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Su-27 Flanker Family Historical Events Time Table

| 1965-1970 | 1970-1975 | 1975-1980 | 1980-1985 | 1985-1990 | 1990-1995 | 1995-2000 | 2000-2005 | 2005-2010 | 2010-2015 | 2015-2020 |

1965-1970 BACK TO TOP
1969PFI Start research for new generation fighter by Sukhoi, Mikoyan and Yakovlev
1969 PFI Sukhoi made first outlines for the fighter's configuration
1970-1975 BACK TO TOP
1970 PFI Initial variant of the fighter's layout worked out by Sukhoi
1971 PFI USSR government authorization of the Prospective Tactical Fighter (PFI) programme
1971 T-10 Pavel Sukhoi orders official start of concept development designated T-10
1971 PFI Air Force issues specifications for the PFI based on F-15 data
1972 T-10 Conceptual design finished for both 'integrated' and 'classic' aerodynamic configurations
1972 PFI Evaluations of PFI proposals Su-27, MiG-29, Yak-45, Yak-47
1972 T-10 In-depth development of the conceptual design and T-10 prototype
1973 T-10 Naum Chernyakov appointed chief designer
1975-1980 BACK TO TOP
1975 T-10 Basic design completed, start of prototype production by the Kulon Machine-building Plant
15 Sept 1975 Pavel Sukhoi passed away
1976 Su-27 CPSU Central Committee and USSR government authorise Su-27 production
1976 T-10 Mikhail Simonov appointed chief designer
1977 T-10 Completion of T10-1 initial Su-27 prototype construction
20 May 1977 T-10 First flight T10-1 prototype flown by Vladimir Ilyushin
Aug 1977 T-10 Swiss magazine 'International Defense Review' reported MiG-29 prototype, but it was T10-1
Late 1977 T-10 US satellites pictures T-10 (coded RAM-K) and MiG-29 (coded RAM-L) at Ramenskoye (in fact GLII)
1978 T-10 Second prototype T10-2 built
1978 Su-27K Conceptual design stage for ship-borne fighter (T-12) based on Su-27, becoming variant Su-27K (T-10K)
7 July 1978 T-10 T10-2 crashed, killing test pilot Yevgeny Solovyov
1978 T-10 T10-3 and T10-4 production completed at Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant
Mar 1979 T-10 Final assembly T10-3 completed at Zhukovsky
Mar 1979 T-10 Pentagon releases first information concerning the new Sukhoi
23 Aug 1979 T-10 First flight T10-3
31 Oct 1979 T-10 First flight T10-4
Late 1979 Su-27 T-10S improved redesign done
Dec 1979 Su-27 Artyom Kolchin appointed chief designer
1980-1985 BACK TO TOP
1980 Su-27 Start Production of initial Su-27 (T-10S) prototypes T10-7, T10-12 and static T10-8
1980 Su-27UB Sukhoi OKB makes T-10U twin-seat draft design
June 1980 T-10 Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10-5 (No 02-02) and static test airframe No 02-01
Late 1980 T-10 Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10-6 (No 02-03) and T10-9 (No 02-04)
Late 1980 Su-27 Sukhoi plant completes new design prototype T10-7 or T-10S-1 (No 04-03)
