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Added: 28 Nov 2021 | Section: Airshows

Airshow London 2019 - London, ON, Canada

A look back at the 2019 Airshow London in Ontario, Canada, covering all five days of the event including early access photo tour sunrise images. The air show featured the RCAF demo teams, historical jets, and a great selection of aircraft from the United States from the old B-52H bomber to the new F-35C carrier-borne stealth fighter.
Airshow London 2019 Photo Report

Added: 18 Sep 2021 | Section: Airshows

Athens Flying Week 2021 Airshow - Tanagra, Greece

The Athens Flying Week airshow returned again this year. The 2021 edition featured the Saudi Hawks from the Royal Saudi Air Force, along with a Tornado and F-15 on static display. Other highlights included the return of the Hellenic Air Force Spitfire and the Rafale Demo, as Greece has recently opted to procure the type.
Athens Flying Week 2021 Air Show Report

Added: 20 Aug 2021 | Section: Specials

ANATOLIAN EAGLE 2021 - Konya, Turkey

Late June, the Anatolian Eagle exercise was held again in Konya, Turkey. This edition was attended by Azerbaijan sending two Su-25 and MiG-29s, Qatar with its new Rafale CQ/DQ, and Pakistani JF-17 Thunders. The Turkish Stars, F-16 Solo Türk, and F-4E-2020 Phantoms also made an appearance.
Anatolian Eagle 2021 Exercise Photo Report

Added: 01 Aug 2021 | Section: Specials

Exercise ANATOLIAN PHOENIX 2021-1 Konya, Turkey

The International Anatolian Phoenix 2021-1 Combined Joint Task Force Exercise at Konya air base in Turkey involved CSAR teams and helicopters from the Turkish armed forces and paramilitary forces as well as from Qatar and Azerbaijan, participating with AW139 and Mi-17 helicopters respectively.
Anatolian Phoenix 2021-1 Exercise Report

Added: 24 Jul 2021 | Section: Specials

Exercise Early Bird 2021 - 493rd FS F-15 Eagles in Greece

USAFE 493rd FS "Grim Reapers" F-15C/D Eagles deployed to Larissa air base in Greece for exercise Astral Knight 2021 and to train with the Hellenic Air Force during their two week stay at the home of the 110 Combat Wing's 337 Sqn F-16C/D Block 52+s.
Exercise Early Bird / Astral Knight 2021 - Larissa, Greece

Added: 12 Jul 2021 | Section: Specials

Exercise ASTRAL KNIGHT 2021 - Aviano AB, Italy

n May 2021 exercise Astral Knight took place again over and around the Adriatic Sea led by the USAFE. While Patriots were deployed to Croatia and F-15s to Greece, a media day was held at Aviano AB in Italy, home of the 31st Fighter Wing, to witness the participating F-16s, HH-60G Pave Hawk, and Italian Air Force F-35As from Amendola. At the same time, the F-16CM new Have Glass V paint scheme was showcased for the 555th and 510th FS.
Astral Knight 2021 Exercise Photo Report

Added: 05 May 2021 | Section: Specials

Saudi Hellenic FALCON EYE-1 Exercise - Souda

In March 2021, the Royal Saudi Air Force deployed six F-15 fighters to Souda Air Base on the Greek island of Crete for the joint exercise Falcon Eye-1 with the Hellenic Air Force. Exercise report with photos of the RSAF F-15C/D Eagles and the HAF 340/343 Sqn F-16C/D Block 52+s of the 115 Combat Wing.
HAF/RSAF Exercise FALCON EYE 2021 Photo Report

Added: 01 Jan 2021 | Section: Specials

Exercise OCEAN SKY 2020 - Canary Islands

Report on the Dissimilar Air Combat Training exercise OCEAN SKY 2020 held by the Spanish Air Force at the Canary Islands. The Canarian F/A-18A+ Hornets of Ala 46 were joined by EF-18M Hornets and Eurofighter Typhoons from the mainland, as well as Spanish Navy Harriers and French Air Force Rafales.
OCEAN SKY 2020 Exercise Photo Report

Added: 29 Dec 2020 | Section: Specials

Italian Airmobile Training exercise 2020

The Brigata Aeromobile “FRIULI” concluded the Airmobile Permanent Training II/2020 exercise with a tactical operation in late September 2020 at the Rivoli Bianchi range, involving multiple AH-129D Mangusta and UH-90A helicopters.
Italian Army APT II / 2020 exercise report

Added: 22 Dec 2020 | Section: Specials

ENJJPT program Sheppard AFB, TX

The ENJJPT program hosted by the USAF 80th Flying Training Wing at Sheppard Air Force Base is where many NATO pilots learn to fly a fighter jet. Report explaining the training program with photos of the facilities and T-38 Talons and T-6 Texan II and the ground and in the air.
ENJJPT Photo Report

Added: 22 Nov 2020 | Section: Specials

IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 2019 1st CAB Deployment Italy

During its European tour in 2019, the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade deployed to Rivolto air base in Italy in preparation of the multinational exercise IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 2019. CH-47F and UH-60M helicopters at Rivolto and the Maniago range.
Report 1st CAB Deployment Rivolto - Italy

