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MILAVIA Aircraft - Nanchang Q-5/A-5 'Fantan'

Specifications Q-5 'Fantan'

A-5C (Q-5III)

Powerplant: two 31.87 kN (7,165 lb st) Shenyang Wopen-6 (WP6) afterburning turbojets

Dimensions: length 16.25m (53 ft 4 in); height 4.52m (14 ft 10 in); wing span 9.70m (31 ft 10 in)

Weights: empty 6494 kg (14,317 lb) ; Max Take-Off Weight 12000 kg (26,455 lb)

Performance: max level speed at 11.000m (36,000 ft) Mach 1.1 or 1190 km/h (740 mph); service ceiling 15,850 m (52,000 ft)

Armament: two Type 23-2K 23mm cannons with 100 rounds per gun; up to 2000 kg (4,410 lb) of ordnance, including free-fall bombs, cluster bombs, napalm tanks, C-801 Anti-Ship Missiles, torpedoes, 57mm and 212mm rockets, short range IR guided AAMs, ECM pods, and drop tanks, carried on 10 external hard points. Capable of carrying a single 5-20 kT nuclear bomb.

Q-5/A-5 3view

Q-5 rocket pod
Q-5 being armed with rocket pod