1981 T-10 Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10-10 (No 03-01) and T10-11 (No 03-02)
20 Apr 1981 Su-27 First flight T10-7, flown by Vladimir Ilyushin
3 Sept 1981 Su-27 T10-7 crashed, Vladimir Ilyushin ejected safely
23 Dec 1981 Su-27 T10-12 crashed, killing Aleksandr Komarov
1981 Su-27 Aleksei Knyshev appointed chief designer
1982 Su-27 Komsomolsk-on-Amur delivers initial series-built T10-15, T10-16, T10-17 and static T10-14
2 June 1982 Su-27 First flight T10-15, first series-production Su-27, flown by Aleksandr Isakov
1982 Su-27 Su-27 designation first used in Western press, NATO ASCC callsign Flanker given
24 July 1982T-10 T10-3 starting trials taking off from the T-1 ramp at the Nitka complex
1983 Su-27 Komsomolsk-on-Amur delivers nine more aircraft for tests and trials
1983 Su-27M Sukhoi develops improvements and upgrades for Su-27M version
21 Jan 1983 Su-27IB Minister of Aircraft Industry orders conceptual design of new fighter-bomber
1983 Su-27IB Conceptual design for new fighter-bomber based on Su-27UB, designated Su-27IB (factory T-10V)
29 Dec 1983 Su-27M Government authorises Su-27M development
1984 Su-27UB Sukhoi and Komsomolsk-on-Amur complete Su-27UB static test model (01-01)
25 Sept 1984Su-27K T10-25 starts trials taking off from T-2 ramp at the Nitka complex
11 Nov 1984 Su-27K T10-25 crashed, pilot Nikolai Sadovnikov ejected
1984 Su-27 Su-27 officially accepted into the VVS&PVO inventory.
1985-1990 BACK TO TOP
1985 Su-27 Joint Offical Tests concluded
1985 Su-27 Full scale series production started
1985 T-10 T10-1 prototype moved to Monino Air Force Museum, Moscow
1985 Su-27M Su-27M conceptual design completed
Feb 1985 Su-27K Su-27K (T-10K) ship-borne fighter conceptual design approved
7 Mar 1985 Su-27UB First flight T10U-1 two-seater, flown by Nikolai Sadovnikov
22 June 1985Su-27 First two Su-27 '05' and '06' delivered to an operational unit, the 60th IAP-PVO at Dzemgi AB.
5 July 1985 Su-27 Su-27 commences air defense duties with the 60th IAP-PVO at Dzemgi AB.
1985 Su-27 First batch of six Su-27 enter service with first VVS unit, 831st GvIAP, Mirgorod, Ukraine.
Dec 1985 Su-27 Six Su-27 delivered to the 941st IAP-PVO at Klip-Yavr AB, Kola Peninsula.
1986 Su-27K T10-24 fitted with canards starts Nitka trials
1986 Su-27UB Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10U-2 (No 02-01) and T10U-3 (No 02-03) two-seaters
1986 Su-27UB Su-27UB series production moved to Irkutsk aircraft plant
1986 P-42 T10-15 stripped and converted to P-42 record-breaker
1986 Su-27 First four Su-27 delivered to the Russian Naval Aviation's 100th IIAP at Novofyodorovka AB, Saki.
19 June 1986Su-27IB CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers authorise Su-27IB production
10 Sept 1986Su-27UB First flight T10U-4, first series-produced Su-27UB, flown by G.Ye. Bulanov and N.N. Ivanov
Late 1986 Su-27UB Delivery series-produced Su-27UB trainers start
27 Oct 1986 P-42 2x Time to climb to 3,000m set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
15 Nov 1986 P-42 2x Time to climb to 6,000m set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
1987 Su-27M First Su-27M prototype T10M-1 assembled on the basis of series-produced Su-27 No 16-40
1987 Su-27IB Conceptual design for Su-27IB with new modifications finished
20 Jan 1987 Su-27K T10-24 crashed, pilot A. Puchkov ejected.
Mar 1987 Su-27UB T10U-2 (Su-27UB prototype) fitted with IFR and arrestor hook starts Nitka trials
10 Mar 1987 P-42 4x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Nikolay Sadovnikov
11 Mar 1987 P-42 3x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Nikolay Sadovnikov
31 Mar 1987 P-42 2x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Evgeny Frolov
April 1987 Su-27 First photo of series-produced Su-27 (no. 21) published in Western press
10 June 1987P-42 Altitude in level flight record set by P-42 piloted by Nikolay Sadovnikov
17 Aug 1987 Su-27K First flight Su-27K prototype T10K-1 (no.37), flown by Victor Pugachov
13 Sept 1987Su-27 Su-27 '36 Red' collided with a Norwegian P-3B Orion over the Barents Sea, both landed safely.
22 Dec 1987 Su-27K First flight Su-27K second prototype T10K-2 (no.39), flown by Nikolai Sadovnikov
1988 "Glasnost" declared in the Soviet Union
19 Apr 1988 P-42 2x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Oleg Tsoi
17 May 1988 P-42 6x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Oleg Tsoi
28 June 1988Su-27M First flight Su-27M prototype T10M-1 (no. 701), piloted by Oleg Tsoy
Aug 1988 Su-27 Su-27 unveiled to public for the first time, taking part in air parade over Moskva river near GLII
25 Aug 1988 Su-27K First flight Su-27K prototype T10K-1 (no. 37) with folding wings
28 Sept 1988Su-27K T10K-1 '37' crashed, Nikolai Sadovnikov ejected but deceased from trauma later
1989 Su-27P Su-27P interceptor standard enters production, existing PVO Su-27s progressively modified to same standard
Early 1989 Su-27 Su-27 officially declassified
18 Jan 1989 Su-27M Second Su-27M prototype T10M-2 (no. 702) enters flight testing
28 Apr 1989 Su-27 First 'dynamic deceleration' demonstration by Sukhoi test pilot Viktor G. Pugachov (Pugachov's Cobra) to officials at Zhukovsky.
