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MILAVIA Aircraft - IAI Kfir (F-21 Lion)

Specifications Kfir


Powerplant: one 83.40 kN (18,750 lb st) license-built General Electric J79-J1E afterburning turbojet

Dimensions: length 15.65m (51 ft 4 in); height 4.55m (14 ft 11 in); wing span 8.22m (26 ft 11 in)

Weights: empty, equipped 7285 kg (16,060 lb); Max Take-Off Weight 16.500 kg (36,376 lb)

Performance: max level speed at 10975m (36,000 ft) Mach 2.3 or 2440 km/h (1516 mph); service ceiling more than 17680m (58,000 ft)

Armament: two DEFA 553 30 mm cannons with 140 rounds per gun; up to 6085 kg (13,415 lb) of ordnance, including Shafrir 2 and Python III AAMs, GBU-13 LGBs, AGM-64 Maverick ASMs, Durandal anti-runway bombs, free-fall bombs, cluster bombs, napalm tanks, ECM pods, cannon pods, auxiliary fuel tanks.

Kfir-C7 3view

DEFA 553 30mm
DEFA 553 30 mm cannons

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