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Specifications Grumman F-14 Tomcat


Powerplant: two 92.97 kN (20,900 lb st) Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-412A/414A turbofans

Dimensions: length 19.10m (62 ft 8 in); height 4.88m (16 ft 0 in); wing span 19.55m (64ft 1 in) spread and 11.65m (38 ft 2 in) swept

Weights: take-off ('clean') 26.553 kg (58,539 lb); Max Take-Off Weight 33.724 kg (74,379 lb)

Performance: max level speed at 10.975m (36,000 ft) Mach 2.37 or 2.517 km/h (1,564 mph); service ceiling more than 17,070m (56,000 ft)

Armament:one 20mm M61A1 Vulcan six-barrel cannon with 675 rounds; 6577 kg (14,500 lb) of disposable stores, including up to six AIM-54s and/or up to six AIM-7s and/or up to four AIM-9s, free-fall or guided bombs, cluster bombs, ECM pods, fuel tanks, LANTIRN pod, and TARPS reconnaissance pod (on some aircraft).


AIM-54 Phoenix

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