Added: 23 Aug 2020 | Section: Airshows

75 Years Meiringen Air Base 2016

A look back at the 2016 air show celebrating 75 years of Meiringen Air Base, featuring the Swiss Air Force F/A-18 Hornets, F-5E Tiger IIs, and other flying displays during late spring in the Alps.
Meiringen 2016 Air Show Report

Added: 13 Jun 2020 | Section: Airshows

Tag der Bundeswehr 2019 Jagel / Nordholz / Faßberg

A look at the German Armed Forces Day 2019 held in June of last year at Jagel air base, Nordholz naval air base, and the helicopter base at Faßberg. Photos of all German aircraft types; Tornado, Eurofighter, A400M, C-160, CH-53, NH90, Tiger,, Lynx, Orion, etc. Visitors including some C-47s.for Berlin Airlift 1949-2019.
Tag der Bundeswehr 2019 Photo Report

Added: 26 Jan 2020 | Section: Airshows

NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days 2019

Air Show Report of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days held in September 2019 with photos of the air displays and the aircraft arriving for the static display. Partner nation Romania sent the MiG-21 LanceR, IAR 99 Soim, and IAR 330 SOCAT.
NATO Days Ostrava 2019 Report

Added: 11 Jan 2020 | Section: Specials

Star Wars Canyon Photos

Photos of U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, and F-35C Lightning II and other fighters flying at low level through the famous Jedi Transition in Rainbow Canyon in Death Valley National Park, California.
Star Wars Canyon - March 2019

Added: 29 Dec 2019 | Section: Airshows

Thunder over South Georgia 2019 - Moody AFB

In November the Moody AFB Open House Airshow saw the resident 23rd Fighter Group and 347th Rescue Group performing a CSAR demo with its A-10C Warthogs, HH-60G Pave Hawks and HC-130J. The Blue Angels headlined the show, which also featured the F-22 Raptor that joined the A-10 Demo for the Heritage Flight with a P-51 Mustang.
Moody AFB Airshow 2019

Added: 15 Dec 2019 | Section: Specials

Exercise BLUE FLAG 2019 - Israel

In November 2019 the Israeli Air Force hosted the multi-national exercise Blue Flag. In this edition the Israeli F-35 Adir fifth generation stealth fighters as well as Italian F-35s flew with the fourth generation fighters of Israel, Italy, Germany, Greece and the US.
Exercise Report Blue Flag 2019

Added: 03 Nov 2019 | Section: Specials

Exercise COBRA WARRIOR 2019

In September 2019 fighter jets from Israel, Italy and Germany deployed to RAF Waddington to join the UK armed forces in the UK's premier tactical exercise. Report with photos of the Israeli F-15C/D Baz, Italian and German Typhoons, and other involved aircraft.
Cobra Warrior 2019 Exercise Report

Added: 29 Oct 2019 | Section: Airshows

Athens Flying Week 2019

The Athens Flying Week 2019 international airshow hosted at Tanagra air base was headlines by the Patrouille de France and again featured many of the aircraft type in service with the Hellenic Armed Forces. This year the Hellenic Navy presented its upgraded P-3 Orion and Aegean Airlines celebrated its 20th anniversary.
Athens Flying Week 2019 Air Show Report

Added: 08 Sep 2019 | Section: Airshows

Air Tattoo 2019

The annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at RAF Fairford is the biggest air show when measured by the number and variety of military aircraft. Report on the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2019 with photos of the airshow on Saturday July 21.
RIAT2019 Air Show Photo Report

Added: 31 Aug 2019 | Section: Specials

Exercise RED FLAG 19-2

Photo report from the Red Flag exercise held in March 2019 at Nellis AFB. Featuring the newly delivered F-15SA of Saudi Arabia, local and Luke AFB F-35A Lightning IIs, F-15E Strike Eagles from Seymour Johnson, F-16s from Belgium plus RNLAF and UAE F-16s from Tucson Arizona, and more.
Red Flag 19-2 Exercise Photos

Added: 23 Aug 2019 | Section: Airshows

Bray Air Display 2019

Airshow report from the 2019 Bray Air Display in Ireland, featuring the Irish Air Corps, Coast Guard, Aer Lingus A320 and various aerobatic displays, including the Royal Jordanian Falcons.
Bray Air Display 2019 Report

Added: 21 Aug 2019 | Section: Specials

Exercise ASTRAL KNIGHT 2019

In June 2019 U.S. Air Force 421st FW Fighter Squadron "Black Widows" F-35A Lightning IIs from Hill AFB deployed to Aviano AB in Italy and took part in exercise Astral Knight, organised by U.S. Air Forces Europe with participation by the local 31st Fighter Wing F-16s, Italian Air Force F-35As, and including a B-52 visit.
421st FS Black Widows F-35A Lightning IIs in Italy

Added: 14 Jul 2019 | Section: Specials

Anatolian Eagle 2019

In June 2019, the Turkish Air Force once again hosted the multinational exercise Anatolian Eagle at Konya Air Base. This edition was again attended by the Pakistani Air Force, but this time with the JF-17 Thunder!
Anatolian Eagle 2019 Exercise Photo Report

Added: 31 May 2019 | Section: Specials

USAF B-52 deployment Europe Spring 2019

In March 2019 six USAF B-52H Stratofortress bombers deployed to RAF Fairford, the largest bomber detachment to Europe since the 2003 deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The strategic bomber task force flew about 40 training sorties around Europe and North Africa.
B-52 Bomber Task Force Europe 2019