June 1989 Su-27 Su-27 foreign airshow debut at Le Bourget, Paris, Su-27 '388' (T10-41) and Su-27UB '389'
19 Aug 1989 Su-27 Su-27 taking part in Zhukovsky air parade
20 Aug 1989 Su-27 Su-27 national airshow debut at the Tushino air festival
Aug 1989 Su-27 Su-27 '22' and Su-27UB '389' exhibited at Moscow Central Airfield (Khodynka)
Aug 1989 Su-27 Su-27 '31' placed on display at National Aviation Museum
1 Nov 1989 Su-27K First deck landing of the Su-27K on the Tbilisi (Adm. Kuznetsov) aircraft carrier, pilot Victor Pugachov
2 Nov 1989 Su-27K First Su-27K take off from the Tbilisi (Adm. Kuznetsov) aircraft carrier, pilot Victor Pugachov
1989 Su-27KU Sukhoi OKB begins naval combat trainer design, designated Su-27KU (T-10KU)
1989 Su-27 'Yuri Gagarin plant' at Komsomolsk-on-Amur renamed Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO)
1990-1995 BACK TO TOP
1990Su-27IB Sukhoi OKB finishes Su-27IB design and starts converting a Su-27UB
17 Feb 1990 Su-27K First flight T10K-3, first series-built Su-27K, piloted by Igor Votintsev
Feb 1990 Su-27 Su-27 Asian airshow debut at the Asian Aerospace '90 in Singapore
13 Apr 1990 Su-27IB First flight Su-27IB prototype, T10V-1 (no. 42), piloted by Anatoly Ivanov
1990 Su-27K KnAAPO produced six more Su-27Ks, T10K-4 thru T10K-9
18 Aug 1990 Su-27 Su-27 American airshow debut at Washington International Air Fair '90, Paine Field, Everett, WA
23 Aug 1990 Su-27 Soviet government declares Su-27 standard fighter for VVS and PVO
9 Sep 1990 Su-27 Su-27 '14 Red' crashed in Salgareda, Italy, killing pilot Rimantes Stankyavicius and a security guard on the ground
Nov 1990 Su-27 Soviet Union 'Armed Forces in Europe' CFE Treaty report issued, reporting 367 Su-27s in Europe (138 VVS, 229 PVO)
1991 Su-27SK Series production of export Su-27SK for China began at KnAAPO
1991 Su-27UBK Series production of export Su-27UBK for China began at IAPO
1991 Su-27PU Series production of twin-seat Su-27PU/Su-30 (10-4PU) began at IAPO
Mar 1991 Su-27K Official tests of the Su-27K begin
5 Apr 1991 Su-27 Russian Knights aerobatic team is created, flying Su-27 and Su-27UB
11 July 1991Su-27K T10K-8 crashed, pilot Timur Apakidze ejected safely
18 Aug 1991 Su-27K First public Su-27K demonstration during Air Fleet anniversary parade
20 Nov 1991 Su-27K First automatic arrested landing at the Nitka complex by Victor Pugachov flying the T10K-4
1992 Su-27 Break-up USSR, former CIS countries inherit combat aircraft, including Su-27
1992 Su-27 Russian Armed Forces pull out of Eastern Europe, 159th GvIAP and 582nd IAP Su-27/Su-27UB depart Poland.
1 Apr 1992 Su-27M First flight T10M-3 '703', first series-produced Su-27M
14 Apr 1992 Su-30 First flight series produced Su-27PU (Su-30), crew G. Bulanov and V. Maksimenkov
June 1992 Su-27SK First Su-27SKs delivered to China
Aug 1992 Su-27PU Mosaeroshow '92 held at GLII field at Zhukovsky included LII test pilot team flying Su-27P and Su-27PU
Aug 1992 Su-27IB Su-27IB unveiled at the Mosaeroshow '92 static show
1992 Su-27M Su-27M (as Su-35) unveiled at the Farnborough airshow
1993 Su-30MK First Su-30 (No 01-01) converted to Su-30MK demonstrator numbered 603
April 1993 Su-27K First four Su-27K enter Russian Navy inventory.
