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MILAVIA Aircraft - Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 'Foxbat'

Specifications MiG-25

MiG-25PD 'Foxbat-D'

Powerplant: two 110 kN (24,700 lb st) Soyuz/Tumansky R-15BD-300 afterburning turbofans

Dimensions: length 23.82m (78 ft 1 in); height 6.10m (20 ft in); wing span (over tip 14.02m (45ft 11 in)

Weights: 'clean' 20.000 kg (44,100 lb); Max Take-Off Weight 36.720 kg (80,950 lb)

Performance: max level speed at 13.000m (42,650 ft) more than Mach 2.83 or 3.000 km/h (1,865 mph); , at sea level 1.200 km/h (745 mph) service ceiling 20,700m (67,900 ft)

Armament: up to four long range Air-to-Air Missiles such as the R-23 and R-40, and up to four short range IR guided AAMs like the R-60 and R-73A.

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MiG-25 cockpit

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