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MILAVIA Aircraft - McDonnell Douglas / Boeing F-15 Eagle

McDonnell Douglas / Boeing F-15 Eagle

Role: fighter, fighter-bomber
Builder: McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing
Variants: F-15A, F-15B (TF-15A), F-15C, F-15D, F-15E, F-15I (Israel), F-15J (Japan), F-15DJ (Japan), F-15K (Korea), F-15S/SA (Saudi Arabia), F-15SG (Singapore), F-15QA (Qatar)
Operators: USAF, Israel, Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore

The F-15 Eagle is a true air superiority fighter with great speed and climb rate. Equipped with the APG-63 radar and later the APG-70 and its avionics make it an excellent platform for the AIM-7F Sparrow III and the more advanced AIM-120 AMRAAM medium range air-to-air missiles. However the F-15 soon proved itself as a multi-role fighter also being capable for the air-to-ground role. The TF-15A was a combat capable tandem two-seater also designated F-15B.

The F-15C and the two seat variant F-15D are improved versions of the F-15 with the AGP-70 radar (a programmable digital signal processor, synthetic-aperture ground mapping and track-while-scan air-to-air capability), an uprated powerplant, and provision for low-drag conformal packs carrying fuel and fitted with tangential attachments for weapons.

The dual-role F-15E Strike Eagle fighter-bomber is a two-seat version developed for the air-to-ground attack role while maintaining the fighter's air-to-air capabilities. The F-15E has a total of 18 external hardpoints to carry a wide range of guided or unguided air-to-ground weapons in addition to the air-to-air missiles. The F-15E Strike Eagle has since evolved from dual-role to multi-role and also new types of weapons are continuously added.

The F-15I, F-15K and F-15S are designations for the export versions based on the F-15E for Israel, Korea and Saudi Arabia respectively. Israel procured the F-15I to give the IDF/AF a long range strike capability. Korea ordered the Boeing F-15K in two batches to replace its F-4 Phantom II fleet. The F-15K is more advanced than the original F-15E, it has better radar and improved systems and a helmet-mounted cueing system. Singapore took delivery of another customized advanced derivative of the F-15E Strike Eagle the F-15SG (previously also known as F-15T).

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