20 May 1993 P-42 2x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
20 May 1993 P-42 Altitude with 1,000 kg payload record set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
20 May 1993 P-42 Greatest mass carried to 15,000m set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
June 1993 Su-30MK Su-30MK concept first unveiled at Le Bourget by Su-27UB '321' (formerly '389')
Autumn 1993 Su-27IB NAPO completes T10V-2 (number 43) second Su-27IB prototype
18 Dec 1993 Su-27IB First flight T10V-2 prototype, flown by Igor vitintsev and Yevgeny Revunov
Mar 1994 Su-30MK Actual Su-30MK '603' first unveiled abroad at FIDAE '94 in Chile
Late 1994 Su-34 First series-built Su-34 (T10V-5) completed
Dec 1994 Su-27K Su-27K official testing program ends with recommendations to field it
28 Dec 1994 Su-34 First flight T10V-5 series-built Su-34, piloted by Yevgeny Rudakas and Yevgeny Revunov
1995-2000 BACK TO TOP
1995 Su-27SMKKnAAPO starts Su-27SMK programme
1995 Su-32FN Painted T10V-5 number '45' was presented at Le Bourget as Su-32FN demo with number '349' carried
May 1995 Su-27SK First batch of five Su-27SK and one Su-27UBK delivered to Vietnam
Dec 1995 Su-27K Admiral Kuznetsov carrier first ocean cruise, 13 Su-27K fighter onboard
12 Dec 1995 Knights Three Russian Knight fighters crashed into mountain due to adverse weather, four killed
1996 Su-27M First three production Su-27Ms (numbers 86, 87, 88) delivered to the Russian Air Force
1996 Su-27 Kazakhstan receives first Su-27s in return for Tu-95MS bombers
2 Apr 1996 Su-37 First flight Su-37 '711' with TVC engines, flown by Yevgeny Frolov
31 July 1996Su-37 Su-37 '711' unveiled to the public at GLII
Sept 1996 Su-37 Su-37 foreign debut at Farnborough airshow
30 Nov 1996 Su-30MKIIndia and Russia sign contract for 40 Su-30MKI fighters
6 Dec 1996 J-11 China granted approval for license production of 200 Su-27SK
Mar/Apr 1997Su-30K First eight Su-30K delivered to India
21 June 1997Knights Russian Knights code '15' belly-landed (gear restracted) at SIAD 97 Air Show, Bratislava, Slovakia
1 July 1997 Su-30MKIFirst flight first Su-30MKI '01' prototype (Su-30I-1, Su-30MK-1), flown by Vyacheslav Averyanov
Aug 1997 Su-30KI Indonesia signs contract for 12 Su-30KI
Sep 1997 Su-27 Two RuAF Su-27, two Su-27PU (Su-30) take part in joint exercise with Hellenic AF, deploying to Tanagra AB, Greece
Late 1997 Su-30KI Indonesia cancels contract for Su-30KI
6 Dec 1997 Su-27UBK An-124 loaded with two Su-27UBK destined for Vietnam crashed near Irkutsk
23 Apr 1998 Su-30MKIFirst flight second Su-30MKI '06' prototype (Su-30MK-6, converted from T10PU-6)
June 1998 Russian Armed Forces reform merges Air Defence Force (PVO) with Air Force (VVS).
28 June 1998Su-30KI First flight single-seat Su-30KI prototype (No 40-02) at KnAAPO, pilot Yevgeny Revunov
31 Aug 1998 Su-33 Russian Navy Su-27K service entry made official, formally redesignated Su-33.
Nov 1998 Su-30MKISu-30MKI '01' first unveiled at AeroIndia '98 airshow, Bangalore
Nov 1998 Su-27SK First Su-27SK (reworked RuAF Su-27) delivered to Ethiopia.
Dec 1998 J-11 First flight two Chinese-built Su-27SK, designated J-11
1999 Su-27KUBRoll-out Su-27KUB (Su-33UB) naval combat trainer at Sukhoi plant
6 Jan 1999 Su-27SK First Ethiopian Su-27SK loss while performing demonstration at Debrizey AB
Mar 1999 Su-30MKKChina signs official contract for 38 Su-30MKKs for PLAAF, built by KnAAPO.
29 Apr 1999 Su-27KUBFirst flight Su-27KUB (Su-33UB) prototype, pilots Victor Pugachov and Sergei Melnikov
9 May 1999 Su-30MKKFirst flight series-built Su-30MKK '501' prototype, piloted by Vyacheslav Averyanov
12 June 1999Su-30MKISu-30MKI demonstrator (Su-30MK-1) '01' crashed at Le Bourget, crew ejected safely
28 July 1999Su-32MF Three altitude/weight records set by Su-32MF, crew Igor Votintsev and Aleksandr Gaivoronsky
3 Aug 1999 Su-32MF Two altitude/weight records set by Su-32MF, crew Vyacheslav Petrusha and Aleksandr Oshchepkov
19 Aug 1999 Su-32MF Three altitude/weight records set by Su-32MF, crew Igor Solovyov and Vladimir Shendrik
Aug 1999 Su-30KI Su-30KI demonstrated at MAKS '99
Aug 1999 Su-30MKKKnAAPO completes series-built Su-30MKK '502' prototype
3 Sept 1999 Su-27KUBFirst arrested Su-27KUB (Su-33UB) landing at the Nitka complex
6 Sept 1999 Su-27KUBFirst take-off Su-27KUB (Su-33UB) from Nitka ramp
6 Oct 1999 Su-27KUBFirst carrier landing and take-off Su-27KUB (Su-33UB) from Adm. Kuznetsov
Oct 1999 Su-27 Swedish AF F17 Viggens visit 689th GvIAP at Neevenskoye AB.
