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MILAVIA Updates - Site changes, updates and new additions

MILAVIA Updates 2006

Updates, changes and additions in 2006:

Date Update Link
29 Dec 2006 Added: Report on the Combined Qualified Weapons Instructors Course 2/2006 at RAF Kinloss.
26 Dec 2006 Added Su-24 Video Gallery and Related Books.
26 Dec 2006 Updated airshow calendars for 2007.
17 Dec 2006 Updated airshow calendars for 2007.
05 Dec 2006 Fixes and updates to some e-mail forms.
05 Dec 2006 Upgraded the forum to the latest version.
04 Dec 2006 Added: Exercise Long Step 2006 Report.
04 Dec 2006 Updated: Su-27, Su-30, Su-33 and Su-34 pages.
03 Dec 2006 Updated: Quiz for December is online, as well as answer for last month.
17 Nov 2006 Added: NAS Oceana Air Show 2006 Report.
15 Nov 2006 Added: Royal Air Force Leuchars Air Show 2006 Report.
15 Nov 2006 Updated: Some small changes in the Brazilian Air Force report.
14 Nov 2006 Added: NATO Tiger Meet 2006 Report.
12 Nov 2006 Added: 61° Stormo / Lecce-Galatina airport Air Show 2006 Report.
11 Nov 2006 Updated: October 2006 quiz answer and winners added.
11 Nov 2006 Updated: Converting quiz result pages to new system/layout, 2002 and 2005 done.
10 Nov 2006 Updated: November 2006 quiz is online. Answer for October will be added soon.
07 Nov 2006 Added: Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2006 Air Show Report.
25 Oct 2006 Added: ELIExpo 2006 Air Show Report.
25 Oct 2006 Updated: 2006 airshow schedules for North America: one show added in California.
24 Oct 2006 Updated: 2006 and 2007 airshow schedules for Europe.
23 Oct 2006 Added: Romanian International Air Show Report.
20 Oct 2006 Added: 2007 airshow schedules for Europe and rest of the world. More shows will be added later.
20 Oct 2006 Updated: Tornado related links page.
20 Oct 2006 Special: 50° Stormo / 155° Gruppo Anniversary Tornado.
10 Oct 2006 Last month's answer and winners are added.
01 Oct 2006 October 2006 quiz is online. Last month's answer and winners will be added soon.
29 Sep 2006 Updated several Related Books pages in the Aircraft Directory.
28 Sep 2006 Added: Airshow Report of Air Power Over Hampton Roads, Langley AFB, May 2006.
26 Sep 2006 Updated the Glossary.
25 Sep 2006 Added Video Gallery for the F-22 Raptor, check them out!
25 Sep 2006 Added Related Books for the F-22 Raptor.
25 Sep 2006 Updated F-22 Raptor information.
25 Sep 2006 Added Video Gallery for the F-16 Fighting Falcon, lots of movies!
25 Sep 2006 Updated several Related Books pages in the Aircraft Directory.
25 Sep 2006 Updated Tu-22 Blinder page with corrected information.
24 Sep 2006 Updated the add-your-link form, hopefully it will counter some SPAM I receive.
21 Sep 2006 Updated inventory/aircraft page of the RNLAF air force report.
19 Sep 2006 New photo report: Polish Air Force Su-22 Fitters at Italian Air Force base Amendola.
19 Sep 2006 Fixed some problems with the 36 Stormo anniversary report
19 Sep 2006 Updated Air Show Schedule for North America.
11 Sep 2006 Small update for the Leuchars 2006 Airshow preview.
03 Sep 2006 Added 12 new links, 1 new link category.
03 Sep 2006 Special: Italian Air Force 36 Stormo celebrated 40 years, Tornado in special anniversary scheme.
03 Sep 2006 Updated Su-27 operators and variants, Su-34, and Su-35 page.
03 Sep 2006 Updated airshow schedule for Europe and the Rest of the World.
03 Sep 2006 Updated monthly quiz.
02 Sep 2006 Added some news stories from August.
27 Aug 2006 Small update for the Rest of the World Air Show calendar.
07 Aug 2006 Fixed some of the video galleries that were not working anymore.
07 Aug 2006 Updated the monthly quiz. Sorry for the delay.
25 Jul 2006 Updated airshow schedules for US/North America as well as Europe.
12 Jul 2006 Added a couple of links.
06 Jul 2006 Updated Airshow Calendar Europe and Rest of the World.
05 Jul 2006 June 2006 quiz answer is online. Take a look to find out whether you have answered correctly and won.
04 Jul 2006 July 2006 quiz is online. Last month's answers will follow soon.
30 Jun 2006 Changed programming to import XML from Patrick's Aviation website, who now offers streaming.
30 Jun 2006 Update: Brazilian Air Force section updated.
30 Jun 2006 Airshow Report: Meeting de l'Air 2006 Colmar.
25 Jun 2006 Exercise Report: Macedonian Air Force CSAR and MEDEVAC exercise.
24 Jun 2006 Airshow Report: Planes of Fame Air Show 2006 report added with over 120 pictures.
23 Jun 2006 Special: Elite 2006, photo report of the electronic warfare exercise in Germany.
