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MILAVIA Updates - Site changes, updates and new additions


You can subscribe to the following RSS/XML feeds to be informed about newly added content and updates.

Updates Feed All Site Updates

Constantly updated feed containing all additions, updates, changes and fixes.

Additions Feed New Additions

Regularly updated feed containing only new additions of sections, reports, articles.

What are RSS/XML Feeds?

RSS is a standard feed format used to publish frequently updated content such as news and blog or forum entries. RSS makes it possible for you to keep up with a website by automatically feeding the content into a so called RSS reader, feed reader or aggregator. XML is a standard file format which is used to publish RSS Feeds.

How to use RSS/XML Feeds?

When you click on the feeds above, depending on your internet browser you can view the feed and subscribe to it. When subscribed the feed will be added to your feeds list, which is similar to your favorites/bookmarks list. The browser updates the feeds when you access it again, or according to your settings.
However, your internet browser is probably not the best place to organize and read feeds. There are many browser-based as well as desktop programs can organize and allow you to read feeds as well. Personally, I do not want to use another site or program, so I have chosen to read my feeds in Outlook 2007 together with my mail, it can conveniently import them from Internet Explorer 7. Windows Live Mail offers similar functionality.
Visit this Wikipedia page for an overview of available feed readers.

Why use RSS/XML Feeds?

Whether you use the feeds to stay up-to-date or prefer to visit us regularly is up to you. One of the big advantages in my opinion is that RSS feeds do not clog up your e-mail inbox, unlike e-mail notifications or frequent newsletters.