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13 June 2014 | RAF

RAF exchange pilot enters into the Spirit

A Royal Air Force pilot has returned to the UK at the controls of the most lethal and most expensive aircraft in the US Air Force inventory, the Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit.

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24 April 2014 | IHS Jane's

B-2 software upgrade completes USAF review

Northrop Grumman has completed a US Air Force (USAF) review of a new software package for the 20-aircraft B-2 Spirit stealth bomber fleet. [...] The upgrade, known as the USAF's 'Flexible Strike Phase 1' programme, was created to streamline weapons management software...

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8 January 2014 | Flight Global

USAF returns fire-damaged B-2 to service

​The US Air Force and Northrop Grumman have completed a nearly four-year maintenance process to return one of the service’s fire-damaged B-2 bombers to active service.

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5 April 2013 | USAF News

First B-2 surpasses 7,000 flight hours

Since the first B-2 Spirit arrived here in July 1996, its stealthiness and massive firepower have been used in missions around the world. During its latest mission April 1, the "Spirit of Florida" and its crew became the first B-2 to surpass 7,000 flight hours.

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28 March 2013 |

U.S. Flies Stealth Bombers Over South Korea

SEOUL — The United States said two nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers flew “deterrence” missions over South Korea on Thursday, defying apocalyptic threats of retribution from North Korea against ongoing war games.

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28 November 2012 | Boeing

Boeing Receives $178 Million Contract for B61 Tail Kit Assembly

Boeing will help to modernize the B61 free-fall ballistic munition by designing a new tail kit under a $178 million contract from the U.S. Air Force. The design, development and qualification phase of the B61 (Mod 12) Life Extension Program is expected to run for three years. The program further expands Boeing's Direct Attack weapons portfolio. The B61 is a U.S. nuclear weapon that was designed in the early 1960s and went into full production in 1968. B61 (Mod 12) will replace obsolete parts and improve its reliability. Per the contract, Boeing will work with the departments of Defense and Energy on this program.

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12 October 2012 |

Upgrade To Boost Processing Power of B-2 Bomber Fleet

The U.S. Air Force fleet of B-2 stealth bombers will be getting an upgrade, courtesy of a new contract with Northrop Grumman.

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25 September 2012 | Defense-Aerospace

Northrop Completes Retrofit of New B-2 Radar

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. --- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NOC) has successfully completed -- ahead of schedule -- all field installations of a new radar system for the U.S. Air Force's fleet of B-2 stealth bombers. Every operational B-2 is now equipped with the new radar, which was developed...

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28 February 2012 |

Aging B-2 Technology Highlights Need for New Bomber: Schwartz

The U.S. Air Force's B-2 stealth bomber is going to lose its ability to penetrate into high-threat environments, which is part of the reason the air arm wants a new long-range strike bomber (LRS-B), the service's top uniformed officer told Congress.

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17 February 2012 | Defense-Aerospace

BAE to Provide EW Systems for B-2 Bomber

NASHUA, New Hampshire --- BAE Systems has won a contract from Northrop Grumman – Aerospace Systems to provide Electronic Support Measure (ESM) systems for use on all 20 B-2 Spirit bombers. This ESM upgrade will be a complete replacement of the current aging AN/APR-50 system. With this award, BAE Sys...

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3 November 2011 | USAF News

Air Force modernization takes B-2 to North Pole

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AFNS) -- A B-2 Spirit flew from here to the North Pole and back Oct. 27 on a mission to test the aircraft's hardware and software upgrades, endurance and its performance at extremely high latitudes.

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27 September 2011 | Key.Aero

B-2A set to fly until 2058

A high level US Air Force meeting at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri says the Spirit is set to fly for another 47 years.

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19 September 2011 | USAF News

Senior leaders: B-2 has a bright future ahead

Senior leaders from across the Air Force visited here last week to discuss the future of the B-2 Spirit bomber. The General Officer Steering Group for B-2 Sustainment met here Sept. 8 to discuss challenges and solutions for keeping the B-2 fleet healthy and operational for years to come.

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