Nov 1999 Su-30KI Su-30KI unveiled abroad at LIMA '99 airshow in Malaysia
Dec 1999 Su-27UBKChina signs contract for at least 20 Su-27UBKs produced by IAPO
1999 KnAAPO recovered the name of Yuri Gagarin for its plant
2000-2005 BACK TO TOP
20 Mar 2000 Su-27UB President Putin flies Su-27UB '17' from Krasnodar to Chechnya, piloted by Maj. Gen. Aleksandr V. Kharchevsky
29 Mar 2000 Su-32MF Five of the Su-32MF records registrered as official aviation world records
Summer 2000 Su-27 False reports of Su-27 deliveries to Syria appear in aviation press
7 Aug 2000 Su-35UB First flight Su-35UB prototype (bort no. 801).
Sep 2000 Su-27 689th GvIAP Su-27s visit Ronneby, Sweden.
Nov 2000 Su-30MKKSu-30MKK '502' presented at Zhuhai air show in China
Dec 2000 Su-30MKKFirst batch Su-30MKKs delivered to China
28 Dec 2000 Su-30MKIAgreement signed for local production of up to 140 Su-30MKI by HAL
Apr 2001 Su-27 689th GvIAP Su-27s again visit Ronneby, Sweden.
July 2001 Su-30MKKChina signs second contract for 38 more Su-30MKKs for the PLAAF, built by KnAAPO.
17 July 2001Su-33 Russian Navy 279th OKIAP Su-33 number '70' crashed during a display at Ostrov.
June 2002 J-11B First flight J-11B improved Flanker, developed and built by China, piloted by Fu Guoxiang.
22 June 2002Su-30MKIFirst two Su-30MKIs produced by IAPO arrive in India
27 July 2002Su-27UB Ukrainian Falcons Su-27UB crashed at L'vov-Sknilov airshow, two pilots ejected, 83 77 spectators killed, over 100 injured
27 Sept 2002Su-30MKIFirst ten Su-30MKIs enter service, with IAF No.20 Sqn
27 Dec 2002 Su-27SM First flight Su-27SM, mid-life upgrade for RuAF Su-27S by KnAAPO
Jan 2003 Su-30MK2China signs contract for 24 Su-30MK2s for PLANAF, built by KnAAPO
5 Aug 2003 Su-30MKMMalaysia signs $900 million contract for 18 IAPO-built Su-30MKM, based on Su-30MKI
27 Aug 2003 Su-27SK First two Su-27SK delivered to Indonesia, soon to be followed by two Su-30MK
14 Sept 2003Su-27SK First post-delivery flights of both Indonesian Su-27SK, flown by Alexander Pulenkov (Sukhoi OKB)
16 Sept 2003Su-27SK Post-delivery flight testing of Indonesian Su-30MKs completed
14 Oct 2003 Su-27 Four Lipetsk Su-27s visit Bodo (Norway), Norwegian pilots get familiarisation flights on Su-27UB
23 Oct 2003 Su-27 Kant AB established as Russian Air Force base in Kyrghyzstan, five 4th TsBP i PLS Su-27s deployed
Dec 2003 Su-30MK2Vietnam orders four Su-30MK2V for the Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF).
26 Dec 2003 Su-27SM First five KnAAPO-upgraded Su-27SM delivered to 4th TsBP i PLS at Lipetsk to undergo trials
Feb 2004 Su-30MK2First batch of Su-30MK2 delivered to China for PLANAF
16 Feb 2004 Su-30K IAF Su-30K meet USAF F-15C in dissimilar air combat training during Exercise Cope India 04
16 Mar 2004 Su-30MK2First Chinese Su-30MK2 crash, pilot ejected safely
16 Aug 2004 Su-33 Su-33s return to Admiral Kuznetsov carrier after its 4-year overhaul
Nov 2004 Su-30MK2KnAAPO delivers four Su-30MK2V to Vietnam ordered Dec 2003
28 Nov 2004 Su-30MKIHAL completes first indigenously assembled Su-30MKI for Indian Air Force
Dec 2004 Su-27SM First batch of Su-27SM upgraded aircraft entered service with the 23rd IAP at Dzemgi AB, Komsomol'sk-on-Amur
2005-2010 BACK TO TOP
15 Sep 2005 Su-27P RuAF 177th IAP Su-27P '12 Red' crashed in Lithuania, upon entering NATO-controlled airspace.
Feb 2006 Su-30MKIIndia orders 18 Su-30MKI to replace the 18 Su-30K.