13 Jun 2006 Special: added article on the 25 years anniversary of the 83° Centro CSAR, photos of the specially painted HH-3F.
11 Jun 2006 Special: added article on the 72° Stormo which achieved its 400.000th flight hour, photos of the decorated NH-500E.
04 Jun 2006 Links: added 6 new links and 1 new category to the links section.
04 Jun 2006 Feature: created RSS feed for the updates, subscribe to this feed!
03 Jun 2006 Added small photo impression of the March ARB Air Fest 2006.
03 Jun 2006 Updated the monthly quiz..
28 May 2006 Updated the Rest of the World airshow calendar.
24 May 2006 Updated the North America airshow calendar, added lots of homepage links.
20 May 2006 Added video galleries for the Su-27/30/33/34/35/37 Flanker family members.
20 May 2006 Added the infamous AC-130 movie.
16 May 2006 Updated Previews for RNLAF Open Days and Leuchars Air Show.
10 May 2006 Reinstated the link exchange form.
06 May 2006 May 2006 newsletter sent and added to the archive.
04 May 2006 Bit late, but the May Quiz is now online! Also added answer and winner of last month.
30 Apr 2006 New special report on the Hochgebirgslandekurs - Austria's alpine helicopter course.
30 Apr 2006 Updated B-1 Related Books page.
30 Apr 2006 Added some homepage links on the US airshow calendar.
22 Apr 2006 Updated F-16 photo gallery. Added 16 photos of the Italian F-16s.
17 Apr 2006 Added Video Galleries for several France and Russian aircraft.
16 Apr 2006 Added Red Flag Exercise 2006-1 photo report! Over 80 beautiful shots!
13 Apr 2006 Updated Appendix A: the glossary.
09 Apr 2006 Preview for the RAF Leuchars Airshow 2006 has been updated.
08 Apr 2006 Added some links.
01 Apr 2006 Apr Quiz is open for participation! Also added answer and winner of last month.
26 Mar 2006 Updated Brazilian Air Force photo galleries. Added more F-5, C-130, AMX, C-97, AT-26 and UH-1 photos.
21 Mar 2006 Photo report of the 30 year anniversary of the Italian 5th Army Aviation Regiment 'Rigel'.
21 Mar 2006 Added Video Gallery and Related Books to the Mirage 2000 section.
21 Mar 2006 Added Video Gallery to the A-10 Thunderbolt II section.
21 Mar 2006 Updated AC-130 related books page.
18 Mar 2006 Added a couple of new websites to the link directory.
18 Mar 2006 Feb 2006 quiz answer and winner online!
05 Mar 2006 Mar 2006 quiz is available, Feb results will be online soon.
05 Mar 2006 Added Video Gallery for the F-14 section with lots of F-14 movies.
05 Mar 2006 Added Video Gallery for the F-15 section with lots of F-15 movies.
01 Mar 2006 Added airshow report for the Czech International Air Fest held last year at Brno.
28 Feb 2006 Updates, additions and some cancellations on the three airshow calendars.
27 Feb 2006 Updated news section system. It is now easier for me to post news.
25 Feb 2006 Removed broken links and fixed broken banner images in all links categories.
25 Feb 2006 Small updates RIAT and KLu 2006 air show previews.
19 Feb 2006 Added interview with SwAF Viggen pilot Captain Mikael Tormalm.
13 Feb 2006 Reinstated the quiz answer form using more secure code.
13 Feb 2006 Reinstated form for newsletter. You do not need to re-subscribe, if you were already subscribed.
13 Feb 2006 Reworked the contact page.
13 Feb 2006 Removed form from the Contribute page, now referring to the contact page.
05 Feb 2006 Updated quiz.
01 Feb 2006 Added exercise report on the SAR Exercise Grifone 2005, including photos.
29 Jan 2006 First 2006 airshow report added: Al Ain Aerobatics Show 2006
29 Jan 2006 Small update to 'add a link' form to avoid abuse, plus smaller numbers behind category titles.
28 Jan 2006 Small update to the European Airshow calender, and added one link.
09 Jan 2006 Added a couple of new links.
09 Jan 2006 Added preview on AIRE 06 Murcia airshow in Spain.
07 Jan 2006 Added RIAT 2006 Preview, updated Europe and North America air event calendars.
04 Jan 2006 Added first Air Show Preview, for the RNLAF Open Days to be held at Leeuwarden AB this year.
04 Jan 2006 Three new wallpapers, provided by Ramon.
03 Jan 2006 Added photo report by Dave O'Brien of the 2005 Aviation Nation airshow at Nellis AFB.
02 Jan 2006 Added exercise report on the Combined Qualified Weapons Instructors Course 2/2005.
02 Jan 2006 Special report on the USAF T-33 remaining in Albania's National Museum of Weapons.
02 Jan 2006 New quiz is online plus winner and answer for last month's quiz.
02 Jan 2006 Print Sale has ended. Updated shop prices. removed
01 Jan 2006 Happy new year! See the 2005 archive for the December updates.

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