boeing and the U.S. government recently signed a five-year, $3.4 billion contract through which the Army, and a customer outside the U.S., will acquire the latest Apache attack helicopter at a significant savings to taxpayers. This is the first multi-year agreement for the Apache “E” variant. The Army will receive 244 remanufactured Apaches while 24 new ones will go to the international customer.

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26 June 2017 | ACC

F-35 makes historic appearance at Paris Air Show

The U.S. made history when two F-35A Lightning IIs arrived at the Paris Air Show to fly the first public aerial demonstrations here, this week. Pulling off a historic event such as this takes months of careful planning and preparation. This team had only 36 days to make it happen.

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23 June 2017 | ACC

Thunderbird Aircraft Mishap Update

The United States Air Force Thunderbirds were conducting a single-ship familiarization flight on

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23 June 2017 | Defense-Aerospace

Eurofighter Confirms First Typhoon Delivery to Oman

Eurofighter GmbH welcomes the news that the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) has taken delivery of its first Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. The arrival of the first aircraft, one of a batch of 12 of the combat jets scheduled to be delivered to the Sultanate of Oman, was marked with a ceremony, held ...

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20 June 2017 | ACC

USAF Weapons School F-16 hits 35 years old

The United States Air Force Weapons School F-16 Fighting Falcon division hosted a reunion for past and present members to celebrate its 35th Anniversary June 15, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

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19 June 2017 | Flight Global

Syrian shoot-down marks first 'kill' for Super Hornet

A US Navy Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet shot down a Syrian air force Sukhoi Su-22 in an engagement over Syria on 18 June. The US aircraft had been supporting Syrian opposition forces near Ja'Din, south of Tabqah, when the Su-22 released bombs against them.

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16 June 2017 | Defense-Aerospace

Antonov’s An−132D Flies to France for Paris Air Show

On June 15, 2017, the new AN−132D aircraft−demonstrator, flew from Kyiv to Le Bourget, France, to have an international debut at the 52nd International Paris Air Show. It will be demonstrated as part of the show’s flight programme, and will also remain on static display throughout the show. The ...

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15 June 2017 | Flight Global

​Qatar orders 36 F-15QA fighters

Qatar has signed a deal for 36 Boeing F-15QA fighter aircraft. The deal is reportedly worth $12 billion, according to media reports quoting official Qatari sources. [...] In November 2016, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) expressed optimism that the deal would go through. The original number, however, was for 72 F-15QAs. The F-15QA is an advanced variant of the two-seat F-15E Strike Eagle. Equipped with an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, it is effective in both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.

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15 June 2017 | Combat Aircraft

Gripen E makes maiden flight

Saab’s JAS 39 Gripen E has made its maiden flight today. It flew from Saab’s Linköping site this morning. The Gripen E will operate at a higher all-up weight than the JAS 39C variant: 16.5 tonnes compared to 14 tonnes.…Read more ›

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14 June 2017 | Flight Global

KC-390 tour kicks off with Swedish evaluation

Embraer has embarked on a 40-day international sales tour with its KC-390 tanker/transport, which will bring the twinjet to Sweden before making a debut Paris air show appearance next week.

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13 June 2017 | IHS Jane's

Images show Myanmar Air Force JF-17/FC-1 conducting flight tests in China

Images have emerged on Chinese online forums showing what appears to be one of the first Pakistan Aeronautical Complex/Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (PAC/CAC) JF-17 Thunder/FC-1 Xiaolong multirole combat aircraft on order for the Myanmar Air Force (MAF) conducting test flights in China.

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