2 July 2006 Su-30MK Two KnAAPO-owned Su-30MK demonstrators (501 and 502) arrive in Venezuela for demonstration.
5 July 2006 Su-30MK Two Su-30MK demonstrators take part in Independence Day celebrations in Caracas, Venezuela.
6 July 2006 Su-34 First production version Su-34 rolled out by NAPO.
25 July 2006Su-30MK2Venezuela orders 24 Su-30MK2 for the Venezuelan Air Force (dubbed Su-30MKV or Su-30MK2-AMV).
Aug 2006 Su-27SM 23rd IAP at Dzemgi AB fully equipped with 24 Su-27SM upgraded Flankers.
12 Oct 2006 Su-34 First flight first production Su-34.
30 Nov 2006 Su-30MK2First delivery of two Su-30MK2 for the Venezuelan Air Force.
10 Dec 2006 Su-30MK2Venezuelan Air Force Su-30MK2s make public debut in Venezuela during the independence day parade
14 Dec 2006 Su-30MKMFirst two Su-30MKM completed by IAPO and flight-tested.
15 Dec 2006 Su-34 Official handover first two production Su-34s ('Red 01' 'Red' 02) for RuAF trials.
20 Dec 2006 Su-30MK2Second pair of Su-30MK2 arrived in Venezuela.
23 Feb 2007 Su-27Mexican Navy announces decision to abandon Su-27 acquisition plans.
24 May 2007 Su-30MKMFirst two Su-30MKM officially handed over to the Royal Malaysian Air Force at IAPO, Irkutsk.
18 Jun 2007 Su-30MKMFirst two Su-30MKM arrive in Malaysia, delivered at Kong Kedak Air Base by an An-124-100.
28 Jun 2007 Su-30MKISix IAF Su-30MKIs deploy to the UK to train with the RAF in Exercise Indradhanush II.
Aug 2007 Su-35 KnAAPO completes first new Su-35 prototype (T10BM-1, Su-35-1), bort number 901.
3 Aug 2007 Su-34 First production Su-34 joins the 4th TsBP I PLS at Lipetsk to undergo operational evaluation.
9 Aug 2007 PAK-FA Announcement that Sukhoi completed design of new PAK-FA fifth-generation Su-27 replacement, KnAAPO starts building first prototype.
21 Aug 2007 Su-35 Sukhoi/KnAAPO unveil new Su-35 (Su-27BM, T-10BM) at MAKS 2007.
21 Aug 2007 Su-27SKMIndonesia signs MOU for delivery of three Su-27SKM and three Su-30MK2 in 2008-2010.
Dec 2007 Su-30MKAFirst two Su-30MKA delivered to Algeria by IAPO.
14 Jan 2008 Su-34 Sukhoi announces start of Su-34 full-rate production by NAPO.
19 Feb 2008 Su-35 First flight Su-35 '901' (T10BM-1, Su-35-1) flown by Sergey Bogdan at Zhukovsky.
Mar 2008 Su-30MKAIAPO delivers two more Su-30MKA to Algeria.
Aug 2008 Su-34 Combat debut production standard RuAF Su-34 during the five-day war with Georgia.
2 Oct 2008 Su-35 First flight second Su-35 '902' (T10BM-2, Su-35-2) flown by Sergey Bogdan from KnAAPO factory airfield at Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
12 Nov 2008 Su-27SKMRosoboronexport announces Indonesia deal for three Su-27SKM and three Su-30MK2 has been finalised.
Dec 2008 Su-34 Russian Ministry of Defense orders 32 Su-34 built by NAPO for RuAF
26 Dec 2008 Su-30MK2First two Su-30MK2 for Indonesia arrive at Saltan Hassanuddin air base, Makassar.
Jan 2009 Su-30MK2Vietnam orders eight additional Su-30MK2Vs: four to be delivered in 2010 and four in 2011.
17 Jan 2009 Su-30MK2Third and final Indonesian Su-30MK2 ordered on 21 Aug 2007 arrives.
2 Feb 2009 Su-30MK2Indonesia officially accepts the three Su-30MK2 ordered on 21 Aug 2007.
20 Mar 2009 Su-35 100th Flight of the Su-35 (T-10BM), completing flight control systems testing.
26 Apr 2009 Su-35 Third Su-35 '904' (T10BM-3, Su-35-3) flying prototype was destroyed during a high-speed taxi test prior to first flight. Pilot Eugene Frolov safely ejected.
