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15 August 2018 | Combat Aircraft

Aero Vodochody makes progress

The first L-159T2 for the Czech Air Force made its first flight on August 2, 2018. The Czech Air Force ordered three L-159T2 twin seat aircraft with several upgrades on board in 2016 to fulfil operational missions and advanced jet training. The L-159T2s are supposed to be delivered to Čáslav air base by the end of this year.

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16 July 2018 | Flight Global

FARNBOROUGH: Aero Vodochody unveils F/A-259 for OA-X bid

Aero Vodochody appears to have rebranded a new version of the L-159 advanced jet trainer as the F/A-259 Striker as it makes a late bid for the US Air Force's OA-X close air support programme.

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27 September 2017 | IHS Jane's

Aero offers L-159 upgrade

Aero Vodochody Aerospace announced details of a comprehensive L-159 upgrade during its recent L-39 User Group conference. According to Massimo Ghione, Chief Business Officer, the mid-life upgrade on offer to the Czech Air Force (CzAF) would cover a new ‘fourth generation-plus’ avionics package, software improvements to the Grifo radar, a targeting pod, a new electronic warfare suit, ‘wet’ (fitted with fuel tanks) wings, wing-tip air-to-air missile launchers, a fixed air-to-air refuelling probe, full night vision goggle (NVG) configuration in the cockpit, and a helmet mounted display.

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12 July 2017 | Air Forces Monthly

Draken’s L-159 ‘Honey Badgers’ on tour

Florida-based Draken International has deployed 11 Aero Vodochody L-159 aircraft to Nellis Air Force Base in support of a US Air Force contract. The contractor now has a total of 24 jets at the Nevada base. The L-159 Advanced Light Combat Aircraft (ALCA) are at Nellis to provide direct adversary support to the company’s USAF Adversary Air (ADAIR) contract. According to a July 10 announcement from Draken, the L-159s received a Military Flight Release (MFR) before beginning integration with USAF assets. As well as the ALCAs, Draken operates 13 A-4 Skyhawks at Nellis in support of the same contract. Draken L-159s began providing Red Air to the US Marine Corps in support of Operation Agile Lightning in January. USAF training against the L-159s began in late April with adversary missions supporting the 16th Weapons Squadron (F-16/F-35), 17th Weapons Squadron (F-15E), and the 433rd Weapons Squadron (F-15C/F-22), 57th Wing, Nellis AFB, Nevada. Sean Gustafson, Vice President of Business Development stated: “The aircraft has exceeded all expectations with exceptional reliability and remarkable radar performance.” Interestingly, in the same press release, Draken also revealed that company crews call the L-159 the ‘Honey Badger’, a reference to the famously ferocious mustelid.

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8 October 2015 | IHS Jane's

Draken receives L-159s to market in the Americas

Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody delivered the first surplus Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) L-159E ALCA light attack and training aircraft to Draken International on 5 October. Aero Vodochody plans to deliver another seven aircraft by the end of the year. Draken International is to...

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3 July 2014 | IHS Jane's

Czech government approves sale of 14 L-159s to Draken

The Czech government passed a resolution on 2 July to sell 14 surplus Army of the Czech Republic Aero Vodochody L-159 ALCA light attack and training aircraft to US defence contractor Draken International, for approximately CZK250 million (USD12.4 million). "Unless something unforeseeable...

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2 January 2014 | IHS Jane's

Czech Republic approves L-159 sale to Draken International

The Czech government on 2 January formally approved the potential sale of 28 ex-service Aero Vodochody L-159 combat aircraft to private firm Draken International. Draken, which offers commercial 'red air' combat pilot training services to the United States armed services, already operates the earlier two-seat L-139 Albatross from Aero Vodochody.

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11 December 2013 | Defense-Aerospace

Aero Vodochody Developing New L-169 Aircraft

PRAGUE --- Czech aircraft producer Aero Vodochody Aerospace is developing the concept of new aircraft L-169 which will have more Czech-made equipment and longer flying range compared with the older L-159 version, news servers iDnes and Aktualne said today. The design philosophy of the new model...

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11 June 2013 | Flight Global

Three to contest Polish trainer deal as Czech firm withdraws

Alenia Aermacchi, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin UK will contest Poland's advanced jet trainer system competition ...

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12 October 2012 | Flight Global

Iraq advances negotiations for Czech L-159 trainers

Iraq will enter into a new phase of 'intense negotiations' over a possible acquisition of surplus Aero Vodochody L-159 advanced light combat aircraft ...

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23 January 2012 |

Iraq Eyes Czech-Made Jet Fighters

The Czech Republic is looking to sell dozens of Czech-made L-159 subsonic jet fighters to Iraq, Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra said after talks Jan. 23 with his Iraqi counterpart in Prague.

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18 August 2011 | Flight Global

Aero Vodochody boss optimistic about Iraq L-159 decision

Iraq is close to buying about 24 surplus L-159 light combat aircraft, according to Aero Vodochody boss Ladislav Simek ...

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23 November 2007 | MILAVIA News

Czech Air Force L-159T1 Advanced Trainers Delivered

AERO Vodochody announed it has delivered four L-159 advanced training aircraft, version T1, to the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic on November 23, 2007.

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