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General Dynamics / Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

Role: multi-role fighter
Design: General Dynamics
Production: Fort Worth (General Dynamics, Lockheed, Lockheed Martin)
Fokker, SABCA, TAI, Samsung
(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: F-2)
Variants: F-16A, F-16B, F-16N, TF-16N, F-16C, F-16D, F-16E, F-16F, F-16I, (Mitsubishi F-2) Operators*: USAF (1978), US Navy (1987-1995,2003),
Belgium (1979), Denmark (1980), Netherlands (1979), Norway (1980)
Bahrain (1989), Egypt (1982), Greece (1988), Indonesia (1989), Israel (1980), Pakistan (1983), Singapore (1988), South Korea (1986), Thailand (1988), Turkey (1987), Venezuela (1982)
Chile (2006), Iraq (2014/2015), Italy (2003-2012), Jordan (1997), Morocco (2010), Oman (2005), Poland (2006), Portugal (1994), Romania (2017), Taiwan (1997), United Arab Emirates (2004)
(Japan (2000) - Mitsubishi F-2)
* past and present

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a compact, light-weight, highly maneuverable, all-weather fighter. Key features of the design include a very high power/weight ratio for good performance in climbing and turning flight, a fly-by-wire control system for maximum agility, a semi-reclined seat to increase pilot comfort and gravity force tolerance, a clear-view canopy offering excellent field of view, advanced avionics for long-range targeting and accurate weapon delivery. This combined with the comparatively low production and maintenance cost, made the F-16 a successful fighter design after overcoming some initial teething problems.

The F-16 developed into a fully capable multi-role fighter over the course of several production blocks or with various upgrade programs. Over 4500 F-16s have been built worldwide, the 4500th delivery was celebrated in a ceremony at Forth Worth on April 3, 2012. Advanced F-16s continue to be produced at Fort Worth for international customers, while upgraded aircraft see extended service, sometimes with a second or even third owner.



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