17 Aug 2009 Su-30MKMFinal batch of four Su-30MKM arrived in Malaysia.
17 Aug 2009 Knights Russian Knights Su-27UB and Su-27 midair collision over Zhukovsky during MAKS09 rehearsal, one of the three pilots, Col. Igor V. Tkachenko, died after ejection.
18 Aug 2009 Su-35S Announced at MAKS09, Russian Defense Ministry orders 48 new-built Su-35S, deliveries 2011-2015.
18 Aug 2009 Su-27SM Announced at MAKS09, Russian Defense Ministry orders 12 Su-27SM3 upgrades for delivery 2011.
18 Aug 2009 Su-30M2 Announced at MAKS09, Russian Defense Ministry orders 4 Su-30M2 with final delivery in late 2011.
30 Aug 2009 Su-27UBMBelarus Air Force Su-27UBM1 crashed during the Radom Air Show in Poland, killing Col. Alexander Morfitsky and Col. Alexander Zhuravlevich.
31 Aug 2009 J-15 Carrier-borne Shenyang J-15 (Su-33 equivalent) reported first flight.
23 Sep 2009 Su-27SM Sukhoi/KnAAPO delivers 4 Su-27SM upgraded aircraft to the RuAF 22nd GvIAP.
17 Nov 2009 Su-35S Sukhoi announces start production at KnAAPO for initial Su-35S production batch.
2 Dec 2009 N131SU First privately-owned Su-27 licensed by FAA, ex-Ukraine Su-27UB '31' registered as N131SU by Pride Aircraft, Inc.
10 Dec 2009 N131SU First flight of a civilian Su-27, Pride Aircraft's Su-27UB 'N131SU' took off from Rockford Airport, Chicago/Rockford, IL.
21 Dec 2009 Su-34 Sukhoi announces hand-over final pre-production Su-34 to the RuAF, coded '04 Red' and '05 Red'.
2010-2015 BACK TO TOP
21 Jan 2010 Su-27SKMSu-27SKM demonstrated at Bahrain International Air Show 2010.
29 Jan 2010 PAK-FA Sukhoi's T-50 first flight at Komsomolsk-na-Amur, prototype PAK-FA for future Su-27 replacement.
6 May 2010 J-15 Shenyang J-15 first take-off from simulated ski jump.
Aug 2010 Su-33 Russian Navy resumes training at Nikta Naval Pilot Training Centre at Saki-Novofedorivka, Ukraine, deploying six Su-33 and one Su-27UB.
10 Sep 2010 Su-27SKMFirst two Su-27SKM for Indonesia delivered, three ordered on 21 Aug 2007.
16 Sep 2010 Su-27SKMThird and final Indonesian Su-27SKM arrived, completing the 21 Aug 2007 order.
20 Sep 2010 J-11 Chinese PLAAF J-11s exercise with THK F-4E Phantom IIs in Turkey, first ever deployment to NATO country.
27 Sep 2010 Su-27SKMFormal hand-over ceremony of the three Su-27SKM to the Indonesian AF at Sultan Hasanuddin air base, Ujung Pandang, Sulawesi.
30 Sep 2010 Su-30M2 KnAAPO completes flight testing first Su-30M2 for 2009 order.
Feb 2011 Su-27SM Four Su-27SM3 (first batch, for 2009 order) delivered to RuAF, joining the 3rd IAP.
Mar 2011 Su-27 RNA former 698th OGIAP, Baltic Fleet, Su-27 regiment transferred to RuAF.
5 May 2011 Su-35S First Series-produced Su-35S (Su-35S-1) test-flown by Sergey Bogdan from KnAAPO factory airfield at Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
22 June 2011Su-30MK2Announced at Paris Air Show, first four Su-30MK2V (out of 20 on order) delivered to Vietnam.
25 July 2011Su-30MK2Uganda People's Defence Force Air Wing Su-30MK2 enters service at Entebbe air base.
5-9 Aug 2011Su-27 Vigilant Eagle 2011: RuAF Su-27 Flankers participate in first live-flying exercise with USAF.
15 Aug 2011 Su-35 Su-35 State Joint Tests begin with first two prototypes at the 929th GLITs, Ahktubinsk.
12 Dec 2011 Su-34 NAPO delivers first four series-produced Su-34 of Dec 2008 order to RuAF 7000th Air Base, Voronezh-Baltimor.
16 Dec 2011 Su-30MKIIndia signs agreement for 42 more Su-30MKI to be license-built by HAL.
22 Dec 2011 Su-27SM3Sukhoi announces delivery completion of 2009 order for 12 Su-27SM3 upgrades by KnAAPO.
17 Jan 2012 Su-35S Third KnAAPO series-produced Su-35S (Su-35S-3) first flown by Taras Artsebarsky.
1 Mar 2012 Su-34 Russian Defense Ministry orders 92 Su-34, second five-year Su-34 contract.
22 Mar 2012 Su-30SM Russian Defense Ministry orders 30 Su-30SM two-seat strike fighters by IAPO (based on Su-30MKI), to be delivered by 2015.
Aug 2012 Su-27SKM/30MK2TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) Flankers first participation international Exercise Pitch Black, Australia
21 Sep 2012 Su-30SMFirst IAPO-built Su-30SM '01 Blue' for Russian Air Force maiden flight at Irkutsk, flown by Sergey Kostin (pilot) and Malovechko Pavel.
16 Dec 2013 Su-34 NAPO completes RuAF Su-34 order of Dec 2008 for 32 aircraft, hand-over at Novosibirsk.
21 Dec 2013 Su-30MK2 Unconfirmed reports of one or two Ugandan Su-30MK2 shot down over South Sudan
25 Dec 2013 Su-35S 12 Su-35S delivered to the RuAF during 2013 (10 in 2012?), of Aug 2009 order.
Jul 2014 Su-30SM First three Su-30SM delivered to Russian Navy's aviation service
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2015 Su-30SM First export order for 30 Su-30SM two-seat strike fighters by IAPO (based on Su-30MKI), order placed by Kazahkstan.
25 Aug 2015 Su-30SM Public debut at MAKS air show of Russian Navy Su-30SM, '38 Blue' displayed
2 Sep 2015 Su-35 Su-35 selected by Indonesia to replace TNI-AU F-5E/F Tiger IIs.
18 Sep 2015 Su-30SM First Su-30SM combat deployment to Syria.
27 Sep 2015 Su-34 First Su-34 Middle Eastern combat deployment to Syria.
1 Oct 2015 Su-30SM Combat debut Su-30SM during Russian Syria strikes, from Latakia, Syria.
1 Oct 2015 Su-34 Middle Eastern combat debut Su-34 during Russian Syria strikes, from Latakia, Syria.
31 Dec 2015 Su-30SM Mar 2012 order for 30 Su-30SM deliveries to be completed
31 Dec 2015 Su-35S Aug 2009 order for 48 Su-35S deliveries to be completed
31 Dec 2020 Su-34 Mar 2012 order for 92 Su-34 deliveries to be completed

4th TsBP I PLS = 4th Combat and Aircrew Conversion Training Centre, Lipetsk, central Russia
GLII = (not official acronym) Gromov LII Flight Research Institute, airfield at Zhukovsky, Moscow
GLITs = Gosudarstvennyy Lotno-Ispytatelnyy Tsentr - State Flight Test Centre, Ahktubinsk, Volga Region, southwest Russia
GvIAP = Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment
HAL = Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (India)
IAP = Istrebitel'nyy Avia Polk (Fighter Aviation Regiment)
IAPO = Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association/Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (Irkut Corporation)
IIAP = Instrooktorsko-Issledovatel'skiy Avia Polk (Instruction & Research Aviation Regiment)
KnAAPO = Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (also named after Yuri Gagarin)
Lipetsk = Lipetsk Combat Employment and Pilot Retraining Centre, cental Russia
MAKS = Moscow International Air and Space Salon, major trade and air show at Zhukovsky, near Moscow
NAPO = Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association, Chkalov, at Novosibirsk
NPK Irkut = Irkutsk aircraft manufacturing plant of IAPO.
OGIAP = Independent Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment
OKB = Opytno-Konstruktorskoye Byuro (Experimental Design Bureau)
PAK-FA = Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks - Frontovoi Aviatsii (Future Air System - Tactical Aviation); program to develop Russia's fifth generation fighter to replace the Su-27.
PLAAF = People's Liberation Army Air Force (People's Republic of China Air Force)
PLANAF = People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force (People's Republic of China Navy aviation branch)
PVO = Protivo-Vozdushnoi Oborony (National/Homeland Air Defense Forces)
RNA = Russian Naval Aviation, also VVS i PVO VMF
RuAF = Russian Air Force, also VVS
VVS = Voenno-Vozdushniye Sily (Military Aviation Forces, Soviet/Russian Air Force)
VVS i PVO VMF = Voenno-Vozdushniye Sily i Protivo-Vozdushnaya Oborona Voenno-Morskogo Flota, Russian Navy Air and Air Defense Forces (Russia Naval Aviation)
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